Friday, June 18, 2010

Opportunity to politically finish off Koh Tsu Koon

If Tian Chua is disqualified from his position as representative for the Batu federal constituency, with a by-election in the offings, I’ll be more interested in the BN side rather than who will stand as PKR candidate in the by-election.

This is because I read in The Malaysian Insider that Tsu Koon, Si Pin could contest if Batu declared vacant.

Forget about the young chico Si Pin – after all didn’t he lose the Batu seat for Gerakan. Tian Chua swamped him by more than 9,000 votes wakakaka.

I hope Koh Tsu Koon will stand so that when (not ‘if’) he loses kau kau (teruk sangat) I want to see how he will sneak back through the back door into Parliament again.

And don't think it's not possible because those BN people are more than capable of BN-Boleh-ness; look at Tsu Koon as a typical example - didn't he say prior to the 2008 general election that should he lose he won't use the back door to be in Parliament - bay kean siau ay, been p'uoi cheen chnea cheen chnea kau (thick skin ler).


  1. not thick skin leh. its onion skin. peel and peel and layer after layer, yet tak habis.

    he will even carry your balls, KT if it means getting an enviable position.

  2. IF tian chua stays ...then fang yew teng can claim compensation from 1975

  3. Yes, Tsu Koon should fight for the seat. If he loses, then he should step down as Gerakan leader and let others lead. If he wins, then he is the taiko of Gerakan and can shrug off Keng Yaik's offensive.

    What I find unbearable is that Tian Chua can pay some money and get off scot free. He should be properly punished and incarcerated for a period of time to show his repentance. What this shows is that if I have money I can beat up anyone I like, including a police officer and just pay up. There is hardly any punishment for the crime. Tian Chua does not look like a person that learnt his lesson.

  4. anon, not all offences require jailing when fines would do.

  5. Ah Koon dares not contest in Batu. He prefers to stand in Putrajaya, a guaranteed win there with only 5,000 pro-umno voters.

  6. Having the MCA pressy as a candidate would be just fine.