Saturday, June 12, 2010

3 guesses for Chua Jui Meng

Much as it was unjust, at least we know why Sultan Mansur Shah sentenced Hang Tuah to death without trial. The tyrant so ordered his most loyal warrior to be executed on the basis of unsubstantiated hearsay, that Tuah was having a private nookie with one of HRH’s dayang (young sweetie attendant at the court). But at least we know why.

Then there was the case of a caddy, whose laughing at the wrong place and at the wrong time in front of the wrong person was disastrously wrong. Though the caddy was ‘wronged’ we again know why.

What about the hockey coach? Yup, we know why he was offside with someone.

But poor Jimmy Chua Jui Meng is still trying to find out why, though mind you, we all know why ;-).

In my previous post Being stripped of datukship I highlighted another case, that of former MCA deputy president, Lee Kim Sai, who had his datukship ripped away by the former (late) Sultan of Selangor. I also provided the reason. Maybe poor Jimmy Chua has suffered from similar 'sabo'*?

* Malaysian word for 'sabotage'

But we read in Malaysiakini’s Johor sultan's decision 'nothing to do with politics' that the secretary of the Johor Royal Council, Abdul Rahim Ramli, said the Sultan of Johor has the power to confer awards or withdraw them as he is above politics.

I know the sentence was written by Malaysiakini but please note my underlining of the word ‘as’, because I fail to see the logical relationship between the Sultan’s power (to confer or withdraw awards) and he being above politics?

Certainly in a constitutional monarchy the ruler is above politics, and we sincerely hope so, but that is not directly related to his inherent royal prerogative to award or withdraw datukships.

And his right to award or withdraw datukships has no direct relationship with his constitutional status of being above politics.

Like Sultan Mansur Shah, I suppose we should sentence either the Malaysiakini reporter or Abdul Rahim Ramli to additional detention classes in English, to write 100 lines of “I shall not recklessly misuse the word ‘as’” wakakaka!

Malaysiakini reported:

Asked why the awards conferred to Chua were withdrawn, he said the Sultan of Johor did not have to cite reasons as it was within his prerogative. He said those who had awards withdrawn should ask themselves whether they had done 'something honourable' or not.

Does Jimmy Chua get 3 guesses, though I believe one should be sufficient?

"Don't do things that are against that done by good people," he said adding three main consideration [sic] for awards were loyalty, diligence and meritorious service."

Great stuff because we know of Datuks (murderer, crooks etc) who went into and came out of jail with their datukships intact throughout their session of public funded food and accommodation.

Loyalty OK lah, but diligence and meritorious service? Wakakaka.

But wait, The Malaysia Insider may have something for us on this, where Abdul Rahim Ramli revealed:

“After deliberating on reports against some Members of the Most Honourable Order of the Crown of Johor the Johor Royal Council advised the Sultan to expel those involved and he has consented to the advice.”

above underlining are mine

So it was the Johor Royal Council rather than the Sultan who initiated the stripping of Jimmy Chua’s datukship. HRH merely put his royal mark onto the Council’s advice.

I wonder who are members of the Johor Royal Council? Does the MB sit in the council?

Darul Ta'zim? It's so pitifully and pathetically petty.


  1. Chua Jui Meng
    The plot of Bee Anne
    Though these leaders deny
    The damages had been done

    The People know
    Why want these awards?
    Giving and taking away
    The father, the son and holy council?

    The country should forget
    Awarding of these titles
    The merits of the recipients
    Not in the work for the people

    What to expect?
    The dying breed sinking in
    The power of our destiny
    It's her people to decide

    Chua Jui Meng
    Return the awards
    Ask them to collect it
    As a former MB of Johore did

    Let your conscious be free
    Work for the people
    The awards will enrich your soul
    Let your faith guide you through

  2. Jimmy can always buy a couple more datukships from the (ex-)sootans of sulu, patani, mindandao, bogor, you-name-it-but-it-costs-$$$.

  3. I guessed Chua J M has his datukship removed becos' he did not attend the function 'invited' by the Sultan.

    Furthermore as he is not in BN anymore he cannot afford to pay his Datukship maintenance fee.
    So Datuk membership expired lah.

  4. Forget about datukships. More interesting things below

  5. You have now confused me. But agree that those who have Datoships should know right from wrong. I would like to help those who do not know how to tell right from wrong. When you do something right you want tell the whole world and when you do something wrong you will come with all kinds of schemes to hide it from the people.Ramalx

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  9. aiyoo chua why say the medals are mere metal (TV-news last night). Then why u took lots of photos with those metal medals and hanged all over the walls in yr home/office? Also u insult the other Sultan whose metal medal is still giving u the title Datuk.. aiyaa u cam olang tak kenang budi lo. Nanti semua Sultan murka kat u how??? u kena buang negeri lo... u nak dicalonkan kat mana????