Tuesday, May 20, 2008

UMNO - the 'calm' before the storm

So, what’s the most popular UMNO word since we heard that Dr Mahathir has resigned from UMNO?

Yesterday Malaysiakini published PM shocked by Dr M's decision where AAB called for ‘calm’ within the party.

Then in Star Online, we hear Najib in Egypt wanting to talk to ‘Uncle’ over his sudden resignation, where he (Najib) “I hope all Umno members will stay calm …”.

Today in Malaysiakini, we hear a 'Shocked' Muhyiddin calling for calm.


The dictionary defines ‘calm’ as ‘freedom from agitation, excitement, or passion; tranquillity; serenity’, giving an example of “He faced the possibility of political death with complete calm.”

OK, kaytee added the word 'political' ;-)

There are other examples, eg. “The calm before the storm”.

One of my favourite actors, Michael Caine, once said “Be like a duck. Calm on the surface, but always paddling like the dickens underneath.” ;-)

Then finally, American volleyball player, sexy Gabrielle Reece advised “Stay calm and aggressive.”

Gabrielle Reece


  1. what an exciting beauty. calm and beautiful. wish more Malaysian women are like that. but alas. I am in the wrong place I guess as are all the pendatangs.

  2. There is also calm as in:

    'Stay calm and face the impossible odd Umnoputra' said Firaun, 'I'm right behind you here in Switzerland!'

  3. The impact of Mahafiraun's resignation from UMNO Baru is overrated. True to form, he has an exaggerated sense of self-importance, and simply overestimated his residual influence in UMNO.

    Umm...is his little kid resigning ?

    Has-beens should stay retired.

  4. hsh, what has RPK's ancestry got to do with this thread? C'mon lah, stay on thread please!

    kk46, wouldn't your comment be better (more impactful) without the use of abusive monikers? you're so ... er ... anwarista-ish kekeke ;-)

  5. Here's a piece of free but valuable advice to all crooks, conmen, thieves and racists, that is to say, all evolutionary deadends -- stop breathing permanently and you will be very, very CALM!

  6. Ktemoc,
    Mahafiraun (or Great Pharaoh) is not an abusive moniker, though I'm well aware he hates the appellation.

    It's an accurate description of the character and personality of the man.

    As I wrote elsewhere, his resignation from UMNO Baru is good for Malaysia, though probably not in the way that he intended.

  7. Mahafiraun=Anwarista
    ke ke ke

  8. Dr Mahathir said as a doctor if there is a part of the body which is gangrenous which could cause the whole body to become diseased, he would amputate that part of the body.

    We also know , from the little baby who lost her foream in Klang GH sometime ago ,that if a gangrenous part is left alone to rot it would automatically fall off after some time which is known as auto-amputation.

    Dr Mahathir has realised that he is gangrenous to UMNO and has decided to auto amputate himself.

    Thank You Doc !!

  9. OK guys, a request please - I hope not to read of Maha-whatever or Najlis-this-that or other abusive terms, whether it is meant to apply to Dr M, Anwar Ibrahim or whoever else. I only want to deal with and discuss their conduct, policies, governance, but not their personal lives. But I'll accept teasing titles (like SIL, Prince of the 4th Floor, Mr Zigzag, Mr Elegant Silence) - these are OK, provided these are not abusive. I know I myself have used Raja Bodek but no more liao. I am trying to raise the standards a bit here at ktemoc konsiders. Thanks

  10. A bit like the UK Sun trying to raise standards ?

  11. I see you're the type who likes page 3 kekeke - but hey, you don't have to torture yourself by coming over to my blog ;-)

  12. Sounds and smells like a dastardly conspiracy if you ask me. There somethinh rotten afoot. Why ask for "calm"? A resignation is no big deal. Why make it sound like it is bigger than it is? Is there a hidden plan to create trouble, violence, riot, murder, anarchy?

    Mr Muhyddin and Mr Najib, your language sounds very suspect. Ready to "stab" Mr Badawi in the back? Perhaps the "Yang Berhormat" adddress should be removed from your names. i have a feeling you guys are not quite honourable gentlemen.

    Et tu Najib and Muhyddin?

  13. Sounds like Mr Mahathir may be planning to do another "May 13" .. maybe this time with Najib as the beneficiary of emergency power after his father with Mr Mahathir again being the instigator.

    I trust Mr Badawi, the Police and Armed Forces are ready to handle any such situation that might be created by Mr Mahathir and his Datuk Haruns and other hencemen.

  14. The Old Man finally steps out
    To the chorus of the wind

    The silent calm breeds
    Swaying calmly in the mind
    Of what the UMNO members want?
    When there is pot of gold
    It magnets them to the fall

    Now the frogs
    Croaking a bit louder too
    Listening to the talk
    The Old Man out of the scene

    The impact will come
    When the pain finally stings
    The direction it has to go
    UMNO sings the wrong melody

    Party, religion, Melayu and country
    Where is Malaysia and Malaysian?
    The wrong footing the fall
    UMNO has its 2nd chance
    And the leaders blew it!

    Listen to the soft wind
    Imagine the calm sea
    And the talk by UMNO leaders
    About party and positions
    Then push calmly the wealth of the nation

    They don’t learn do they?
    We are children of Malaysia

  15. Aliran got it right about Tun Dr. Mahathir's (respectful enough ?...kekekekek) resignation being good for the country.


  16. Calling all Malaysians, go out and make a donation to help the cyclone-ravaged people of Myanmar and the earthquake-devastated people of Sichuan.

    The good that will accrue will rid Malaysia of all the evil perpetrated by the evil doers. The universal law of cause and effect in action

  17. can we send Mahathir to Zimbabwe ?

    he has quit as PM, UMNO President, BN Chairman,and now as an UMNO member........

    when will he quit Malaysia ?

  18. malayamuda said...
    can we send Mahathir to Zimbabwe ?

    Heh yeah, send him to a Zanu-PF area wearing a "I support Morgan Tsvangirai and the MDC" t-shirt.

  19. Scheming, plotting, trickery, deceipt are neccessary in the game of politics - if one lacks any of these traits, one is no politican or one is a lousy politicans.

    Both, mahathir and AAB have plenty of these that is why they managed to climb to the top post of the nation. So, let us not deceived ourselves that any of them is andel.