Saturday, May 07, 2011

Replying to Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad's reply

Dear Nik,

Thanks for dropping in to leave a comment on my post
A letter to PKR. Allow me to address an incorrect assertion in your first sentence?

I am not, as you alleged, anti-Keadilan per se, but just anti-bullshit. In fact, I have even defended your 'Great Leader' on a number of occasions though admittedly I bashed him more, wakakaka.

You might have mistakenly sensed that I am anti-PKR because I have hammered your leaders more frequently than others, but the fact is I haven't spared any political leaders, including DAP's, with probably PSM's as the sole exception. But in my more generous allocation of criticisms for PKR leaders wakakaka, you may wish to be self-critical and ask yourself why!

By the way, do you recall KJ gibing at Anwar for dancing with the daughter of the late (Genting Highlands’) Lim Goh Tong? Well, 'twas kaytee who wrote in to Malaysiakini to defend Anwar. Surely this calls for a wakakaka as you would also see in the title of my related post.

I posted that letter to MIKINI on my blog as
Defending Anwar Ibrahim - wakakaka.

Then, I had also defended Eli Wong during the period of her most trying times and joined in the call for Nathaniel Tan to be released from police custody.

So, as can be perused in black & white on my blog, I’m not anti-PKR per se, but most certainly I detest bullshit like the 916 perversion, a shameful attempt to subvert the supremacy of the ballot box a la the Sabah State Elections of 1994, or PKR’s shameless pursuit of potential BN frogs all the way to Taiwan. Reformasi?

Perhaps now you can see why I've been so unforgiving of your leader for having the brazen cheek to proclaim that KeADILan and then PKR as the party leading the political reformasi movement. What utter bull!

And don’t think I’ve only been targeting PKR because on 22 June 2008 I hentam Lim Kit Siang for showing signs of frog hunting inclination as well in
Has the DAP lost its way?

Yes, my anti-bull blogging extends to the party I currently favour, the DAP. I have criticized even my hero Karpal Singh for demanding the death sentence for a demented sexual pervert, a school bus driver, and also for his childish reference to Zaid Ibrahim as someone who couldn’t be trusted just by 'looking at his (Zaid’s) face'. What rubbish he was sprouting then! And I posted too that I don’t think very highly of the Perak DAP mob for childishly walking over the poster pictures of the 3 frogs.

Additionally, there was also my post
Lim GE is wrong on nuclear plant. No one is immune from my criticism, a blogger's privilege. My only regret is the limitations of time and opportunity where I am forced to cherry pick the ones which annoyed me immensely.

In short, my dear Nik, I’m not a fanatical acolyte of any politician, blind to his or her impropriety or undemocratic conduct, unlike some in PKR like my matey Antares, who no doubt on reading of kaytee describing him as my ‘matey’, will be raging and pulling at his hair in exasperation, wakakaka.

Back to PKR bull ;-), I know that on the governance of your recent party polls, a party which has the unmitigated nerve to proclaim reformasi as its core value, a lot had already been written by Haris Ibrahim, RPK and your own PKR members (some still members, while others have left and may be leaving) without the need for me to add on to the scandal.

OK, let's now switch to Bahasa proficiency. If you were referring to Sarawak DAP leaders, I do agree with you that this is somewhat lacking, but it's a deficiency not uncommon in Sarawak or just unique to DAP politicians. I’ve actually blogged on this lack of Bahasa competency in general terms some years ago, 2005 to be precise, in a post at BolehTalk titled
Tar'da Bolay Lar, Tar'da Bolay Carkap Marlar-yoo Lar!

Unfortunately, lack of Bahasa oral proficiency among non-Malay Sarawakians has been an outcome of the political history of Sarawak in Malaysia as well as the neglect of our Education Ministry for the two States in the East.

But then, their command of Bahasa is no more worse than that of the MP for Kelana Jaya wakakaka - see an earlier post on Loh's command of Bahasa titled Bahasa Mělayu - a letter to Yang Běrhormat.

