Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Osama killing - another US Rambo fairytale?

The US Administration is a creature of its worst aspects of American culture, of which three stand out prominently, namely: (i) American avarice, (ii) vigilantism and (iii) its compulsive show & tell.

Thus when I read of its ‘heroic’ strike against ‘cowardly’ Osama bin Laden who was accused of using his own wife as a shield, I could only sigh “Oh no, not again, those lying Yanks”.

I was to be proven right – read SMH’s
US sets record straight on bin Laden killing which tells us that:

(a) Osama wasn’t armed [was probably shot while still asleep],
(b) He didn’t used his wife as a shield; she was shot in the leg by a US SEAL commando,
(c) Another woman was killed by the Americans, etc.

Obviously the Yanks wanted to demon-ize Osama beyond what he already was, perhaps to show Muslims what an arsehole he was to use his wife as a shield, thus ameliorating Muslim anger against the assassination.

Recall the story of Jessica Lynch in the invasion of Iraq, one of shameless lies by the Penatagon.

It was a story exclusively concocted by Pentagon Productions. With the aid of sycophants in the media, they told us a tearjerker about Lynch, a photogenic young private "who had been ready to fight to the death" before she was captured by the enemy.

Remember the grainy footage of her so-called 'rescue', one straight out of a Hollywood action movie script? The commandos landed (but without an Iraqi soldier in sight). They kicked in the unlocked doors of the hospital where she was being treated for injuries suffered during a vehicle accident and whisked her off to safety.

"Our brave heroes," sobbed patriotic grannies from Vermont to California.

There was only one problem - Jessica turned out to be a reluctant heroine. She spilled the beans. The Iraqi doctors and nurses had been kind to her and had been trying to find a way to hand her back to the Americans, but instead was rough-housed by those ‘brave’ Yank commandoes during the 'rescue' bull. And what's more, she wasn't been raped or beaten, as insinuated by the Pentagon.

For more, read The Guardian’s article on
Jessica Lynch.

Then, there was the ‘show & tell’ bull in the early stages of its invasion of Afghanistan. It had to deliver some footage to its home audience. A paratroop drop was planned and filmed, the soldiers jumped in a very safe area of Afghanistan (of course with no local troops in sight) and were IMMEDIATELY extracted out by helicopters waiting at the drop zone (DZ).

The whole exercise was nothing more than just a nonsensical publicity stunt to show Americans at home how ‘brave’ American paratroopers had leaped to ‘glory’ into enemy territory, with the Production team ensuring there was to be no casualty by choosing a DZ with no enemy presence and that their troops didn't hang around to be shot.

I suspect the raid at Osama’s home was done so stealthily that there was no firefight as the Pentagon had claimed. Osmaa and his group were sound asleep (or perhaps even drugged into sleep). It certainly was an American success, but one which didn't have any opposition – Osama was caught sleeping and accordingly killed. His wife must have just woken up and tried to stop the American soldiers, but was shot for her trouble.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pakistani government, at least some sections of it, had helped in providing information for (and keeping a closed eye to) the raid, and perhaps even providing drugs in food and drinks to render the Osama camp into sleepiness or drowsiness, but is too afraid of its own people (Osama’s supporters) to admit it.

America’s murderous lies
Another Jessica Lynch Story with a Sad Ending


  1. Whoever kills innocent women and children is wrong for whatever cause. He or she deserved to die and go to hell irrespective who he or she is.

  2. KT - so how would you suggest the world should have got rid of Osama?
    obviously easy to find fault without the need to provide a better solution.

  3. KT is just plain jealous that Osama is now enjoying the affections of 72 voluptuous virgins in Allah's gardens while he is not getting any, not even one!

  4. US should have dropped THE BOMB.It would have killed TWO birds at once, the other being Pukistan Army.

    The Army owns Pakistan and it wallops about 70% of that country's budget. The so-called Civilian Government is just bloody useless.It spends about 1% of the budget on health and education for 160 million people. No wonder Pakistan is a basket case.

    But it will chug along as long as US continue to throw billions of US dollars at it in its "fight against terror".

  5. You forget to add the USD 25 million, I'm sure some Pakistanis ex-military man would be enjoying the fruits of their labor in Dubai....

    Yeah the Pakistanis don't know anything about it...

    Better to let the Americans (but not the govt) suspect you that have your own (who can overthrow you or vote you out or bomb you to smithereens) think you were sleeping with the US.

  6. Please see the piece in (Pakistan's) Dawn newspaper by Nadeem F. Paracha on 5 May 2011 regarding "Dead man and the sea". It is quite hilarious coming from someone in that country. Not all Pakistanis support Osama and his ilk.

  7. Muslims around world demonstrate to mark Nakba Day