Sunday, May 22, 2011

Deepest condolences

I grieve for the 16 killed by the landslide which hit the Al-Taqwa orphanage yesterday afternoon in Hulu Langat. May they rest now in the arms of Allah swt.


  1. The sorrow knows no bounds. May God be with them. As planters we do not build anything at the bottom of a very steep slope or cliff. We are not engineers but this rule have saved us plenty of hardship and misery.

  2. "Project IC: Anwar says he was kept out of the loop"

    Next he would claim that he's completely in the dark about the brainwashing activities of BTN....and scores of other 'diversions' of Umno.

    Would all his ex co-conspirators in Umno dare come out to dispute his claim of innocence now? To do that would be like pointing a finger to themselves, this strategy of claiming ignorance is quite safe.

    Haha the part where Megat Junid said he's sudah mati dah.

  3. Ooops....mistake ! The above cooment should be for the Project IC article. Sorry guys !

  4. Dear Kaytee,Natural disasters happened.It is up to the authorities to decide on the building codes and safety precautions,especially in disaster prone areas.May God bless the children.