Thursday, May 26, 2011

Give UMNO enough rope ...

There’s a saying ‘give a man enough rope and he’ll hang himself’.

I believe this has applied most appropriately to UMNO. Mind you, not that the anti UMNO people (not necessarily only from the federal opposition) were giving out the rope, but by virtue of UMNO controlling the government and all its apparatus such as the police, MACC, Felda, civil servants, and I’m sad to say, the judiciary, etc, they have free rein of such a rope.

For years the not-so-mysterious deaths of many detainees in police custody were largely brushed aside or arrogantly ignored, sadly as I suspect, because the victims were mainly Indians.

Then there was a high profile Chinese case in Teoh Beng Hock. The authorities dug in, bunkered down, and every man jack pahlawan marshaled around the clarion call of Utusan to defend ‘Malay institutions’ against the untermensch (‘under-people’ or inferior race).

At that time, a ‘Malay institution’ in Utusan’s rabid terms meant a government organization such as the police, MACC or civil servant, who was criticized or condemned by the opposition or non-Malays for questionable conduct.

Of course if the government organization had not been criticized or condemned, that term ‘Malay institution’ would not have been necessary because then there would be no requirement to rally the heartland troops to prevent any further criticism, condemnation or investigation into the conduct which might even be criminal in nature.

So, the use of emotionally charged ethnocentric terms had been more to deflect, prevent or neutralize not just public condemnations but official probes, investigations etc (such as RCI) into the conduct of these ‘Malay institutions’. Jaga orang kita, the standard mentality of most Malaysians, not just UMNO’s.

Then, sadly, we have the drastic killing of Aminulrasyid Amzah, a mere 14 year old boy driving around in a car without a driving licence. As we had read in the newspapers, Aminulrasyid in his joy-ride was not only pursued by a number of police cars but machined gunned down as if he was Chin Peng or a feral armed drug dealer.

As I had posted in
Home Minister must sack an unrepentant Selangor CPO is it police standing order to shoot at licence-less drivers?

Or perhaps even one with say, 250 gm of heroin to peddle? Question to ask in the latter scenario would then be, would such a drug peddler be deserving of being gunned down?

What kind of training have the police received with regards to discharge of firearms? What kind of values such as respect for the lives of even unarmed and non-hostile criminals have they been indoctrinated in?

The CPO (he disgusts me so that I can’t bear to allocate him a human name) urged: … all parties to “stop talking about the matter” as it has “gone to court. Let the court hear the case and decide what is appropriate.”

Yeah right!

Consider, if people had not talked about the matter, would the authority (not the police) have taken the investigation to this point when a police corporal is now charged with manslaughter, when originally, according to those police, Aminul was an alleged wannabe cop-killer for attempting to mow down innocent cops with his reversing death machine?

But it was typical of his variation on the Utusan's hordes besieging a ‘Malay institution’, and by the nature of the sad tragedy, a necessary variation because the criticizing horde in this sad case were no longer just Chinese or Indians but Malays, and the victim a 14 year old Malay boy. The bigoted term ‘Malay institution’ could no longer work – ta’laku lagi ler!

That unrepentant a$$h*le was also grossly insensitive to demand that the victim’s parent apologize to the police for allowing the boy to drive around without a licence.

I wrote:

It’s shocking that the CPO has the unmitigated gall to argue that Aminul’s family should apologize for allowing Aminul to drive without a licence, thus endangering the lives of the people of Shah Alam.

Did he mean that driving without a licence was a bigger injustice compared to killing someone for driving without a licence?

I wonder how such a person gets to become a CPO of one of the most important states in Malaysia? And I wonder when the Home Minister will finally find his backbone to sack this man!

And we know how useless the Home Minister has been, is and will be.

As I said, give a man enough rope …

Sadly, the idiots took it up and we see another not-so-mysterious death at the MACC building, this time not of a Chinese DAP member but an assistant director in a Custom department, a Malay man by the name of Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed.

So everyone learnt of a Malay man being killed in a building run by Utusan's ‘Malay institution’!

Then there was Johari Abu Bakar, not yet 17, shot dead by police on May 13th. Malaysiakini reported in Body of teen left for hours before 2nd post-mortem that:

Police claimed that Johari, a secondary school drop-out turned odd job worker, was shot dead after he opened fire at police.

Just like Aminulrasyid attempting to mow down police with his reversing killer machine?

They also claimed that the teen was hiding out in a budget hotel in Dengkil after stealing a Toyota Alphard in Kelana Jaya on May 7. His family is, however, suspicious of the circumstances of his death, claiming that the boy's body showed signs of bruising and that his arm was broken.

How do the tragic deaths of Aminulrasyid, Sarbini and Johari, and hitherto their lack of explanation affect the thinking of the Malay community? What do they now think of Utusan's 'Malay institutions'?

Give a man enough rope ...

Now we read Sakmongkol’s erudite article on how UMNO had sat on and crushes its own balls by not immediately distancing itself from the smutty attempt to smear Anwar Ibrahim’s reputation with a very dodgy sex video, and worse, by people of dubious characters – read Sakmongkol’s article in The Malaysian Insider titled
Umno and its farcical morality.

He wrote: Now it’s too late The media frenzy that accompanied the revelation of the trio turned what initially could have been an advantage into a general rejection of the veracity of the story.

Surely logic alone would tell us whether a man like Thamby what-his-name could be trusted in such a salacious revelation.

