Friday, June 25, 2010

FELDA bankrupt? Minister bankrupt of knowledge?

Malaysiakini Felda to sue over Suara Keadilan article.

This is an abuse of powers and public money.

By convention, a government ministry, department, agency or officer cannot sue any member of the public who questions its/his/her official financial propriety or official role, responsibilities and actions.

Only if an individual has been libelled in his/her personal capacity may he/she sue.

The only recourse for a government agency is to demonstrate (show evidence) that the public member’s accusations, allegations or claims are incorrect.

Obviously Ahmad Maslan the Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department has no f* clue as to the government’s accountability and responsibility to the Malaysian public, and the limitations of his powers.

He should f* resign.


  1. KT, you meant to tell there's no different between asking genuine questions and fabricating stories?

  2. no, don't sue. charge them sedition, or ISA. that's better, save cost.

  3. In the strict legal and commercial sense of the word, Felda is not bankrupt. It still has sufficient cash to continue operating, and, unless there is some other unknown information, it is not in danger of insolvency.

    However a large proportion of what was once a very substantial cash reserve has the very people entrusted to manage it.

  4. If you keep feeding the croccodile It will never go away
    The only way to protect FELDA Money is to keep the corccodile at bay