Just a reminder, Loh Gwo Burne was a last minute personal nominee of Anwar in the 2008 GE. His perceived unsuitability as a federal MP led Haris Ibrahim to demand an explanation from Anwar Ibrahim for his (Anwar's) choice, which as with all such challenging queries to PKR, remained unanswered.

As for what you alleged as Wong Ho Leng's impertinent statements against your leaders, specifically Azmin Ali, I support Wong in telling Azmin to butt out of his intrusive attempt to control and micro-manage state PR inter-party issues.

Regrettably Azmin has a lamentable history in obsessive proclivity to control everything in PKR or even PR. Sadly by this, PKR top (KL-based) leaders indicate they do not condone nor would allow decentralised leadership and decision-making at regional levels. As Wong succinctly asserted, PKR has shown its refusal to 'grant autonomy to its state chapter when handling party affairs in Sarawak'.

We know that recent consensus has accused KL-based political leaders of all denominations for being too patronising to their Sarawakian and Sabahan colleagues by failing, time and time again, to recognize and respect that the regional leaders and their supporters prefer to manage their own state politics.

While PR has agreed to and recognized Anwar Ibrahim as the designated leader of the coalition, the same should not be assumed for Azmin Ali. I fear Azmin might have been entertaining unrealistic grandoise ideas about his personal standing in PR. To PAS and DAP he is no more than just a deputy president of a component party, thus Azmin should not automatically assume he has inherited the leadership authority assigned by PR to Anwar. Azmin cannot dictate his will on other PR members, least of all a leader of the Sarawak DAP.

And he has disgracefully resorted to ethnocentric ploy to have his way by a most un-reformasi call for Dayak dominance in the Sarawak PR shadow cabinet. Yes, my dear Nik, as the PKR Comms Boss, you have brilliantly spun away Azmin's ethnocentric bluff as a need for 'diversity' (that's your job and congratulations, you're doing it well) but his bigoted utterance has been no better than those of Utusan or Perkasa.

As for someone in Keadilan showing disrespect to Lim Kit Siang, Lim Guan Eng or DAP, do you remember Zulkifli Nordin the Kulim Wonder (when he was in PKR) and the consistent reluctance of Anwar Ibrahim to admonish him for his bad manners and anti-Pakatan conduct? And there were a few such others as well in Penang like Zahrain Hashim and Tan Tee Beng. Tian Chua of course had on several occasion treaded on the very edge of civility vis-a-vis PKR-DAP relationship.

PKR under Azmin Ali (and let's not mince words here, he IS in charge of your party) has shown an amazing talent and consistent inclination to offend the very people that PKR/PR should in fact be seeking support from. While I have criticised Anwar I recognize some good he has and can continue to do for PR, to make it a cohesive alternative party to the BN for Malaysians to choose as their government, but I fear Azmin Ali and his obsessive need to control, dominate and dictate terms all the time to PR and indeed PKR leaders will inevitably pull Anwar down and disintegrate PR.

Ask yourself why people who were once closed to Anwar like Ezam, Nallakaruppan, Johari Jasin, Abdul Rahman (membership No 3), and most of all Gobala wakakaka have all left PKR with animosity. One word - Azmin! Zaid Ibrahim left for the very same reason.

Yes, some of them joined UMNO or became BN-friendly but when one is not as rich as Zaid Ibrahim, one can't form one's own party to rail at Anwar or Azmin; one has to make use of the most available political platform (BN-UMNO) to do so, for hell hath no fury like a friend betrayed.

Soon more will leave for the same reason.

Nik, what worries me more are the PKR members who were not part of Anwar's UMNO faction, good people from PRM or those who inspired by the pseudo-reformasi call had joined directly from the streets, but alas, who, with a few exceptions like those who left (not inclusive of frogs) or Chegubard and Jonson Chong, have remained silent, as if in a state of comatose, to what have been perceived by many as un-reformasi shenanigans in your party. I say to these people that silence is consent.

Unless they wake up to rescue Anwar, I'm sorry to say that your de facto leader will eventually be rejected ignobly like Emperor Zhou, the last ruler of the Shang Dynasty, who betrayed his wife, sons, relatives, loyal ministers, faithful officials and people, and finally brought an end to his family's 600-year old rule of China, because he pampered and indulged his favourite concubine by listening blindly to every of her words against them.

