Friday, May 30, 2008

BMC saga shows MCA totally irrelevant

Two days ago I posted Men in blue bashed youth till he was blue black and bloodied, and followed that up yesterday with Dep Police Minister clueless on police role?.

Today when I read Malaysiakini, though I was thrilled by its news article Cabinet wants BMC access road kept open, albeit only until the court case between toll company Grand Saga and Bandar Makhota Cheras developer Narajaya has reached a decision, I was more excited by its Vox Populi which screamed aloud 'Chor, you're unfit to represent us'.


More significant has been the fact that Malaysiakini devoted (unusually) the entire page of Vox Populi to the BMC affair.

What has riled many Malaysians was the unbelievable Chor Chee Heung, the Dep Home Affairs Minister defending the indefensible brutalities of the FRU – see Malaysiakini article
Chor justifies police action at BMC clash - a gang of whom bashed up a young man who so happened to be passing the infamous Grand Saga barricade.

Chor had the uncaring robotic callous or clueless nerve to claim that instead "… two police officers were hurt ….. after being knocked by the … car", allegedly that of the real victim, according to his worldviews formed in the comfort of his airconditioned ministerial officer.

He had the idiotic temerity to utter the unbelievable words "I did not receive any news or report about police using too much force but I assure you that the police will always act in accordance with the law."

And this with the availability of Malaysiakini video clip on the FRU bashing of a bloodied innocent bypasser, Chang Juin Haur - not forgetting the already well-known infamous notoriety of the FRU?

Malaysiakini photo

I was outraged and asked: Where the f* did this bloke pop up from?

Besides, minister, are you saying it’s OK for the FRU to bash, brutalize and beat up a man, even for one who allegedly knocked a couple of them down?

You should be ashamed of yourself – please resign immediately! You aren't fit to in Parliament, let alone being a minister.

Today’s Vox Populi echoed my demand for Chor Chee Heung to go, a man totally unfit to represent any Malaysian.

But I just wonder … this could be even more significant than a mere useless MCA deputy minister who was pushed forward (basically sacrificed but as a captive dumbo) by his Home Affairs Minister to take the heat and answer on behalf of the barbaric thugs in the FRU.

Yes, even more significant than the 30% swing of Chinese Malaysian voters over to the Pakatan in the last general election, this well documented and publicised fact of a completely useless MCA minister, unable to meaningfully represent Chinese Malaysians and their basic human rights, must surely and finally have rammed home to every Chinese Malaysians (including the families of those MCA members), yes, right down to the full length and depth of whatever the MCA and its BN partners had been shafting every Chinese Malaysians for the last several decades, that the MCA as a political party is no longer relevant.

And Ong Ka Ting, where the hell are you hiding - say some f* thing!

As one Vox Populi writer Baiyuensheng, as utterly outraged as I and many others have been and still are, wrote: All I can say is this - come the next election, MCA would go the same way as Gerakan. Irrelevant.

But it’s not just the useless MCA and the virtually non existent Gerakan (sorry, Darren) who have failed us – as one Cheras resident lamented, why has this affair taken so long to resolve when the road barrier has been built on Selangor State land which is already under the rule of a Pakatan State government?

The MCA is and will be dead, but the Pakatan hopefully won’t – so, Khalid Ibrahim, you better come up with some decent answers too!

Malaysiakin photo

The BMC affair, coupled with Chor’s demonstrated and complete inadequacy to represent Malaysians, has become the Hindraf of Chinese Malaysians.

Sadly, again, it has to take the dripping blood and screams of an innocent young man to wash our eyes fully open and wake up to how the MCA has utterly failed us.


  1. If they offer sacrifices, we'll take it lah. When the time comes that no more sacrifices can be offered, we'll go straight for the source of the problem.

  2. yeah, the BMC affair culminates in the rise of CHINDRAF.

    The guy may be innocent bystander or maybe in a hurry to get away or plain panicky. what the hell, maybe he is one of thugs, but that doesn't justify 20 people bashing up one person. and not normal 20 person, but 20 who were armed, trained, dangerous, lacked education, and probably in need of pyschiatric assesment. there were no weapons found in the car nor on the person who was attacked. so, it reminds me of a pack of hyenas that circle and attack a dying gazzelle, like we see on national geographics.

