Sunday, June 20, 2010

Why SG appealing against Karpal Singh's sedition case

Karpal Singh, DAP chairperson, Khalsa warrior, erudite lawyer was accused of sedition against the Perak Sultan in the Perak constitutional imbroglio, which incidentally had prompted former Judge NH Chan to comment that HRH’s act in dismissing the State’s former MB, Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin, from his post was a show of ‘pretend-power’.

Malaysiakini reported that Karpal stated: … legal action could be instituted against the Perak sultan over his role in the state constitutional crisis …

In the sedition case against Karpal, Judge Azman Abdullah dismissed the charges, stating that what Karpal stated was kosher as Section 3(2)(a) of the Sedition Act 1948 provided for an exception, in that any Ruler could be told that he has been misled or mistaken.

What more, the judge said the prosecution had failed to prove Karpal violated section 3(1) of the Act, namely to incite hate and disloyalty against a Ruler. He judged that Karpal had been very clinical, and without malice, in his statement that HRH was mistaken in constitutional matters.

The judgement spelled it out clearly, unmistakenly and in accordance with the law – no disrespect had been directed at HRH, as evident by the provision of Section 3(2)(a) of the Sedition Act 1948.

No disrespect means no seditious act had been committed. HRH’s honour had not been tainted, well ... at least legally.

So why is the Solicitor General appealing against the Judge’s decision? Why waste taxpayers’ money to chase something which was not present in the first place? Why defend an honour which had not been besmirched?

There have been many accusations, chief among which has the popular notion that the authority will get Karpal in its favourite hunting ground, its padang pemati (killing field) so to speak, namely, the Court of Appeals.

But kaytee believes otherwise. Just speculating of course, but has it to do with Anwar Ibrahim’s case (Sodomy Mk II) where Karpal is Anwar’s lawyer?

As it's World Cup season, may I use the football terminology of a defending team’s tactic when a formidable striker of the opposite team has the ball?

I suspect it's a case of ‘kacau dia kacau dia’ to distract Anwar Ibrahim's leading striker?

Of course all at taxpayers’ expense, but then what is this when it's nowhere near the cost of a 'jolly' at Disney World, let alone those RM800 million x 2 projects.


  1. kt,

    karpal statement is hudred times worse than murdering a mongolian, whose ehtry records were eradicated by dark forces.

    hence, they are appealing now but not for the mongolian murder. this is truly Ketuanan Melayu AG. You gotta thank the mamak for promoting the Unholy Trinity in Sodomy 1 to its present position. This Ketuanan Melayu AG thinks he can even get away with anything inclduing a total disregard for the law.

  2. kt,

    the courts of appeal are filled up by UMNO judges. afterall, who is the CJ. What is his background? You should know better.

    Forget about the laws here at this moment. Its crumbled piece of paper more fit for the dustbin under UMNO. Unless there is a change in Govt, the laws will not be properly administered, no more under the corrupt UMNO.

  3. Evere since the Jabatan Perhidmatan Awam implemented the SSB for promotions we have all become Saya Suka Boss.

  4. Yes, our Courts, especially the Court of Appeals fully commit to Saya Suka Boss, all the way to the UMNO Boss.