Monday, May 23, 2011

Malaysian double-standard interference in our neighbours' domestic affairs?

The Malaysian Insider’s news article Eskay close to Thai insurgents, leaked US cable shows reported that:

The cable also said that Shazryl shared a 12-page paper on the insurgency and Thai Malay views resulting from his interviews with numerous separatist leaders.

"Eskay credibly appeared to have contacts with a large pool of old guard leaders insurgents and sympathizers from Thailand’s Malay south. His views on the insurgency were the most detailed we heard during five days of travel in northern Malaysia and tracked well in many respects with information and opinions from others," the cable said.

It also said that several Malaysians volunteered they were suspicious of Eskay’s contacts with Malay separatists and alleged Eskay had been involved in controversial business deals in the past.

This is the sort of story that explains why our Thai and Philippine neighbours don’t trust us in the least. And most of the time, ‘twas the States (not Federal) governments that had dabbled in the affairs of neighbouring countries by supporting their separatist insurgencies.

Apparently years ago, some powerful politician in Sabah was supporting the Muslim separatists in southern Philippines. Some said he fantasized himself as a potential Caliph in a new Islamic Caliphate comprising Sabah and the southern part of the Philippines. Even Gaddafi of Libya bought into that meddling of Filipino domestic political affairs.

I wonder whether his fantasy included that dirty word 'secession' [from Malaysia]?

The Thai issue was more of a kinfolk participation, involving mainly Kelantanese, rather than someone’s imperialistic fantasy. But the Thais didn’t (and still don't) trust any Malaysian Muslim officers.

I do not know how true has been a story I heard, that in those anti-CT days when we had a cross-border military liaison office in Songkhla (or was it Hadyaai?), the Thais requested Malaysia to send only non-Muslim military officers as staff there.

I'm sure The Malaysian Insider article would no doubt raise a few ‘told you so’ across the Malaysian-Thai border.

We bristled with outrage when we suspect other nation of interfering in our internal affairs, yet we ourselves couldn't even respect the internal affairs of another nation by refraining from poking our bloody nose and fingers into them.


  1. KT, hypocrisy is the middle name of our 'malay' government here la.

    Or more like, first, middle and last name......

    Munafik !

    This 'hypocrisy' is fighting for first place with their avarice.

    We have all run out of puke with their holier-than-thou, shameless lying, high-handedness, bullying, racism, incompetence, bigotry, show-off-ness, cheatings, not to mention their individual blatant acts of rapes, murders, grand theft, seditious and arrogant mouthing-offs.

    Will the gomen act on the latest mad rantings of their religious leaders? They want to curtail the civil rights of the non muslims for not being more responsible to the terms of the 'social contract'? WTF?

    With the Ibrahim Ali cohorts going on a crusade on one side and these religious nutcase on the other end going on about taking away the kafir's 'civil' rights, the nons are now reaping the result of not voting for BN in the recent few elecions.

    Sorry KT, out of topic a bit here....

    Guess these warlords will not stop until the country is bled completely dry. Then we might have some peace....or maybe not, coz by then the country will be fully islamic by then and we'll have another hot potato on our hands.

  2. Dear Kaytee,This Eskay stooge is of Thai and Malay mixture.Usually children of inter racial marriage are born loyal to family and country.But this stooge must be born through a camel's tunnel,thats why he has no loyalty.He will sell his soul to the higest bidder,that is why he works both sides of the borders.He was once the massage "GIRLIE BOY" of Dr. Mahathir and Anwar.You don't make millions just by giving regular massages to Dr. M and Anwar,so it must be something more exclusive.So since he knows so much about Anwar's bedroom roams,we have to assume that he was once Anwar's "GIRLIE BOY TOY".When Anwar went for Saiful,this Eskay stooge felt jilted.To get even with Anwar for jilting him,he team up with another stooge and a child rapist.Then they formed the unholy Datuk T trio and came up with the infamous sex tape.A scorned lover is is more dangerous than a traitor.Start looking over your shoulders "Umnoputras".