Sunday, May 29, 2011

Malaysia gone to the dogs

The Malaysian Insider’s article on SPAD inherits messy legacy from CVLB: Should we be surprised? was written by Moaz Yusuf Ahmad, a member of Transit, Malaysia’s public transport forum, .....

..... and the answer to his rhetorical question is of course:
No, we aren't in the least!

The article reveals the horror story that has been CVLB, but it’s a story that we have become familiar with about several Malaysian public and government backed organizations/departments over the past 25 over years.

Banks, GLC, universities, the Malaysian Civil Service, Police, MACC and what else have you.

Once Malaya and then Malaysia was the hallmark of excellence in how a democratically elected government operated.

What happened?

Surely it’s not just about stuffing up the organizations by staffing them up with incompetent people, though there is that too.

It seems as if at some stage there was a humongous avalanche, where Malaya/Malaysia’s old excellence in governance was hurled down the slippery slovenly shameful slope, a slope which is now bereft of good management, discipline, merit, respectability and credibility.

Our institutions have gone to the dogs, with even some, like banks, universities and the police, in repetitive fashion.

Someone or some people has/have a lot to answer for the regrettable plunge towards zero.


  1. give credit to the man from Kerala. Ya, he screwed the institutions big time the kerala way.

  2. jabatan audit negara tak cukup orang kot or oversight committee sudah di over citedcoxysee

  3. Dear Kaytee,When Malaya got its independence from the British the word "corruption"was taboo.Government servants take pride in their work by serving the people.Corruption has gotten this country to where it is now.In Singapore when politicians got caught for corruption they feel very ashamed.They knew that they shouldn't have done it but they did it anyway.So rather than face their families and the people they commit suicide.But our politicians have sunk so low,like cowards when cornered they hide under their mothers sarongs.

  4. Dear Kaytee,The country not only went to the dogs,it went to the crazy uncurable cancerous mongrel dogs.They are everywhere.In political parties like Umno,Mca and Mic.GLC's from businesses,plantations, banks to giants Petronas.From JKR,City Councils,Customs to PDRM and MACC.From BN Aduns to Cabinet Ministers.You named it you got it.Malaysia with its enormorse abundance of natural resources could be way ahead of Singapore if not because of corruption.But alas soon we will be behind the pack.Countries like Indonesia,Thailand and the Philippines whom we used to look down at are now on par with us if not ahead.In the sixties and early seventies Taiwanese professionals like Engineers,Technicians and other Skilled workers used to come to Malaysia for employment.In the late seventies upwards it is Malaysians going to seek employment in Taiwan.Not only that.They bought up a lot of undeveloped land and properties like houses and buildings causing the prices of property to skyrocket.Malaysia will forever stay a developing country if we don't change the mindset of our leaders.