Thursday, May 05, 2011

A letter to PKR

Dear PKR members,

I think it’s high time you guys decide whether your party is a multi-racial one, as you've often claimed, or in fact a two-tier 1Bumi 9Non political organization, not unlike the two-tier BN of 1UMNO 9Others.

I ask because your Sarawak state chief has just been pushing the 1Bumi line, arguing that the PR Sarawak state shadow cabinet
does not have enough bumis. If he is so conscious about racial equity, then please be frank and declare your party as one like BN, of 1Bumi 9Nons.

But I sympathize with you because its seems Bian can’t make up his mind about his bumi status, as yesterday he challenged DAP to prove its (DAP’s)
multiracial credentials. He wasn't alone in his jealous outburst because I recall that Nik Nazmi, your chief of communications or whatever, had (post-election) jealously sniped at DAP in an article he wrote in The Malaysian Insider, challenging it to stand in a Malay-Melanau majority seat.

Jealous lah. Tough, eat it, or your sour grapes pathetic jealousy will be so poisonous that if you aren't careful, you'll toxify yourself, that is, if you haven't already.

Baru Bian, hot one day on multi-racialism and cold the next when he suddenly turned sizzling on ketuanan bumi, not unlike a cacing kena abu or a kera kena belacan, twisting and turning and a hopping around, probably because he wasn't nominated opposition leader, wakakaka.

Incidentally, your royal princess has declared that PKR will not cede to other PR members any of the 49 seats it contested recently, despite losing in 46 wakakaka - what a dog in a manger. What percentage does 49 over 71 make? What percentage of bumi does Baru Bian demand in the shadow cabinet? Or, does he just want be opposition leader wakakaka? Another Zahrain Hashim in the making?

Hmmm, I wonder what other outrageous demand PKR is going to make, but whatever, I won't be surprised?

Incidentally, do you know how long PKR has been in Sarawak politics? Just a mere ten years. So don’t be so easily discouraged by your pathetic results in the state election despite claiming for yourself the largest chunks of seats to contest, wakakaka. Oh yes, we remember all too well (and with disgust) the fangs you had snarled at your supposed PR allies when they asked for a fair share of the 71 seats.

DAP had hoped to get a mere 20, less than one-third, but you forced it to reduce its share to 15; SNAP asked for 20 or so, but you arrogantly declared it could have 3 as if you are like UMNO dictating to MCA, MIC, Gerakan and the rest of 9Non. Maybe some of you still think you’re UMNO and can grab the lion share wherever, whenever, however?

Baru Bian is also now eyeing DAP’s traditional grounds of Miri (and Stampin). For the next state election, why don’t you demand those 12 seats that DAP won (only after they had invested 30 years of hard work in those constituencies)? Wait, why don't you ask DAP to stay out of Sarawak and Sabah altogether, allowing you to declare these two states as PKR's 'safe deposit'? Such a policy will better align you with UMNO's thoughts.

Let me remind you of an old saying, to cut one’s suit according to the cloth one has. Thus there is no obligation for DAP (or you) to charge into constituencies where angels dare not thread* tread, those it knows it doesn’t have a ghost of a chance. It's just a commonsense appreciation of using one's limited resources as best as one can - no need lah for a grandstanding D-Day landing in 49 seats wakakaka.

* Update: My dear English teacher, dear Mrs Goh, rang me all the way from Penang to admonish me on my poor spelling - she chided me, but sweetly, "kaytee kaytee, you've forgotten my teachings!" sob

By the way, don’t panic if you now hear about DAP making man man lai inroads into Bidayuh territory. This has been based on the encouraging support it had received from the community in the last election. But fret not as it plans a lengthy five-year campaign to win the support of the people. It won’t be a fantasized 916 quickie or Taiwan foray to 'political power in 7 days'. Slow and steady wins the race, as proven in its 30 years of investment. No investment (including hardwork), no gain, because there isn't and shouldn't be any affirmative action in PR politics. So keep your fingers out of Miri, please.

Now, many of you weren’t UMNO rejects. Apart from the Batu martyr wannabe, why don’t you see the truth and do something positive, as dear Jonson Chong has, instead of remaining silent and acting 'dunno'?

Do you know something unpleasant, you bunch of ‘Confusions’ wakakaka are actually witnessing and tolerating the further UMNO-ization of your party, so really, what’s the difference between you and MCA? Wake up and remember your socialist roots, and don’t be the PKR equivalent of Liow ‘My beloved PM’ Tiong Lai wakakaka.

