Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sunday quickies (2)

TMI Dr M supports Petronas-backed mega Islamic bank

Methinks Tun is (and has always been) attracted by the word 'mega' .. ooops .... 'MEGA'.


TMIPenang Port’s good health raises more questions over privatisation

Last year PPSB earned RM15 million but MCA's CSL as PPC Chair said it was only RM180,000, about 1/100 of the actual profit, to justify the port's privatisation. Not a very nice man towards Penangites' interests.

Maybe he hasn't forgiven Penangites for the MCA's 1969 and 2008 drubbing but he has now presented himself as an enemy of Penang and Penangites..


MKINI Dr M: Look East Policy still relevant for next 30 years

Mandarin-language activists needn't get excited as Tun has advocated having only Japanese & Korean, but definitely not Chinese, universities in Malaysia. Presumably the Japanese and Korean languages may also foster greater integration among Malaysians?


MKINI RTM prerecorded broadcast open to manipulation

PAS secretary-general Mustafa Ali expressed concerns over RTM's limiting Pakatan air time to only pre-recorded party manifestos will render Pakatan's message to being edited and distorted, like for example:

Pakatan is for INequality, multiracialism and the people's politicians' interests.

MKINI Azmin denies backstabbing Khalid, pledges support

Front? Side?


MKINIMACC forever tarnished for freeing Teoh's persecutors

Tarnished, damned and cursed long ago, because we anticipated such an outcome.


FMTPertimbang semula lantik Mohd Sidek Pengerusi Petronas

Aiyah, jangan Melayu UMNO mudah lupa, perlu hutang budi ma


FMT ‘The Bar Council is way above its S’pore counterpart’

Former Bar Council president K Ragunath said today that Malaysia should not emulate what Singapore has done to form its version of an ‘alternate Bar’—the Singapore Academy of Law.
... he said that Singapore should not be a benchmark for the Malaysian Bar as its conduct and achievements were “way above” its Singapore counterpart.

But then that will stop our Malaysian drive from meritocracy to mediocrity to miserable-crity, as is happening in the medical field.

The Malaysian Insider - TMI
Malaysikini - MKINI
Free Malaysia Today - FMT


  1. KTemoc says: Mandarin-language activists needn't get excited as Tun (Dr. Mahathir) has advocated having only Japanese & Korean, but definitely not Chinese, universities in Malaysia. Presumably the Japanese and Korean languages may also foster greater integration among Malaysians?

    Your question - Japanese and Korean languages may also foster greater integration among Malaysians? - is well said. That should pop his balloon!

    Anyway, just as you have a "thing" with your Great Muse who inspires you to launch a thousand commentaries, so also has Dr Mahathir his "thing" with the Chingkie Bastards (hehe, I'm one such bastard) against whom he is ever ready and happy to launch a thousand keris thrusts.

  2. Mahathir is the greatest living Malaysian. Without exception.

  3. Any unbiased assessment of Teoh Beng Hock's death would have concluded that Senior MACC officials were accountable for his death. It is not necessary to prove that anyone in MACC actually carried out the act (which may be impossible now, unless Somebody who was directly there sings)

    I think the Najib administration has done all its political calculations over the, and acted on a "least political cost" basis.

    There is almost nothing Najib can do to placate those who want major action taken over Teoh's death, nothing politically palatable , that is. Most are likely committed PR supporters, anyway.

    On the other hand, punishing senior MACC officers who were arguably accountable for Teoh's death (doesn't even have to show they killed him) will likely damage his conservative Malay base.

  4. Phew ( "wipe brow") ! Not a single word on the Great One in this Sunday Quickies. KT sudah bagi chance for the anwaristas to have their sunday rest ah ? avalanche of daggers flying out today, heheheh. They are resting happy...since the criticisms today covered only Dr M, the MACC, CSL etc, although the Great One's blue-eyed boy got clobbered too, hahaha. But you lovely anwaritas should be quite contented lah....nothing is ever 100% satisfactory, hehe.

    Btw, Dr M has always have a soft spot for the japanese...check out his japanese Loaf bakery outlets. It seemed he simply loves their breads and for powerful people living in such stratosphere, when they want milk, they don't just walk to the supermart to get a bottle of milk, they buy a whole farm with herds of cows for his morning milk. Thus the breads too...heheheh.

  5. Looks like the Anti-Anwar Mutual Admiration League which has Ktemoc's blog as its Club-House is guilty of exactly the sins which it ascribes to Anwaristas.

    An Intolerance of differing opinions.
    "You are either with us or you are an Anwarista"

  6. Look east policies?

    Yeah, stupid Malaysia that REFUSE to study real Japan history just swallow the sh*t propaganda without asking.

    In fact, after WWII, Japan is following Mc Arthur LOOK WEST policies.

    And Mahathir and the mahathirism worshiper refuse to admit it.

  7. Got walloped left n right, motherfucker is not reporting, not his opinoins.

  8. Shithead ketmoc sleeping now.

  9. That creepy shithead Ktemoc insult others as Anon.
    That is why this blog needs shit for him to clean.

  10. Previous post, insult holy ones.
    Got fucked left and right.
    Suddenly changed to reporting.
    Exposed , got mad, change back to old self, hahahahahahaha
    This is a BN blog.

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  12. I've decided not to delete the obscene and vulgar comments made by just one (unwelcomed) visitor, who goes by various nicks such as cilipadi, street fighter, tokio rain, etc when he is in fact monsterball.

    Even more disgusting than his obscene comments, which are and have been totally unrelated to the post under discussions, has been his proclivity to impersonate others to place his usual filty obscenities or viciousness in virtually all my posts at this (my) blog. He would at various times impersonate visitors like bruno or buttercup.

    I worry for this sick man as he has shown himself to be not only obscene, vicious and mischievous but has indicated his salacious fascinations with Buttercup, making lustful comments on Buttercup's 'cup' and its size ['cup' as in the cup of a bra]. In fact the genuine Buttercup is a male but alas there is no stopping the sick man.

  13. Pakatan is for INequality, racialism and politicians' interests.

    Yes, Yes, Yes