Thursday, June 24, 2010

The anti-Perkasa UMNO-ites

First, Minister Mohd Nazri Aziz dismissed Perkasa and Gertak as totally dependent on Dr Mahathir’s patronage, without which those two ultra Malay NGOs would not be able to survive. Some people read more into his comments but I won’t go anywhere near there.

Khairy rescues Wee Ka Siong from Ibrahim Ali.

Nazri and Khairy have been UMNO blokes who have not been particularly ‘kind’ to Perkasa, dismissing the ultra NGO as anything but a serious political voice, which naturally brought out shrill sickening screams from Ibrahim Ali – read
Perkasa to KJ: Don't sell out Malays.

Coincidentally ;-) both guys are immensely disliked by Dr M.

Are we in fact seeing a proxy war, where Nazri and Khairy are attacking Dr M through Perkasa?

Mind you, Nazri has done it before (attacked Dr M, that is) in far more straight forward manner. He is obviously a bloke who didn't, hasn’t nor will give a damn about Dr M, while Khairy has been more circumspect.

Khairy is of course pissed off that as UMNO Youth Chief he isn’t a Minister, as he would have been if UMNO tradition and party protocol had been followed. Needless to say, he must have blamed Dr M.

PM Najib has been tiptoeing through the tulips vis-à-vis the Grand Olde Man, by unprecedentedly not appointing the UMNO Youth Boss as a minister while making Dr M’s son, Mukhriz, who doesn’t hold any UMNO Youth post, a deputy minister.

But I wonder what Najib’s part is in this proxy war?

Is he using both Nazri and Khairy to neutralise Perkasa which has been sabotaging and damaging Najib’s campaigning to win back Indian and Chinese support, because he dares not directly offend Dr M?


  1. To cut the story short, everybody is using and being used by somebody.
    Everybodys somebodys fool.
    Everybody somebodys playthings.
    There is no exception to the rule.

  2. Game of politics
    Politics of truth and lies
    Lies influencing the nerds
    Nerds get going believing it

    It is said of politicians
    Politicians of the wind blowing
    Blowing into every hole
    Hole of spies

    Spies playing games
    Games of deceptions and division
    Division of plots effects flow
    Flow into the minds

    Minds of politicians
    Politicians of good and bad
    Bad when the people vote
    Vote on dishing projects

    Projects come string of promises
    Promises to woo the minds
    Minds of hardship and sorrow
    Sorrow on the people choices