Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Supporting Israel = Supporting UMNO

One of the reasons why people like kaytee have been and still am pissed off with the (rightwing/ultra) Israelis is that these ar$eh*les are supposed to be the children of the Holocaust victims, yet they behave precisely like Nazis, indulging in brutalities, ghetto-risation and group punishment of Palestinians (e.g. a Palestinian son is a suspected terrorist, his parents' house would be demolished and f* the parents and siblings-children). Therefore their crimes are doubly more difficult to forgive.

Thus it was hardly surprising that in Malaysia there have been criticisms against Israel for her usual brutalities and indiscriminate atrocities against the Palestinian people, most recent of which had been the slaying of 9 passengers on a ship in the Peace Flotilla.

Malaysiakini also reported that: The Dewan Rakyat has passed a resolution to strongly condemn Israel's attack on a humanitarian aid vessel and urged the UN Security Council to initiate legal action against the Zionist regime through the International Criminal Court (ICC).

It was an unanimous resolution!

But at the same time there have been some Malaysian bloggers, mainly non-Malays, who defended Israel's action and/or attacked the Turks' (thus the Palestinians') in their blogs or on Facebook.

I wonder which of the following reasons has led them to do so:

(1) They believe Israel was right or/and Palestinians were wrong;
(2) They support Israel politically, religiously or/and morally;
(3) They do so just to spite the Malays and local Muslims;
(4) They were practicing the concept of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend"?

If they support Israel or/and criticize/condemn Palestinians because of above reasons (1) and (2) I have to respect or just accept their views (though of course I don’t agree with them).

However, if they do so because of above reasons (3) and (4) I would find that ironical.


As racial 'victims', the Palestinians are precisely in the same position (actually worse off) as those bloggers are, or think/believe they are. Both Israel and UMNO-ruled Malaysia are ethno-religious racist administrations.

If you’re a non-Malay blogger who voiced your condemnation against or sneered at the Palestinians or/and your support for Israel, well, whatever grieves you because of UMNO policies, think of the poor Palestinians because those poor Arabs are getting it a thousand times worse off.

So, when you support the Israelis just to spite the Muslims or Malays (or because you are anti all Muslims) you’re effectively supporting UMNO in its ketuanan Melayu discrimination against you.

Food for thoughts?


  1. KT

    What do you think of the doyen of the Washington Press corp, Helen Thomas's abrupt retirement because of her Israeli comments.
    So much for freedom of information in the US.
    Even President Obama says her remarks were offensive.
    I guess if she said Palestinians must leave, then she will earn kudos.
    Ah well, Israel is the CHOSEN ONE.

  2. yeah lah, if the americans and english awared of hitler's solution and even supported him none of this problem would last until today.

  3. sesiapa condemns Israelis shall be doomed !

  4. Due to their shared religion with the arabs, the malay muslims are naturally biased and prejudiced against the Israelis. Due to their shared beliefs and their recent guilt, the christians naturally lean towards jews and prejudiced against arab muslims.

    The Chinese and Indians however, have no historical interest in jews and Palestinians, no shared culture and beliefs, no guilt, and therefore their views are independent. They have no baggage like muslims and christians.

    But the minute one side says Israel has no right to exist, then you have lost the sympathy and support of the Chinese and Indians. Hereafter, any act that Israel undertakes to secure it's position, will be viewed sympathetically.

    One must also remember that the brutal advance of islam was stopped dead in it's track in India, then brought to it's knees in the 17th century and humiliated thereafter. Islamic muslim history does not invite sympathy from great civilisations like India and China. Rather it is held in contempt, which is reserved for the inferior. Whereas there is no such distaste for jews, who were hospitably welcomed in India and Shanghai. There is still a jewish quarter in Shanghai - no jews but their few descendents are maybe still there.

  5. shatin, your statement "The Chinese and Indians however, have no historical interest in jews and Palestinians, no shared culture and beliefs, no guilt, and therefore their views are independent. They have no baggage like muslims and christians" is not correct in that you made Chinese & Indians mutually exclusive from Christians.

    Actually the Christians in Malaysia are mainly Chinese and Indians with some Eurasians, Sabahans and Sarawakians (even Chinese among these).

    However, you're right in that in general Christian Chinese and Indians are supportive of Israel because of Christianity which sanctifies Hebraic religion and history (I know 'coz I was educated in a Christian school), and no doubt mixed with a local dislike and even fear of Muslims.

    The term 'shared beliefs' you stated needs correcting because the Jews-Israelis do not believe in Christianity at all - it's a one-way traffic with only the Christians believing in the Old Testatment (Judaism) because the book provides the foundation for the Christians' main belief, captured in the New Testament.

    In general most Jews-Israelis despise Christianity because they consider them as goyim or infidels (kaffirs). Jesus was viewed as apostate (they had him killed) and worse, European Christians had persecuted them for centuries, thus their natural religoous enemies (rather than Muslims).

    But currently they have to be nice to the American Christians and play on their Christian beliefs and its important link to "The Promise Land" for all its worth, even though this may be religiously unpalatable/haram to the religious Israelis. But they have to because the USA is both their financial-political benefactor and their religious slave - to be ardently woo-ed yet secretly unforgiven, despised and feared.

  6. shatin -your comment is shat-shitty!

    do some homework before you write

    and do not let your emotion over rule
    your intellect [if you have any ? ]

    dah po-san

  7. Ktemoc, when I meant Chinese and Indians I meant the people of China and India and their respective diaspora as a whole, for whom there is negligible impact of Christianity in their worldviews, and can be dispensed with. It is quite mutually exclusive.

    Generally Chinese and Indians have little interest in west asia affairs, and if any, it is sympathy for Israel. After all the international terrorism there is little sympathy for anything arab/islam/muslim except that they are camel shaggin cranky neanderthal misfits that somehow got into the 21st century.

    I didn't want to get into details of 'shared beliefs'. Too large a subject.

    8.33 - no comprehende. Offer alternate views. Clearly.

  8. Personally i don't think shatin read much of what really happened in Palestine/Israel. You sound a lot like US mainstream media. Read Norman Finkelstein and Noam chomsky. Also Alan Dershowitz Israeli apologist.