Wednesday, May 04, 2011

PKR's green-eyed monster

If it had been UMNO who demanded DAP to prove the latter is multiracial, I would have understood. But guess what, PKR has just done that, in the form of what I see as a disgraceful petulant sour grapes merajuking Baru Bian who told The Malaysian Insider PKR wants DAP and PAS to prove they’re multiracial, but obviously targeting the DAP. How f* dare he!

He claimed that PKR “...wants its Pakatan Rakyat PR partners to contest in ‘black seats’ in the next general election and dismiss the notion that they cannot cross the racial divide.”

He also told reporters that PKR “... could not continue shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone."

Shouldering the burden of contesting in BN strongholds alone? My bloody foot, don't make my toes laugh!

This is the state head of a party who pre-emptively grabbed 52 seats without even a thought for its coalition allies in an unrealistic expectation PKR could be the winning PR member with the majority of seats, with him as CM wakakaka.

Here’s a case of a greedy gluttonous grabbing beast which had refused to share and ate more than it could practically swallow, and now blames DAP for its tummy ache. Padan muka.

But what could have triggered such an unfriendly accusation against the DAP from a supposedly PR ally? If we recall, just recently, Nurul Izzah, the so-called Princess of Reformasi had (post-election) greedily refused to concede some of the seats PKR unsuccessfully contested to its allies.

Surely, Bian’s current accusation against DAP flies in the face of consistency among PKR leaders vis-a-vis its claimed domain in Sarawak.

The probability lies in a green-eyed (not blue-eyed this time wakakaka) Baru Bian who was most chuffed by the lineup in the PR shadow cabinet, where he was assigned not the opposition leader’s post but only the shadow cabinet’s 'native & customary rights' and 'land development' portfolios, wakakaka.

Most likely he's jealous as hell, green to his gills, and like losers, blamed and focussed his anger on the state DAP.

So, not unexpetcedly, Anwar Ibrahim came out like a flash to say
the Sarawak shadow cabinet lineup is not final, to mollify the green-eyed monster. Anwar sure has his hands full of blue-eyed and green-eyed boys, wakakaka.

Dei, Anwar, stay out of Sarawak State PR issues.

Maybe now we can see why the PR, for all its claim about being an alternative government, has been unable to form a shadow cabinet - it's likely to do with PKR's selfish ambition to sapu all the important portfolios like Finance, Home Affairs, Defence, etc. It may also explain the PKR gluttonous grabbing greed in the run up to the Sarawak election as a DNA problem coming from its federal leadership.

I fear the PR won’t last long unless ..... well, you work it out.


  1. Everybody's a fool?
    Power coming your way
    You don't want to share
    You think you can gloat over it

    PKR seriously
    Think of the future don't play games
    The leaders should know the rules
    The voters are the kingmakers

    You better listen
    The party partners combine
    It will be multiracial
    What's to run down the partners?

    Don't try to play cupid
    You will look so stupid
    “Everyone is somebody's fool”
    Unite and march as a cohesive unit

    The green eye monsters
    You will destroy its foundation
    The PKR leaders should know the rules
    The voters are the kingmakers

  2. Mr K Temoc..

    Greetings fren..

    Go slow in seeing the devil in PKR/ Anwar Ibrahim afraid you might develop heart trouble soon at this rate....

    Yup PKR is not perfect, it is not easy to balance between Pennisular and Sabah/Sarawak politics though we are satu Malaysia nation....

    Formation of shadow cabinet is an UMNO instigated strategy to discredit the Opposition.

    Am sure you can see that humble 2 cents views no necessity for any cabinets as yet even shadows ..Cross the bridge when reach the river ie upon forming the goverment.

    Continue with your usual tirade against PKR, that will keep them on their toes too. Look after your heart too fren.



    4 May 2011

  3. Yes PKR will be gone in Sarawak soon.
    Baru Bian will join SNAP or BN.

  4. Those ex Umnonites in PKR like to think they are the refomers and that they themselves are principled, clean and selfless in the fight for a better Malaysia.

    Who are they kidding? Their Umno genes are too deeply embedded and as all know, leopards don't ever change their spots.

    Even now without the 'sword' in their hands, they have already assumed the 'taiko' mantle. Could easily imagine what they will turn out to be when they do acquire full power.....why, they will be exactly like the Umno we have now, calling all the shots arrogantly and brutally have their way; and threatening to spill blood when they think they are being cornered.

  5. PKR is not the "Taiko/kepala/head".
    No single party can be that except umno of the bn side.
    Unless pkr is trying to be umno.
    Best way for PR to settle such issue will be by drawing straws.
    And each of the 3 parties should be allocated 33% number of seats.
    Ain't this a fair distribution?
    Bian Sarawak is sore because most of the shadow porfolios are held by the DAP.
    Pkr sarawak can only blame themselves for not sharing equally.

  6. stop painting dap as a god party,dap is run by closet racists.just look at lim guan eng ,pig faced arrogant cunt!

  7. Cunt is where you came out from stupid chee bai bin,unless u don't have a mother.U better eat more pork so that u will be smarter,moron!