Thursday, June 17, 2010

Malays under siege or UMNO under siege?

In The Malaysian Insider we read that Dr M claims Malays under siege.

Well ;-) try not to read too directly into his assertion but let’s attempt to discern what his real agenda is.

For a start, his argument that "… Malay support was now split among three parties — Umno, PAS and PKR — and suggested that the 'other races' were now taking advantage of the division" is far too simplistic.

I don’t see MCA or Gerakan has succeeded yet in taking advantage of UMNO, or do I detect DAP likewise exploiting PAS.

In reality the heartland support is currently in favour of UMNO with PAS in second place while poor PKR (with significant Chinese and Indian members) is currently in topsy turvy condition for a number of reasons – leader under siege (now, that's who is really under siege!), defections, etc

Leaving hardcore DAP supporters aside (just as PAS can’t do much about hardcore UMNO supporters or UMNO about hardcore PAS supporters), we have most of the Indians back in the BN camp while most of the Chinese (as mentioned, other than hardcore DAP supporters) are backing PAS where there is/will be a PAS candidate.

It is this situation, of Chinese supporting PAS candidates, which worries Dr M.

I did read somewhere , though I can’t say it is correct, that there are over 60 federal parliamentary seats where the non Malay voters could play a pivotal role, like in Bukit Gantang and Hulu Selangor (hmmm, would PAS have won if it was allowed to stand there instead fo PKR?)

If PAS were to win these 60+ seats, it’ll be the end (forever) for UMNO. PAS knows this, and shivering UMNO certainly knows this.

Thus it’s not the Malays but UMNO which is really under siege, because should the '60 seats' forecast happen, there will be a PAS-led (thus still a Malay-led) government.

But what the hey, nothing motivates the heartland than fear of Chinese takeover.


  1. Madey Mamak Kutty Kerala is a curse upon Bolehland.

    The curse will only comes to an end when Madey is dead, hopefully he will drop dead soon.

    I have reserved a bottle of the finest champagne to be popped on this occasion.
    What about you ?

  2. mk

    i join u u u,

  3. It has taken us 50 years to learn that if you give a man a fish he will have fish for lunch and may the curry with bread at night. But if you teach a man how to fish he will have fish for all meals until he is fed up.

    All of us mut be prepared to work to learn more and be taught less. I cannot remember who said that but it works.Ramalx

  4. GE 13 will result in BN winning back its 2/3 majority + Kedah + Selangor.
    Penang Chinese are probably too recalcitrant at the moment, but everywhere else Pakatan, especially PKR, will be washed out.

    Anwar Ibrahim will be languishing in jail in what will effectively be a life sentence (10 - 20 years) for a 61 year old man.

    BN, UMNO will happily go back to plunder Malaysia, with the blessings of the majority of the people of Malaysia.

  5. It's clear Maha Firaun is flapping about like cod out of water in a lst gasp measure to try and save UMNO.

    He doesn't care two hoots about the Malays whom he scurrilously described as lazy and laid back in The Malay Dilemma; it's all a sandiwara, smokescreen and red herring as without UMNO in Govt and power his and his dynasty's moola power will disappear!


  6. Ktemoc,
    read the news below and you will know why Tun M is writing that.

    Gerakan Youth: Give 3rd generation non-Malays bumi status

    PETALING JAYA (June 13, 2010): Kedah Gerakan Youth hopes the government would consider categorising all Malaysians born in the country as bumiputra in the near future, regardless of their ancestors’ country of origin.

    Kedah Gerakan Youth head Tan Keng Liang said many Chinese and Indian families have lived in this country for more than 100 years, and have contributed to Malaysia’s development, including liberalising our country from the British Empire in 1957.

    “Most have not set foot in their ancestors’ country of origin and may not even have contacts with anybody in those countries,” he said in reference to a recent statement by Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz that some 60,000 Siamese in the peninsula are categorised as and enjoy bumiputra rights like the Malays.

    “To them, the only country associated with their life is Malaysia,” Tan said in a statement yesterday.

