Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dep Police Minister clueless on police role?

Yesterday, based on a Malaysiakini report, I posted Men in blue bashed youth till he was blue black and bloodied, in which I wrote that I was totally stunned by the reason a high-ranking police officer gave for his FRU men pulverising a 21-year old Chang Jiun Haur.

Malaysiakini photo

This officer asserted to Malaysiakini: "He asked for it. He ran over a policeman and he got what he deserved."

I had then wondered whether the police have taken to being judge, jury and executioner (none of which they are qualified to be) even if the allegations were true.

I asked how the police of Malaysia behaved like the Vigilante Corp of the early frontier days of the American West, and that 'injun' Chang should at least be thankful he wasn’t strung up on a tree or decapitated with a parang for his sins.

But Malaysiakini just reported in Chor justifies police action at BMC clash, that Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung argued in defence of his uniformed thugs:

"Based on the report given to me from the police, two police officers were hurt - one on the hand and one on the thigh from falling down after being knocked by the said car."

"I did not receive any news or report about police using too much force but I assure you that the police will always act in accordance with the law."

'... the police will always act in accordance with the law ...'?

Where the f* did this bloke pop up from?

Besides, minister, are you saying it’s OK for the FRU to bash, brutalize and beat up a man, even for one who allegedly knocked a couple of them down?

You should be ashamed of yourself – please resign immediately! You aren't fit to in Parliament, let alone being a minister.


  1. btw is this Blog of yours an extension of Malaysiakini ? Forgive the puzzlement as your postings are a mirror image ( albeit distorted/contorted ) of this online portal except you have deemed fit to dish out one hollow reactionary advise after another to less endowed sub-humans on such a predictable basis. Are you accountable for your advises or is this some kind of chamber where your exorcise your debating / spinning abilities ? If so at least put a caveat that your Blog is hatched in the realms of fantasy and should not be taken seriously. For instance after you request this Minister to resign , then what next ? Will you make him resign ? or talk about it for the next many days and every few years while he continues his devious ways ? truly amazing, such apparent stamina

  2. that you need to make a comment against me justify my posting, that it's biting in the right quarters ;-)

  3. thanks for your fast response ! at least I know you are really there and listening. One point up. What I am advocating is that to improve your selling power and do Malaysia good as a whole or at least empower some of your intelligent and caring readers to support good causes , you yourself must be realistic and not too theorectical and suggest practical solutions. A common failure ( intentional or otherwise ) of latter day Bloggers is their tiresome narccistic tendencies and their propensity to be a sensationalist which belies a personal/politically dubious agenda

  4. '... personal/politically dubious agenda ...' ;-)

    my dear hot, I quote you what my blogging mate, Susan Loone, has said, that some people, alas, just can't believe that there exist truly independent bloggers who post issues for altruistic reasons.

    Calling for the minister to resign is a time-honoured democratic process of both 'applying political pressure' as well as reminding the voters who not to vote the next time around - with an objective of strategic dimension.

    anyway, thanks for your advice

  5. Since Chor talks thru his BIG ASS, let's shaft a boulder, the sizez of the Grand Saga's BMC blokade one, up his ASS.

  6. I do not feel ashamed and dissapointed, but feel angered by what this so called minister has said. Hey whatever you wanna call yourself, if you don't know the situation, don't say anything! Have you gone down there to see what has happened? Have you not seen the video of the beating by the police/FRUs? If you don't how to use the internet, ask your children to show the video to you. Go and watch the video, then you come and talk to us! I am a resident there so if you have nothing better to say, just shut up!

    If we don't read the Malaysiakini, where are we going to get accurate news? Read the local newspapers controlled by the government? Believe in what you say? Come on Mr. Whatever, we are not stupid to believe in whatever we read, we have the intelligence to judge it for ourselves, not like you! You are not fit to represent the people, I suggest you resign from your post and come and live in Bandar Mahkota Cheras! We will represent you!

  7. why should this minister care, he's from alor star anyway ..... he's deputy minister of internal security - not NGo lar, of course he should say something side the police

  8. gee,

    chor, the police did not use excessive force to bash him up. the poor kid just didnt have the thick skin to withstand the blows. its ok by your standards, aint it Chor.
    what a freaking moron, are you? just hope next time, this will happen to one of your family members and then tell us the same.
    just wondering how a nerd like you can become a minister. kaytee, you have any idea?

  9. ... elected by nerds too ;-)