Sunday, May 22, 2011

Project IC

Malaysiakini - Project IC: Anwar says he was kept out of the loop.

Project IC (early 1990’s) – for Southern (Muslim) Filipinos: to get a Malaysian blue Identity Card (IC) to vote for UMNO

Objective – to ensure UMNO rules in Sabah

Responsible? – no one.

UMNO leading personalities at that time:

PM & Home Minister – Dr Mahathir –
“Dei, I wasn’t involved lah.”

DPM & UMNO leader instrumental in setting UMNO in Sabah in 1991 – Anwar Ibrahim – “Aiyah, I know I was powerful but still, I was kept out of the loop lah.”

Deputy Home Minister – Megat Junid Megat Ayub – “Alamak, I’m dead liao lah. Besides, I was only a deputy minister.”

UMNO treasurer – Daim Zainuddin - “...... [silence] ......”


‘Twas the aliens who did it, ... er ... not from Philippines, but from Alpha Centauri!


  1. Dear Kaytee,No Ministers in Umno under Dr. Mahathir at that time can denied not knowing about the I.C. scam.Although I am pro-opposition,I have alwas stressed that Anwar is not the right person to lead PR.Not only has he a lot of baggage,but he has poor leadership.Looking back at his days when he was in the opposition.What is the difference between Anwar compared to Najib and Hisham when they were heading Umno youth.What is the difference between Anwar and Abrahim Ali.They cannot flocked together because they are in opposing camps.Otherwise they are quartets.Dr. M took him into Umno because he was a torn in Dr. M's flesh.So they had a deal.That is why Anwar came up so fast in Umno.Then he became impatient and challenged Ghafar Baba,an elder statesman in Umno's election.He should have given face to Ghafar to returned unoppossed to serve out one last term.Then he became over confident.He was also close to the Clinton administration.With superpowers behind him he thought he could take on Dr. M. The only mistake Anwar made and learnt bitterly was not knowing that his master was "THE MOST POWERFUL CORRUPTED MASTER POLITICIAN IN MALAYSIAN HISTORY".Dr. Mahathir play him good,like he played the rest.

  2. I think Ktemoc should join Matthias Chang on ship for hunger fast of palestine.