    He hoped the government would consider categorising all non-Malay Malaysians as bumiputra if they are born in Malaysia and their parents and grandparents are Malaysians, Tan said.

    This move would be in the spirit of Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib abdul Razak’s “1Malaysia” concept, he added.

    The recognition of non-Malays' status as bumiputra would be the best appraisal by the Barisan Nasional government on the contribution of non-Malays to the country’s development, he said
    In time, he said, racial differences would no longer be a barrier towards unity and there would no longer be the issue of any racial discrimination, he said.-- theSun

  7. Also see Malaysiakini's Featured News

    Kedah Gerakan youth chief Tan Ken Liang applauded Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Mohamed Nazri Aziz's statement on Saturday, for recognising the rights and status of local Siamese in the country.

    Tan (right), in a statement yesterday, also called on the government to consider categorising all Malaysians as bumiputera in the near future, without regard to their ancestors' country of origin.

    He said this is especially important for non-Malays who are born in Malaysia, or whose parents and grandparents are Malaysians.

    “Many Malaysian families, such as Chinese and Indians, have lived in the country for more than 100 years and contributed to the country's development,” he said.

    Tan said this recognition of the non-Malays' status will truly reflect the spirit of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak's 1Malaysia concept.

    The move will also reflect the BN government's recognition of non-Malay contribution to the country's development.

    On June 12, Nazri announced that some 60,000 Siamese in the peninsula, who are categorised as bumiputeras, enjoy special rights like the Malays.

    He urged all quarters to understand the citizenship status of the Siamese and recognise their bumiputera rights.

  8. I have no doubts that BN will be returned with a more than 2/3 majority in the next elections and Anwar will be jailed for 14 years. Then we make Mugabe look like a kintergarden kid in terms of what he did to Morgan Tsangarai and the Zimbabwe economy.Already some of the information floating in the net , if true , makes Mubabe look like a primary one school boy.

    We must be always be careful for what we wish for it will come true. Ramalx

  9. Dr M and the Perkasa people are certainly very strident and loud about their concern for the poverty-strickened Malays.

    If Dr M, Perkasa, and other well-to-do Malays are really, genuinely, sincerely concerned about their under-privileged brethen, then why aren't they putting their money where their mouth is? Surely they can donate their money to these poor Malays instead of spending it on indulging themselves - building palatial homes for themselves and their children (not just in Malaysia but overseas too), frequent family holidays abroad, a stable of expensive imported cars, and, according to gossip, even maintaining a stable of 30 or more horses. If that is true, just imagine how many impoverished Malay families could be helped with all that money lavished on keeping those horses!

    Just consider this - Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have both stated that they will be giving the bulk of their considerable private wealth to charity and leaving only a small portion to their own offsprings. And these are infidels, not some super-pious, holier-than-thou Muslims.

  10. 'deinsipid'sipin and bahasa malaysia

    it is interesting that you reported that 'deinsipid'sipin
    is a likely candidate for batu. I once had a word with the guys who put
    up his posters at batu during pru 12.

    It was interesting what they told me "
    ini cina tak bolih cakap melayu "

    So to minister of 'mis'information rais anak yatim, the self declared 'pejuang bahasa' - " tell us again how important is bahasa malaysia ?

    If a federal deputy
    minister cannot have a proper bahasa
    conversation that means knowing
    bahasa is not important for gomen operation at the ministry level at least. Not to mention 'deinsipid'sipin
    cannot have a proper bahasa with the
    guys who put up the banners ha. Of course he does not need to speak bahasa with 80 per cent of the batu constituency.

    So miniter rais , you have fallen into
    the syndrome -the left hand does not know what the right hand is up to!!!


  11. The Malays are really not taught to perform in modern democracy.They are the off shoot from the thickest feudalism on earth.Warring amongst themselves are their greatest talent as the old Malay saying goes "Melayu selalu menang sorak tapi kampong tergadai" meaning the Malays are good at cheering (political bickering) until they lose their nation.Sorry my Malay friends but that is what you really are even in the 21st century.