Yours wakakaka,


p/s don't forget to read my earlier post PKR’s green-eyed monster wakakaka!


  1. PKR what's your niche?
    You sing many songs
    Rock and Roll, slow rock
    Pop songs, religious melodies

    Really which one you want?
    The judges can't even decide
    Which road you want to take?
    The road of many side ways?

    Learn your lessons well
    You will get the votes
    As long as you sing truthfully
    Arrogance will bring you down

    Right now we don't see
    Which one you want to lead?
    The microphone in your hand
    Don't you know your song?

    You must have learn
    Plant your seed; watered it
    Nurtured it to grow
    It takes years to get it blossoms

    PKR what's your niche?
    You can't even decide
    Yet you want to lead?
    Change your ways quickly!

  2. Eh, Bukit Kota is Melayu-Melanau majority, what was Nik Nazmi smoking again? (OK DAP kena thrashed hard there lah)

  3. Let me repeat:

    PKR, the worst opposition party in Malaysia.

  4. Well said, Kaytee.
    My sentiments- EXACTLY.

  5. PKR is UMNO Clone, they think, they shit and they talk are just like BN/UMNO. In the coming GE 13, I am not going to give my vote to any PKR candidates anymore and I am asking all the voters to forget about them for good. They will not be able to bring any change they promise.

    We must and have to give DAP the chance to be powerful and able to hold the Power in the Government. It is only DAP and DAP who can reversed the rotten situation in the Country back to normal.I am going to give my Vote for DAP after this.

  6. Well said. I sure hope to hear PKR's reply as I am about to give them up come the next election, and I don't think I am alone in this.


  7. superb kick-ass piece, you made my day Kaytee!

  8. Let's make sure these green-eyed Umno-twin read this piece by KT.

    But....but, I doubt it will make any impression on their evil twin Umno, it will like water down a duck's back.

    There's a saying - water will find its own level. PKR has shown its colours, now more than ever. What's the point of putting them in power? It will be like replacing Umno with another Umno.

  9. PR supporters all claiming next GE they will change gomen.

    Wake up. DAP and PAS will continue to hold on to their traditional support bases but PKR is going to get trashed.

    Next GE is just around the corner. PKR behaving like little napoleons already when they haven't even proven anything yet.

    Only a miracle (like a visit and some wise words from God) will save PKR now.

    PR supporters better get ready for some huge disappointments and ask themselves whether they are ready to dig in for the long fight.

    DAP and PAS has been fighting BN for 40 years. So they understand clearly what is needed no matter how long it takes. Are PKR supporters ready for this?

  10. trust dap, i don't think so! dap are full of racist and bigots!

  11. Dear Kaytee,

    First I must congratulate your consistency in being anti Keadilan. No one disputes that.

    As for my essay, anyone who reads it in full instead of being prejudiced will see that I recognise DAP's achievement in Sarawak. Why didn't you include that?

    I made a point that if DAP truly wants to appear Malaysian, it would help their speakers speak a bit of Malay along with English, Mandarin and the Chinese dialects. Is it wrong to speak the national language?

    I had suggestions for Pakatan as a whole to improve not just in Sarawak but the country. If that is jealously sniping, I don't know what Wong Ho Leng's impertinent statements against our leaders are. Please point out the last time anyone in Keadilan could show such disrespect to Lim Kit Siang / Lim Guan Eng or DAP?

  12. This issue of shadow cabinet amongst the Opposition is turning out to be divisive, as expected by its poltical enemies.

    Earlier on Najib had challenged the Federal Opposition to name their shadow cabinet in waiting but Anwar never responded. Why ?

    Sarawak Opposition please wake up.Why create unnecessary issues and allowed to be used as ammo by your political enemies? With Federal Parlimentary elections looming, this will be exploited to confuse the voters further.

    No necessity for such shadow cabinet,at this juncture. If at all any cabinets needed are perhaps only cabinets in your kitchen.

    K Temoc at times acts as an agent provocateur, wants to see the Opposition forces in disarray. Helping to confuse the voters eh..? Do not see K Temoc over the years attacking Najib, with the same gusto in his blog, as he targets Anwar.
    Presumably Najib is endorsed as the supreme leader eh..?

    Fair Play

    7 May 2011

  13. Umno's MO is to 'outsource' their criticism of others, via Utusan Melayu, Perkasa, Dr.M and those usual hardliner suspects.