  3. Sack Chor and the Police Chief in charge of the situation and the "gang" leader and all the FRU and non FRU thugs who went beyond the law and who wantonly beat up the young man just to nitimidate the residents. Don't just cut their salary or give them warning letters or transfer them or demote them. Just sack them.

    I don't believe a word of the Police or FRU's claim. Is this what it has come down to?

    Is this just a public manifestation of how the many deaths in Police custody occurs? That the Police are a law unto themselves?

    When will the Hon. Mr Badawi implement the recoomendations of the Inquiry Panel? Does it need more public unrest and Police brutality before action is taken?

  4. Damn this MCA charlattan.
    And ask him what was his freaking role in the RM4.7 billion Port Klang Free Trade Zone scandal.
    My prayers: Someone will send this low life to a Gualg in Siberia so that he can freeze for eternity.

  5. I really feel like pulling out Chor's testicles and feeding them to the pigs

  6. Malaysian Chinese Agony sounds more relevant..this Chor guy makes ton of money when he was a ex chairman of the controversy PKFTZ.Probably was ask by his boss to make a statement on BMC issue.His action clearly signifies he is pure breed BN dog of the highest class..go eat some shit

  7. Firstly, heartfelt thanks KTemoc and all bloggers who have kept the BMC saga as a feature in your respective blogs.

    Let me say again ; the public lynching of the kid and the blood spilled, is too blatant an act of violence and abuse of position.

    Thankfully, many have this beating on record and if put together, there is no better proof to show conclusively the FRU used excessive force.

    A bit rich, the police are toying with the idea of charging the kid and occupants of the car !!!!

    I hope they do for this to go to round 2.


  8. Chor Chee Heung was the former chairman of the Port Klang Authority. Another culpable party in the PKFZ scandal.
    What more can we expect from this Chinaputra ?

  9. The BMC wall finally gone
    Cabinet decided it has to go
    The residents blew a sense of relief
    In the end the people triumph
    For now………….

    The saga shouldn’t stop there
    The police officers too must be investigated
    For their part and police brutality
    Ganging up to beat a helpless man

    The company Grand Saga
    The directors too must be charged
    For erecting concrete wall without state approval
    For talking big ignoring local laws

    The Pakatan Government must initiate legal action
    Bring the directors to book on their action
    Defying laws on state land can’t go Scot free
    Bring the law let them taste its magic

    The residents too should bring class action
    On the company and the police
    Let the laws punish the culprits
    And see justice finds its way

  10. W can demand for Chor's removal..but will AAB do it. When it comes to party representation in Cabinet..AAB has to take what is offered by MCA. If MCA put in a donkey and the ever lembik subservient PM we have..AAB will put in a donkey in that ministry. Rightly we should demand MCA withdraw CCH as minister. Knowing the kind of shit MCA is in now..they will do nothing. Ong Ka Ting and company is also keeping quiet when police bashes up citizens. Does it means when you are in the loise your right to speak up against what is not right.

  11. anon 1208

    the pigs will not touch them.

  12. FRU = thugs

    If PR fails to do something to GS in the coming months and seeks justice for this 21-year old young man, they can forget my vote in the next GE. I haven't been very happy with the way Selangor MB handles this entire issue!! And issueing press statements is the only thing DAP seems know how to do!

  13. This is sickening. Firstly, the assault of a citizen by the lawmakers. How can the protectors of the nation assault the very people that they are supposed to be protecting? Even if the youth has broken the law, it is not for the FRU to decide and take law into their own hands. As for Chor, all I can say is, where is your integrity and responsibility as a politician? Shame on all of you who are involved in this!!

  14. The MCA is like a man who is locked tightly between the thighs of a whore. (We know who the whore is, don't we?) This is true in the literal sense as seen in the way MCA defers to and acts obsequiously to its numerically dominant partner in the BN.

    And we can see that the man is non too keen to break free because he thinks that by playing it submissive, he is in for some ... erm ... "good times" ahead.

    Yup, the man is right, the "good times" being represented by the obtaining of hugely profitable contracts, and the unlimited opportunities to dig his grubby hands into big piles of money.

    If the MCA has any sense of honour and self-esteem left, it should break free from its whore, which is to say, leave the BN.