Best regards,



  1. my sentiments exactly! Well said.

  2. My condolences for PKR members who voted Azmi Ali as a Deputy President!! Anwar Ibrahim! you are doomed!! If you continue allow Azmi Ali to play a fool!!

  3. LOK1 SAYS,
    those top brass closed to Anwar are the ones that have tasted power thru Anwar himself,this is their chance of a lifetime to execise their deep rooted desire to command and control,Once you've had tasted it,it"ll taste sweeter the next time,fuck their promises and only their complete agenda to control others Matters,to hell with principle,once Umno,you will always be Umno,just change the label of the Mineral Water,it's contents are still the same,Azminn,well support him n we know where yuo are coming from.Mark my words,if ever PR controls the Govt,their true colours will shine n then to hell with the people,opportunist busted,tainted,good for nothing ass holes,the were Umnodollah then n they will be PKRmoredollah now,sheesh,just follow MCLM's advice n we shall succeed,insha allah,as for Anwar.his balls got stuck in saiful's ass and can't be retrived to correct what's wrong even in his party,and if he has our country,we will be screwed deeper,that I bet my bottom dollar,mind you my prediction will come true in the next 2 elections to come,Degil dan Bodoh,Ingat pandai,cronism is his middle name,Anwar Cockcronism style of govt,please god prove me wrong,please.....

  4. KT, good come back !!

    But will PKR take heed ? Not on your life .... their motto is - If you are are not 110% with us, you are against us !

    See what happened to RPK and Harris Ib? It has to be 100% all for, not a single whimper of criticism, otherwise, you are as good as against us, got it ?

    The weak and the vain invariably will accept ONLY praise and compliments...... any constructive criticism is considered as being traitorous, 'trojan horse' and 'bought-out'.

    PKR wanna be the Umno of PR...with their 2 wives and mini concubines in the East. But within PKR itself, there's also the replication of the same.....the ex Umno leaders within are the Umno and the rest of the nons in the party are the lapdog-like mini mca and gerakan, mic etc. Hoi, tian chua and the like, the cats got your tongue, or rather your spine ?

    Macam ini, BN will rule for another 50 years lah.

  5. In ampang constituents, there is one PKR local leader named Aman Shah who is highly critical of YB Azmin n his deputy, YB Zuraida..why?becos he saw what these ex-UMNO PKR leaders did when choosing MPAJ councillors.those councillors broke the law while in office.who are they?they are these two YBs cronies.what happen to this person who is trying to tell them what they did were wrong? He was subjected to PKR disciplinary I think PKR is just the same as UMNO..

  6. Typically chinese behaviour,can't admit that you are a bigot.But again ,whatever comes out of a chinese mounth is full of twisted shit ,and that includes the majority of the chinese opinion.There's a reason why the chinese are known as the rudest and most selfish race on this planet,5000 years of culture ,my ass!.That's why i have more respect for the japanese.

    The chinese have a god- complex mentality,assuming every race(more worse if you brown or black) is stupid expect them.That's why these racist came up with the middle kingdom bullshit.

  7. If you're talking about Sarawak DAP's Bahasa proficiency... please be aware that Sarawak's state legislative assembly's proceeding is in English, the only state in Malaysia that does so. Also, the bahasa in Sarawak is not quite the same as Semenanjung, so much so that Sarawakian called it "Bahasa Sarawak", and if Nik is referring to "Bahasa Sarawak proficiency", I'm afraid PKR's central leadership fails at that too :)

  8. I really laugh at how you keep attacking Anwaristas but forget about the Lim Dynasty in DAP. So Anwar/Azmin/PKR is always to be blamed, the Lim Dynasty/Karpal/DAP is immune to criticism?

    Nik Nazmi raised a valid point. Imagine if PAS did not include a Chinese in its exco lineup in Kedah. Or PKR/DAP ignored PAS altogether in Selangor. Or Penang sideline PKR Malay ADUNs in its exco.

