Monday, May 09, 2011

UMNO, a dangerous cornered rat

Malaysiakini - Archbishop slams 'irresponsible' reporting.

There’s no further doubt that the 13th GE is just around the corner as UMNO and its various mouth pieces such as Utusan, Perkasa, etc, frenzily ratchet up the ethnocentric-religious temperature.

UMNO realizes it has lost Chinese support though might have recovered Indian allegiance, but is aware that the Chinese votes constitute a larger percentage than the latter. So it is now taking steps to shore-up and consolidate its 'fixed deposit' of the Heartland support. As part and parcel of its strategy, it must neutralised any PR inroads into the Heartland.

While it has been relying on the old British-taught ‘divide and conquer’ strategy, hoping to split the dangerous unified PR voting bloc (Chinese voting PAS and Malays voting DAP) by targeting what it sees as the glue binding PR, namely Anwar Ibrahim, it is also acutely conscious of a new political paradigm, that DAP has on its own, through meritocracy of good public governance, transparency, accountability and non-corruption, made minor though incrementally significant inroads into the Heartland. Mana boleh, unacceptable!

Hence we see the series of inflammatory, seditious and vilely fabricated religio-racist barrage of lies against DAP, that the Chinese in the PR component party intends to make Malaysia a Christian nation.

The reality is that only 9% of Malaysians are Christians,with the majority in Sarawak (43% of state populace) and Sabah (28%). In Penang, for example, only 3.6% of locals are Christians while Selangor, Johor and Perak have 4%, 2% and 3% respectively.

Apart from these sickening political lies of humongous seditious implications, how in the world will the 9% minority Christians win the right to govern with a 2/3 majority, get the Rulers’ approval to amend the Constitution to turn Malaysia into a Christian nation? How will these Christians get the support of blokes like kaytee, let alone millions of Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Taoists, Confucianists and wakakaka, the Ayah Pin group?

But facts don‘t matter, for perception rules in politics.

For nothing motivates (negatively) than fear and hate, where we see a convergence of such Utusan-initiated incendiary nonsense in its various forms and guises, including several contributions from Dr M, being announced day after day to terrorize the heartland, and drive them into a siege mentality, so to prevent any support of a clean, non-corrupt and responsible DAP.

It also doesn't help when a Chinese blogger (the Han chauvinist who told us that MCA is a worthy son of Han) rails against DAP sweeties such as Hannah Yeoh (a prominent figure of his dark lustful fantasy), Teresa Kok, PKR's Eli Wong (son of Han always dreams of her sarong) and MKINI's Steven Gan, Josh Hong (another of his dark fantasy wakakaka) and Dean Johns as Anglophilic soldiers of Christ.

Hishamuddin, Rais and the ‘acting-dunno’ cabinet have either directly support the blatant seditious lies or condone it (silence means consent).

UMNO is plain sh*t scared of losing the 13th GE, though I don't think that's still likely. But with these preponderance of daily ethnocentric religious agitations, it’s a scary situation for the rakyat. A cornered rat is a dangerous rat, and UMNO is such a corned rat. It doesn't care anymore about the unpleasant consequences of such blatant lies that may fall upon Malaysia, but only its own interests, preparing to burn even as it loses.


  1. K Temoc :

    Your heading says it all.

    A meeting place to exchange views, no matter how different or diverse these may be. Keeping these civil and courteous would be appreciated.

    Yes UMNO is a cornered rat.

    However backdrop to the Utusan front page story was 2 blogs who started it all :-

    1. MARAH KU (unknown as yet) and
    2. ZAKHIR MOHD @ BIG DOG @ 13 Million Plus Ringgit guy Rambles
    (who adores Mukhriz Mahathir as aspiring future leader of Malaysia, as stated in his blog)

    Am just wondering whether there is an UMNO within UMNO now controlling the destiny of this beloved nation of ours?

    If so who is calling the shots ? That UMNO within UMNO at the behest of whom Utusan Malaysia seems to be operating? Who is/are this/these UMNO within UMNO personalities? Some ex, has been politicians..? Can they be unmasked....?

    Of course ultimately, it is Najib as the supreme leader and President of UMNO who is answerable. Question is whether he really is in charge or has become helpless. If not why not? Why the helplessness..?

    Yes Mr K Temoc, your views on the above most welcome pls.

    To digress a bit, DAP now is much motivated after ruling Penang. It probably sees Sarawak as the next vulnerable state. Hence its desire to get SNAP on its side. In its eagerness the DAP however must not overlook its other two partners PKR and PAS without whose support even ruling Penang might become problematic.

    Fair Play

    9 May 2011

  2. PKR's Eli Wong (son of Han always dreams of her sarong)...?

    Of her sarung or of what's inside her sarung?