    It should try to redeem its honour and get back its lost "face" by going it alone or by joining forces with Pakatan Rakyat. That should give its whore -- that arrogant dominatrix -- pause for thought and, hopefully, inducement to moderate its behaviour. But knowing that that party is infested with unevolved Neanderthals, don't hold your breath waiting for that (moderating its behaviour) to happen.

  15. "I really feel like pulling out Chor's testicles and feeding them to the pigs"

    Why do you think Pakatan Selangor built a mega pig farm? They'll never find any leftover body parts in that gargantuan "evidence shredding" facility. Watch the movie "Snatch" to see what I'm talking about.

    That's the *real* reason why UMNO are scared shitless of it, hahahahah...

  16. Chor is just UMNO's well trained dog. You shouldn't punish a dog for its master's bidding. Go after its master.
    you know what, PDRM is hinting that they might charge the poor chap they beaten up for murder. hahaha, beat him up and add insult to injury, convict him of murder. if he is ever charged, the court case will be null point, as PDRM's master, UMNO, own the judiciary system, thus, whoever they feel guilty will be guilty.

  17. This BMC saga really shows the world that this country's man in blue are really a bunch of thugs !!

    And this MCA fella really Makes Chinese Angry ...

    This episode also makes me fume a little bit on the Selangor State government, why so slow to act?

    Khalid ... please stop talking, the poepl needs to see some action and results.

  18. the positive outcome of this episode is that it showed true people's power even without political backings, as it should be.

    people's power is not just merely about transferring the political leadership from one party to another.

    people have to start taking responsibility for their lives and community, but not the law into their own hands, for things to truly change in the country.

    let's hope for an investigation to be conducted into the matter. and if the kid decides to take legal recourse, he should also be supported like what we did for rpk.

  19. The Question is why till now, there is no "internal investigation" by the Police on what happen. This is a CLEAR CASE OF POLICE BRUTALITY.

    And so far, non of the so called, BN Ministers had said anything..except for this Deputy Home Minister Chor, who certainly seem idiotic and did not know what really happen. Anyway..he is gone for sure in the next GE.
    But one thing for sure, BMC will be remembered for long..and come next GE, more states will fall.

  20. Well if they can BLOW UP innocent people with C4, I am not surprised this so called POLIS DIRAJA MALAYSIA, I really hope they stop using DIRAJA as it is bringing shame to the KING and the COUNTRY.

    Well its a real shame see..FRU to whacking 4 unarmed people...worst..what happen to LAW here, even at all if that person is wrong..there is LAW ...but what happen was a FREE FOR ALL, and to hear one senior officer say..HE DESERVED it..indeed proves, the PDRM is not a force, but GANGSTERS and THUGS.
    And for the PM to keep quiet on this, its a shame.

    I certainly hope the FRU personnels who beat this people..will "get what they did"....I am very sure..GOD will punished some ways..soon.....either thru some accidents while they travel in the stupid RED trucks.

  21. Deputy Home Minister Chor Chee Heung (BN-Alor Star) explained that the police initially did not interfere with the scuffle between Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents and alleged thugs because they were waiting for back-up.

    ‘I feel ashamed with what the deputy minister has said regarding the beating up of a youth at Mahkota Cheras. Shame on him for justifying the beating up of a member of the public.': Siva Subramaniam, SUHAKAM.

    Unfortunately, as usual the MSM did not carry the bloodied picture of 21-year-old defenseless citizen who was beaten into submission by the Police. To add insult to injury, according to Malaysiakini the 21-year-old youth in question who is in Intensive Care, has been charged with attempted murder by the Police with four others.

    Chor and his retarded boss, Hamid Albar are prime examples why this nation is going to the dogs. Umno lackey IGP Musa Hasan who is supposed to be retired now is still in business no thanks to PM Badawi. Then, you have the AG Ghani Patail, ever so eager to get anyone to be thrown into the slammer if he or she is deemed to be seditious according to the BN/Unmo regime.

    Then, at the Dewan Rakyat, we have the imbecile Deputy Speaker Wan Junaidi not allowing the incident in Cheras to be tabled because according to his pea brained wisdom, this case is already in Court. What this moron doesn’t understand is that, the Pakatan Rakyat was referring to the savage attack on an innocent citizen and it had nothing to do with the on going court case.

    The ones who should be charged for attempted murder must be the Police and not this poor kid!

