Sunday, June 06, 2010

Egyptian question in the Israeli-Palestine equation

A very relevant question regarding the inhumane Nazi-like blockade of food and much needed material from entering Gaza has been “Why doesn’t Malaysia condemn Egypt because it’s also complicit in the blockade of Gaza?”

As a matter of fact I came across this question in Walski’s latest post Eyeless in Gaza.

Walkski is a great matey of mine and I want to offer one possible answer. The following is an expansion of my comments I left at walski’s blog myAsylum

From Day 1 of my amateur blooging, I've always been an advocate for Palestinian freedom from Israeli oppression, and its sovereignty and Statehood.

The Palestinians, especially in Gaza (not that those in West Bank have been let off, no sirree, not at all) have been confined like prisoners in the world’s biggest prison, an inhumane act of ethnocentric brutality akin to the WWII ghetto-risation of Polish Jews by the Nazis, no doubt the spiritual kinfolk of today's Israelis.

Forced to live in a ghetto under severely deprived conditions, the Palestinians are effectively oppressed in their own land by a cruel occupying (or imprisonment) force.

All the above Israeli atrocities, brutalities and sheer unaccountable arrogance may be traced to one root cause - America's (religious) blind obedience to Israel. As Goh Keat Peng wrote in his letter to Malaysiakini
So little has been done for Gaza:

The resolve isn't there and one favoured nation is allowed a free hand to do as it pleases without regard to any reasonable sense of proportion. There has been no semblance of fairness or justice.

The failure to address the needs of those who call the Gaza Strip home is a failure of the resolve of the international community to bring to book a belligerent military power in the Middle East.

You cannot be allowed to live and act unchecked as though you are alone in the neighbourhood. As though only you have the right to live and act.

Thus Egypt's complicity may also be traced to the USA's carte blanche imprimatur to Israel - Israel wants Gaza blockaded, USA swiftly passes that requirement to Egypt, and Egypt immediately complies.

As reward for its obedience or if you like, subservience, USA provides Egypt with arms (older and inferior to the ones it gives Israel) and US$2 billion in aid annually. Naturally, Israel gets more than $4 billion each year apart from intelligence, technology and special priority in arms delivery.

To wit, while Palestine is a victim to the Israeli rapist, Egypt is a whore to the USA godfather. So who should we criticise? I would imagine Egypt to be the last on the list.

And don't forget the other whores in the region, Jordan and to a lesser extent but also equally culpable, Saudi Arabia - because all these three Arabian nations fear republican Hamas, which has been modelled after the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt (banned in that country) and Shiite (republican) Hezbollah.

So a combination of US patronage ($$$ for Egypt and Jordan - protection and armed support for the al Sabah family of Saudi) and self interests of the governments of Egypt, Jordan and Saudi has seen the betrayal of the Palestinian people for the last several decades.

That Egypt is now hypocritically opening up the blockade, just as it did after the recent horrendous pulverisation of Gaza by the region’s superpower (armed and supported by the USA), has more to do with its apprehension about its own backyard and perhaps even a nudge and a wink from sugar daddy - after all, didn't Hilary Clinton say of the recent Israeli atrocity: "The situation in Gaza is unsustainable and unacceptable".

Unless the USA does something about the Nazi-like ghetto-risation and evil group punishment of Israel, the blockade will soon be reinstated by a compliant complicit compassionless Egypt.


  1. Ktemoc,
    Egypt got to abide by the treaty signed between Sadat & Menachem Begin. Signed in 1981....Remember....

    The more I look at it, the more I see it's not really a case of black & white. We can talk till the cow comes home on this matter & the conclusion.....Its world politics.....
    Again, why is it so bad for Jordan to carve up a piece of land for Palestinian. Do you know that Jordan controls Palestine before the british mandate.
    And you think that Turkey is so much against Isreali. Or is it a smokescreen?

    The issue revolves around sovereignty. While the guy who was released fromk RC said that he saw fear in Isrealite eyes. It's also the fear that the Isrealites prepared to do impossible things. You can't deny the fact, many people wanted Isreal to be vanished from the map. Before you say that I am Isreali lover, let me ask you a question, will you agree to that?

    Mao Tze Tung sent millions of troops into North Korea during the Korean War because of the fear that Imperialist America gobbles up China in the 50s.
    I can assure that this incursion by the Isrealites is nothing as compared with what China prepared to do....Trust me....

    I hope we should become "Benjamins" in the Animal Farm. Snowball always die young. & Boxer....Hmmm.....
    Inviticus is a nice show. Can Hamas find a leader like Nelson Mandela who is willing to stick out his hand to his foes? Love thy enemies....Tough hey....

    You can't deny that was the main objective of Hamas. The total destruction of Isreal. You see that was the actual paranoia of most Isrealites in Isreal.

    By the way, I don't condone Isrealis action but I understand why they did it

  2. By the way, I am more concerned about what's happening around our backyard. Thailand, ring a bell

  3. When Black Majority rule in South Africa was first mooted the reaction of a famous lady Prime Minister of Briton was' over my dead body'

    Gradually support for the White Regime began to edrode. The Scandinavian countries were the first to cause this erosion.And as late as 1994 the United states was still flirting with the White Regime. Then we all know what happened.

    My point is the Plestinian Problem has only one solution because the other side while accepting the two state solution has done all it can to stall the implementation of that solution. That leaves us with the other solution. One state solution based on one man opne vote. Ralalx

  4. //One state solution based on one man one vote//

    Go and tell that to the Injuns occupying Kashmir or to the Sudanese terrorizing Darfur. Pordah!

  5. i abhor the sufferings of palestinians.

    it is unfortunate tibetans have no say in their homeland but what would happen had they fought like the palestinians, the same ferosity?

    if the red indians decided they would fight to their last drop of blood to reclaim america...

    had the chinese want the japs to repay every drop of blood lost for their ancestors.

    israel's existence is not reversible like the non malays in malaysia... to deny this reality is asking for trouble.

  6. Anonymous,

    You see in the end, I do not know when, when the foreign forces are forces to withdraw for economic or political reasons their support for the minority regime,as it happened in South Africa, then the majority will rule. You are right so long as India has a visible hanrd in Kashmir there can be no majority rule there. Ramalx

  7. Relief ships have to be boarded and searched.