    All hell would broke lose.

    But Wong Ho Leng is able to do so in Sarawak.

    What signal does it send to the Bumiputeras both Muslim and non-Muslim when not only are they sidelined in the shadow cabinet (3 out of 16 positions) but also that PKR and PAS was not properly consulted on the shadow cabinet?

    Utusan keep saying DAP is making PAS and PKR its puppets. Bumis now have reason to believe so.

    And Ho Leng does not even have the humility to keep his big mouth shut. I am no Anwarista but since your Lim Dynasty have kept repeating him as the future PM, show some respect lah!

    Also Malay proficiency should be a given in Malaysia. We are living in 2011 Malaysia for Gods sake.

    And then DAP is clueless why the Malays are suspicious of them.

    They just need to read your blog Kaytee.

    I don't know Nik but I have followed his writings since he was an 18 year old in 2001 including his book. He has been consistent on attacking UMNO racism and promoting multiracialism.

    But that's the point. Its multiracialism not Chinese chauvinism.

    I always recoil seeing how DAP leaders dismiss the non-Malays in PKR when PKR has achieved the true Malaysian Malaysia DAP has been talking for nearly 50 years but fail to do so.

    But DAP in spite of its rhetoric, continues to want to be the MCA in Pakatan and treat PKR and PAS as the UMNO in Pakatan.

  9. Cheng, I have attacked Lim KS and even Karpal Singh. I have to admit I haven't yet at Lim GE, but I wonder what I ought to attack Guan Eng on? perhaps I could criticise him for his derring-do in unnecessarily sacrificing a few years of his life (with his family) to speak up for an underaged Malay girl who was (statutorily) raped by a disgusting man. Alas, he did so because no one in UMNO or PKR spoke up. I wish I could also criticise him for conducting dodgy party polls. Indeed, I wish I could condemn him for telling X not to stand for a party post in order to ensure his favourite blue-eyed Y or Z gets it.

    State excos and shadow cabinets by statute and tradition respectively are formed by representatives who have been elected by the people to speak for them. How can unelected politicians do so when they have been rejected by the voters? In this context, please tell me which DAP ADUN is sitting in the Kedah exco, not that DAP had asked for it?

    By the way, please stop peddling the untruth that DAP did not consult PKR on the shadow cabinet. Since PKR's pathetic performance in the Sarawak elections, there have been several cases of PKR sour grapes behaviour. I classify Nik's public criticism of DAP as such a case.

    Incidentally, we Peninsular Malaysians should be mindful to leave Sarawakians to control Sarawak politics, and Sabahans to control Sabah politics, that is, if Peninsular PKR leadership can ever remember.

    I believe I can summarise your political mentality which is one where we still have to see each of us as Malay, Indian, Iban, Chinese etc, rather than Malaysians.

    DAP has never faltered from its 'Malaysian First' stand (and previously Malaysian Malaysia), even in the continuous UMNO (and some ex-UMNO PKR members?) demon-ization of the party as a Chinese party.

    Typical of such shameful mentality, you have just accused DAP of Chinese chauvinism - OK, I'll remember to pass your accusation of DAP's Chinese chauvinism to Senator Tunku Aziz and Senator S Ramakrishnan, Karpal, Professor Rama, Kula, Manogaran, Charles Santiago, Gobind Deo, John Fernandez. Nyeh-nyeh-nyeh, see if MIC can beat this amazing phalanx of people's representatives.

  10. My apologies Cheng, I forgot to add in the ADUNs as well ;-). They're (in NS) S Veerapan, K Arumugum, P Gunasekaren, (in Penang) Professor Rama again, Jagdeep Singh, Tanasekharan, R Sanisvara Rayer, (in Perak) A Sivaesan, V Sivakumar. A Sivasubramaniam, (in Selangor) M Manoharan.

    [we even had one more in Perak but he turned out to be a frog - no problems, we still have plenty wakakaka]

    And it's just as well I split the Senators/MPs from this group of ADUNs, or MIC, Hinraf and PKR will be green with envy wakakaka.

    Chinese chauvinism eh! wakakaka again