Monday, June 07, 2010

Chua Soi Lek 'caught' again

Karn neen nare lay.

Read this from The Malaysian Insider’s
MCA MP questions appointment of Chua junior as deputy minister.

If what Gelang Patah MP Tan Ah Eng said is true, then Chua Soi Lek has not been kosher for saying ‘twas the PM who picked his son from a couple of names to be deputy minister, and the corollary? … nepotism!

The cat was let out of the bag when the aggrieved Ah Eng, also Wanita MCA deputy chairman, asked PM Najib why she wasn’t appointed. Good olde Najib told her that he appointed MCA people according to a list of names given to him by Chua. Najib was effectively telling her that her name was not there, contrary to what Chua had claimed.

Not a good start for the new president of MCA. He's 'naughty' wakakaka in more than one way ;-)


  1. Many Third World Leaders are of the view that nepotism is okay if it is within the immediate family. Again this is okay if only the Prime Minister is doing as we see in this country in our region just above the equator. But if the leaders of the 14 members of the National Front all want the same then only God Can Save This Country.

  2. yup. singapore is third world country after all.

    but chua jr certainly better that tan ah eng coz he can serve eyes and ears to his charismatic dad!

  3. If Chua DVD can cheat on his wife , what more on this Tan Ah Eng ?

  4. Karn neen nare lay?

    Karn neen lau hnya!

  5. If i have to chose between Chua Jr and this Ah Eng,I, too, will choose Chua Jr. At least he is a face for the future. Ah Eng, nama dia saja pun dah old age...

    sri hartamas

  6. Why not? He's young and well-qualified.
    He is a hard-working MP.

  7. You are wrong KTemoc. It is not his dad. It is his mother.Ramalx

  8. Najib said he chose according to the given list. This does not mean MP Tan's name was not on it. We just want to see things our way, that is all. Her name was on the list but not chosen, that's all. Why complain when she has never shown any capability to be a minister. As an MP, she has not been a performer, delegating most duties to her PA. This will be her curtain call.

  9. chua kong kek certainly had and probably will always be more than naughty.

    list of his evil deeds

    shag someone's wife - a crime nevertheless

    2. buttfucked the woman as well- crime no2 [ unnatural sex thingy]

    3. the xkongkek probably played
    some role in the removal of datukship of jimmy chua. Xkongkek
    cannot stand the sight of upright
    man like jimmy.