Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Gambler

Malaysiakini - Mahathir gives thumbs up to sports betting.

On Pakatan Rakyat’s objection to licensing sports betting, Dr Mahathir said: "They are doing it for politics and not (for) Islam. How could DAP (be expected to) uphold Islam? This is opposition politics. They are looking for mileage."

I am puzzled by his argument that if DAP has been against sports betting, it has to be only for politics and not religious belief, as stressed by his assertion “How could DAP be expected to uphold Islam?”

In that assertion, Dr M has virtually asserted that only Islam and therefore Muslims would be against gambling. But what about Christianity, Buddhism, and a host of other religions? Look, even some atheists are against gambling.

One doesn’t need religious belief to be against gambling. One only needs self evaluation, self control and self motivation.

Now it makes me wonder whether Muslims gambled away billions belonging to Bank Negara (and thus the Malaysian public) but unfortunately for us Malaysians, the gambler or gamblers ter-koyak (was ripped apart).

I wonder too whether 'twas Muslims who gambled away with tin at the London Metal Exchange and lost heavily?

Today there are members-only clubs where high ranking Muslims main judi (gamble) nightly by the thousands of ringgit, if not tens of thousands ringgit per hand. Credit? No problem, Datuk & Datin.

I always believe if you can afford it, it’s up to you.

If you can’t like my neighbour Makcik Puteh and her sad addiction to belangkas then don’t.

But let's not involve religion.


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  4. I am told by a wise man that when 10 people go into a casino to gamble 20 people end up as losers.

  5. please lah. it's common sense that chinese are mostly buddhist and they form majority gambler in malaysia. tdm is always right - why dap against football gaming huh if it's not political gain. think of the economy loss to illegal betting.

  6. Not all Chinese are Buddhist.
    And Buddhist is definitely against gambling.
    I against gambling not because of religion but because of its negative effect.

  7. The Chinese to this man is like a punching bag. Each time he feels frustrated he just pick up an issue and hits away at the punching bag.

    He thinks he is getting at the punching bag by hitting at it, even giving a flying kick or two along the way. What he fails to see is that he really is not hurting the punching bag but himself.

    Just ignore him and file his nonsense under "NFA" or better still compile it into a text book and name it "The absolute dummies guide on how to be irrelevant"

  8. Its not that we don't have enough gambling outlets-they are at every nook and corner. That should be the gist of our objections, ie.there is no need to add variety to the games that can be punted on. We don't buy the rational tossed in awarding Vincent Tan football gaming licence. And we suspect that it is to payback for the investments he made in enticing the Perak frogs and the other frogs who hopped over from PR.

    sri hartamas

  9. And what about that sultan whose gambling debts Maha Firaun squared off or that involving a Sabah Minister?

    There is little doubt that the gambling instinct is very strong among the Chinese, but so is it in the West or why else would you have casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Monaco, London, Sysdney and Melbourne and all over Europe and America for?

    ban it or regulate it. But don't give it away for free. Vincent Tan/Ascot shoud be charged at least $1 billion and an annual fee based on % of earnings!

    we are all of 1 race, the Human race

  10. think of the economy loss to illegal betting .. . .wakakakaka
    At the same time, think of the loss caused by prostitution, drug trafficking, the smuggling of petrol & diesel to neighbouring countries and the smuggling of cigarettes, liquor and workers from the neighbouring countries. Why don't we just award contracts for all these to other cronies? ... OR, has this already been done ?

  11. Yes, I support legalising prostitution and drug trafficking to prevent the economic loss from having them as illegal. It would also take it out of the hands of the Triads and Gangsters who currently control the business.

    Come to think of it, I suspect those who oppose the legalisation of prostitution and drug trafficking are probably in cahoots with the Underworld.

    Altogether now....kami mahu pelacuran dan penjualan dadah dilesenkan...

  12. we gamble in our life, be it stocks, unit trust, bank products, job career, etc etc. so what's wrong with legalizing football betting. you people are so myopic. and to those belittling tdm speaks nonsense, he's the man brings development to malaysia and you people and your children got schools to study! he's somebody, you're nobody.

  13. What is wrong in NOT legalizing football betting ? What benefit does legalizing it bring for the people.? Will the lives of the Malaysians be any better?
    As for tdm, only people with blinkers think so great of him. With all the money he wasted on all those megaprojects, any one could have turned a desert into an oasis and the people would live a tax-free life.