  22. my frens this fella is "padan muka" one ... who ask him wanted to show his bravery by appearing at BMC and tried to become hero by ramping police with his car. the police already stress at that time to control the crowd, and suddenly a driver attempted to knock them, of course the police cannot tahan. who knows this guy really want to knowdown policemen to impress his frens at that time.... you ppl too emo oledi...

  23. Through all the sound and fury, and the torrent of words in both the MSM and blogs concerning the sorry saga of this BMC affair, one silver lining had emerged which had received little or no comment.

    That is, the ethnic divide that is so apparent nowadays seems to have been cast aside and the affected residents of all races, the Chinese, Indians, and Malays, have joined hands and worked enthusiastically together for a common cause.

    That's something wonderful and heartwarming, and which publicity-hungry blathering politicians have not been able to achieve despite all their blah, blah, blahs.

  24. On further consideration, my preceding comment needs a slight correction, viz:

    The wonderful racial unity between the Chinese, Indians and Malays, which the BMC troubles had unintentionally brought about is something that the publicity-seeking BN politicians have not been able to achieve despite all their verbal diarrhoea.

  25. azleena

    amen and may good sense and racial unity prevails over low-lives like Chor and those who bashed the youngman.

  26. denzook said "who knows this guy really want to knowdown policemen to impress his frens at that time.... you ppl too emo oledi..."

    u sound v. much like that insensitive actress who said the sichuan chinese deserve it....of all their sins............

    just like i won't say those 20 policemen, i presume are muslims, from day one, i mean since birth, could do such evil thing.... this type of comments hurt.

    just imagine that guy was your brother, how would you re-act, will you still say things that you had said.

    pakai otak sikit, man... i don't mean u are a bad guy, just be sure your otak is in your kepala when u want to utter.

    hidup malaysia!

  27. "as one Cheras resident lamented, why has this affair taken so long to resolve when the road barrier has been built on Selangor State land which is already under the rule of a Pakatan State government?"

    I am not a Pakatan supporter. But to be fair to them, the BMC vs Grand Saga affair have been going on long before PKR ake over Selangor. For more than a year and a half, BMC residents had to tolerate this injustice and their complain get absolutely NO response from barisan people, Barisan people simply pass the case to one another without any progress. Now, at least things get done, i am not totally sure PKR gets all the credit. As the BMC residents probably did all the fighting for justice. But this is still SO different from the barisan monopoly days that we know tides are changing.

  28. denzook..

    FRU beating up anyone is a no no. Police are there to enforce the law. You mean the group of FRU cannot just drag him out of the car and just handcuff him and take him to the station. Why must they beat him up? They were behaving like ANIMALS. And you support their actions?

    Since when did POlice become judge, jury, and executioner. God forbid if one of your relative is in that car or happen tp pass that way and was bludgeoned by the FRU. Will you sing a different tune? Have a look at Malaysiakin video. Jangan main tembak.

    As anon 931am rightly said..."pakai otak sikit, man..."

  29. "u sound v. much like that insensitive actress who said the sichuan chinese deserve it....of all their sins............"

    to put it this way, not many would perish if the chinese built more solid buildings and have better safety awareness - as one article in the star pointed out how can schools so easily succumbed to earthquake.....

  30. bangang, polis is oso human, already stress at that time in controlling the crowd. and many police are not "professionally" trained - this is malaysia you know.

    so if one of the police claim that this guy want to know them down, of course the rest will join into foray bashing this boy - the police are looking after each other, and according to NYPD motto - "faithful till death!"

  31. yeah,

    obviously you laud those 20 "BRAVE" & "COURAGES" men.

    correct, correct, what you said is correct.......i hope you and your family live happily for ever......nothing bad will ever happen.........hope so.

    god luck!

  32. some more....... why didn't just finish him off better still, so can set good example for all to see, once and for all.

    some more....... shiok to see blood ozing out......not my brother what.

    our policemen will then be forever safe least four dangerous aliens not roaming the street mah, BANGANG!!!!!

  33. The 20 policemen should be given datukship for their bravery and show of great tolerance and restraint.

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  35. What's happened to Kaytee ?
    I hope he's OK.
    Maybe he's taking a holiday ...or just sick of all the Anwaristas and UMNOristas he hs to contend with...

  36. Y MCA?

    Sial they all womanizer and do no work!