Now even if we can prove that it was indeed Anwar who is the actor in the porn clips, general distrust and cynicism would destroy any balance of truth in the sex scandal. [...]

The public cannot find the stomach to tolerate the injustice forced on Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail and her family. What the government has done as a result of its own sluggishness and mental blockage is to allow itself to be regarded as a tyrannical bully.

Sweet justice? But let's face it - it's not just UMNO's inertia or, as Sak put it mildly, sluggishness or metal blockage, but actually its eagerness to embrace what it thought was a political winner, but which has since turned out to be a poison chalice.

Yup, give a man enough rope ...


  1. Dear Kaytee,Umno have been pulling the ropes for a long time.The ropes are getting to long so gravity is pulling the ropes back.As gravity slowly pulls the ropes back,the ropes are getting shorter.As the ropes keep on going shorter,eventually it becomes short enough to become a hangman's rope(noose).All along it had been acknowledged that the police have a licence to rob,steal,take bribes and brutality.When the police raid illegal lottery operators,sports bookies and vice dens they herded all those arrested into police vans.While some of the officers escorted those arrested to the vans a few officers stay behind to sort out the loot.Then they take out about seventy percent and the rest they take back to the station and log it in as evidence.When the police arrest secret society members and robbery suspects,first they beat them up openly in public before they throw them into the trucks.In the stationhouse during police interogations they beat them up even more.That is how the suspects ended up dead in police lockup.Then when the police raided drug labs and arrested drug traffickers,they keep half of the loot and the rest they take back and log it as evidence.Those drugs that they didn't log in eventually ended back in the streets.Those bookies and vice den operators who pay monthly dues are left alone.So when suspects die in police custody, unless it is a high profile case it is usually swept under the carpet.Because most of the victims families couldn't afford to hire a lawyer all these incidents became a non event.Like the TBH case a high profile one,the Government with the judiciary behind it will used all its might to suppress the case.Then the gunning of the fourteen year old unarmed Aminulraysid who was joy driving in his sister's car.The police fired so many shots as if they were under a terrorist attack.The police can only discharged their weapons when their lives are in danger.They have to be held liable for their actions,os else there is going to be repeated incidents like this again.The Home Minister cannot always sit on his hands.So many deaths in police custody is not a joke.The cow head,sex video,Christians versus Muslims and racists and extremists issues.Malaysia is fast becoming a lawless country.It used to be our neighbours who have this type of problems.In the sixties and seventies Indonesia had cowboys running loose on the streets.The leaders of these cowboys are mostly from well to do families.Rape,robberies,murders and kidnapping were common and committed in broad daylight too.Corruption was also rampant.The authorities were under the payroll of these gangsters families.So these cowboys were under the protection of the law.Tourists were scared and stopped going to Indonesia.The federal government under tremendous public pressure was force to act.Then Jakarta appoint a "Rambo " style officer to form a special team.The death squad was borned.Elite army and police personnel were members of this squad.Members of this team were send to different parts of the country.Certain individuals especially the leaders were targeted.The target was executed in one county and the body thrown into another county.Most of the leaders were killed.The few who escaped the dragnet went into hiding in neighbouring countries.The Home Minister cannot help cover up wrong doings committed by members of our law enforcement personels.Failure to perform your duty and one day you will feel the force of "People's Power".

  2. Dear Kaytee,The Home Minister is no action all talk only(NATO).All the innocent shooting deaths of teenagers,witnesses jumping out of MACC buildings,racists, bigots and sex video predators all running loose like nobody's business.As usual our Home Minister is NATO.Let us remind our Home Minister of who his father was.His father was Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia's third Prime Minister.Tun Hussein was a true and well respected Statesman.During Tun Hussein's watch there was a very corrupted Menteri Besar.This Menteri Besar although very corrupted was popular and well like by his supporters.Why? Because he was like a modern day Robin Hood.He shared his loot with his people.And any person ,Malays,Chinese,Indians and any other races who came to seek assistance from him,he never turn anybody away.This Menteri Besar was also the Umno Youth head.He was at least fifty times more powerful than any present day Umno warlord.Tun Hussein being a wise Statesman took all things into consideration.To arrest this so powerful man could turn this country into another May 13th.So to avoid bloodshed Tun Hussein gave him an option,"resign and go to the UN or go to jail".He refused to go anywhere.He thought that he was so powerful Tun Hussein wouldn't dare touch him.Well,he thought wrong.About a month before his arrest,roadblocks were set up on all roads leading into Selangor.All cars coming in were searched.Even cars going into the neighbourhood of this Menteri Besar were searched.Rumors were spreading like wildfire that an arrest was imminent.Hundreds if not thousands of his supporters rushed to his house.They took turns guarding his house.Everyday there were at least hundreds of his supporters in his house.The whole country was so tensed.People were stocking up foodstuffs.At night in the city you can even hear a nail drop.Finally Tun Hussein gave the orders and send in the police together with the military as backup.This Menteri Besar asked his followers to back down,thus a clash and bloodshed was avoided.That is what you called "Statemanship".Make your father proud of you Hisham.

  3. K Temoc:

    That CPO now promoted as DIG (Deputy to IGP), IGP Ismail recently given 2 years contract. Next new IGP, the present DIG, the same CPO ?

    Malaysia Ku

    27 May 2011

  4. it's thamby shit...

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