    PKR is just another Umno but with the word 'Reformasi' attached and its MO is exactly like its twin Umno.....outsourcing its criticism via its 'ma-chais'. Would any so-called juniors dare to come up with 'biadap' statements in the press without the say-so from their top honcho?

    Anwar is famous ( or infamous) for this type of behaviour. Remember Ahamad Zahidi? Get some one else to do the 'dirties' for them. Typically Umno. Now typically PKR too. UMNO = PKR, hehehe

    After having pre-emptively edged out its coalition partners by unilaterally announcing in the media that PKR will contest all the 52 (later changed to 49) seats in the recent Sarawak poll, and 'generously' giving 19 seats for all the rest of the partners to share among themselves, it has the shameless gall to issue a press statement via 'a junior' that its partners (meaning DAP lah) who incidently did far better than PKR in Sarawak, are not doing its 'duty' of 'sharing the burden' to contest in rural seats......wakakakaka

    This PKR is so000oo satu biji macam Umno.....not surprising at all, seeing that their top leadership all came from Umno itself. Once tainted, all the water of the Straits of Malacca wouldn't be able to remove that stain.It's all in the Umno genes, hehehe.

    They can shout REFORMASI all they want, but their true self will slip out inspite of themselves. Most of the rakyat are willing to close one eye as they are most desperate to get rid of Umno but the Umno-like stench coming from PKR is too overwhelming to stomach now.

    GE13 is just round the corner.....with the current scenario, PAS and DAP will keep or even increase its traditional seats, but PKR will be trashed ! PKR is the weakest link in PR but it will never see this flaw, much less to admit it, delusional as they are.

    PR will NEVER capture Putrajaya in the next GE. Period.

  14. Anon 3:06 PM

    "Helping to confuse the voters eh..? "

    Confuse your head lah. As though makciks and pakciks from Felda and the million-strong civil servants read KTemoc....hahaha. To do that, first they have to understand engrish lah.

    Talk about condescending !

  15. Dap must have thought their head is damn big. Taking all the post except for one or two to the others. Nobody else could agree to this arrangement. Dap must have thought they are useless. They also think they can win the whole state by themselves. It would be interesting to see Dap trying to win more seats the next time around without the votes of other races. They are in for a surprise.

  16. Maybe Utusan and UMNO need not fan so much around...PKR is destroying PK on its own.

    Gosh, fellas, you are suppose to start the in-fighting after you conquer, not before.

    Dumb ass! My ass is in your hands so you fellas better buck up!

  17. Nik, I've responded to your kind comment (thanks) in a new post wakakaka - see

  18. While I totally agree with your bashing of PKR and enjoy every bit of it, I have to say that DAP Sarawak should have been more careful and considerate in the cabinet thingy. I do think the cabinet should reflect the racial makeup of Sarawak and include more Dayak representation. That's the way to go if you want to win over the bumis.

  19. Mr K Temoc and Anon at 4.45 PM

    Agreed your blog may not be read by many people in interiors or civil servants.

    Forget not that the necessary spinning will be done in mainstream medias, by many a boot lickers writers that we have today, in their medias in Bahasa Malaysia/ English. Ammo for these writers comes from the blogosphere fren.

    That spin done by TV 3 (on RPK `s interview during Sarawak elections recently) and subsequent statements issued that a Leftenan Colonel in Mindef under investigation. What has happened? Trail gone cold? Police too silent?

    Mr K Temoc this is something perhaps that can be revived in your blog. Why has the trail gone cold?

    Let`s drop this kitchen cabinet issues okay? Mr Wong Choon Mei in Malaysia Chronicle today (8 May 2011) has a good piece titled Between 'Belacan' politics and 'Ah Beng' politics. Please have a look.

    Fair Play

    8 May 2011

  20. Anon 8:59

    "Mr Wong Choon Mei in Malaysia Chronicle today (8 May 2011) has a good piece titled Between 'Belacan' politics and 'Ah Beng' politics. Please have a look."

    After reading this Wong Choon Mei piece ( and other pieces by him too )....... what can I say ?

    Umno has Utusan Malaysia

    PKR has Malaysia Chronical

    One is meloya and the other is chronic !

    Enuf said.

  21. K Temoc/Anon @4.39

    Yes fren, agreed, enuf said.

    Utusan Malaysia and Malaysia Chronicle serves its respective masters, no doubt. Ultimately its the readers who make their own evaluation.

    In your case my fren, One sees only what one wants to see...hehehe...

    So no plans to expose more on the supreme leader, Najib, in your blog/writings?

    Best Wishes.

    Fair Play

    9 May 2011