Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hang the murderers of Altantuyaa Shariibuu - These aren't usual times!

Malaysiakini has finally published what has been the hottest topic in town for the last few days.

The Kerismuddin saga? Nope.

Ong Ka Ting finally realizing he is the MCA President representing Chinese Malaysians? Nope.

Aha! The Altantuyaa Shariibuu case? Hmmm ... wellllll ... nope, strictly nope!

What then?

The revival of the G.A.N. or Gerakan Anti Najib.

Malaysia published its headlines as
Najib's wife: Internet stories about me not true.

So what ….. WTF cares, Rosmah. Being wife to Najib, you are collateral damage. Don’t be such a spoilt sport and ruin a good story.

Malaysians love such gossip, and the juicer the story – marinated with liberal dosages of sex, murder, politics, politicians, money, beautiful model – the more intense and enjoyable the gossip.

But idle kopitiam talk aside, there is another mob.

They say they want to send the murderers to hell!

Hmmm, why not bring them to justice? After all Malaysia still has the death penalty. After all, we have just come through a general election which we claimed democracy, transparency and accountability won the battle with tsunamic results.

No, the answer firmly riposted – these aren’t normal times, therefore we must suspend … er what were those you mentioned … yes … democracy, transparency and accountability. Yes, we must take unusual measures because these aren't usual times!

We must accept party hopping as democratically OK – so what if the people voted BN into 140 seats, when all’s fair in love and war. These aren't usual times!

We must encourage party hopping by offering motivational schemes – 20% of this, 10% of that, 5 times your normal wages, lower fuel price – these aren’t usual times!

Yes, fuck justice – in an ideal situation, that may be applicable. Besides we've already decided who are the murderers of … er ... what’s her name … Presheena Varshiny? Nope … Nurin Jazlin Jazimin? Nope, no connection ... no, these aren't usual times!

When I left a comment at my blogging mate, Susan Loone’s blog, questioning why there have been contrasting silences about the cases of Preeshena Varshiny and Nurin Jazlin Jazimin by those who want to send Altantuyaa’s murderers to hell, a visitor to Susan’s blog (AA) replied:


... how can you bring between an obscure criminal case like Jazlin and a national crime like in Altantunya’s case. If you are disturbed by the concerns of these Malaysians, keep off and mind your business. This is not about PKR or Anwar, or Naib or BN as your feeble mind would like to believe. I’m sorry you are talking to the wrong people.

‘… obscure criminal case like Jazlin …’?

How cruel, but these aren't usual times.

I just hope Nurin’s parents do not get to read it. But of course these aren't usual times!

Yes indeed, the murders of Nurin and Preeshena are only ordinary opague obscure crimes. But ... that Mongolian name, now that is NOT an ordinary crime. We Malaysians are only concerned about murders of foreigners. After all, these aren't usual times!

All foreigners?

Well, let us rephrase that … we Malaysians are only concerned about murders of foreigners if we can link them to people we know, nay, have decided are the murderers. These aren't usual times!

The verdict is already ‘guilty’. We are going to send them to hell. These aren't usual times!

The sentence is ‘death by hanging or strangulation or disintegration through C4 explosion’, or better still ‘destruction through mud throwing, insinuation, allegations … you name it’, and fuck due process, fuck the evidence, fuck the courts. These aren't usual times!

The end justifies the means. Vigilante law prevails. These aren't usual times!

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  1. A few years ago, the young 2nd wife of a prominent 3rd tier member of the Perak royalty was murdered. The only people the DPP deigned to charge with the murder were an Indian fisherman, some obscure Chinaman, and a low-level employee of the palace.

    It would seem nobody else was involved..yeah elephants can fly.

    In the Altantuya case, the DPP flatly declared very early on that other than Razak Baginda and the two UTK policemen, absolutely no one else was involved.......Correct, correct, correct, correct

    No, I'm not going to charge and find anyone else guilty in absentia.

    But it seems to me Due Process, The Evidence and The Courts have been absolutely fucked quite a while ago - and not by Gerakan Anti-Najib.

    Pardon my use of F*, but you used it first in your post.

  2. I'd say whoever got killed, disappeared off the face of the earth or disintegrated by C4 or any other chemical, all these are heinous crimes. All these need to be brought to attention of everyone every now and then so that the criminals can be brought to justice by the powers that be. Hopefully, finally. But it seems there's been little headway in all these cases and there has been too many of them lately, with the perpetrators still at large. These cases can be hi-lighted only one at a time depending on the relevance at the time and whoever brought up the issue just so that not all the cases get jumbled together to cloud the issues. Just so happens that the Mongolian parent suddenly lost his patience and showed up at someone's doorstep, therefore the subject is brought to the fore.

    Your rantings here seems a little off and a little odd, I'd say. Talk about obscurity of what and biasness of whom? Aren't we all guilty of this every now and then?

  3. At least your blogging mate ( ???) has a way to cool down by neverending shooting a damn F loud vvvvvvibratinggggggg Gun.

    u 2 shud go somewhere to come down to earth , for aren't all smart politicians opportunists ? and dun all you socio political bloggers such as yourself try your darnest to outdo outspeed outshout outscream each other, dun you all love sensational murders , rapes etc etc and newsworthyblogworthy evil news ? and my God the egos of some celebrities and wanna Bs are staggering , glancing at the hit counters every tea break or F break ! While the show goes on up there in the political arenas the wannaB bloggers jostle like hell for a piece nay for the cream of the action ! everybody wants to be like Malaysia Today ! what honesty what integrity ? what fairness ?

  4. When the courts and police have failed to do their job, vigilante law prevails.

    Justice for Altantuya !

  5. Justice for Altantuya. For me its not about politics. I just want to see our judiciary system work once. Just this once. Is that too much to ask?

    Justice for Nurin and Preeshena too. I would like to see more news reports on that too. They ARE actually one of the main REASONs BN lost a lot of votes. Their slogan for election, "safe and peaceful" society is such a joke.

  6. aiya i thought you are smart enough to understand 'let's send altantuya's murderer to hell' mean. you are taking it too literally when you mentioned "why not bring them to justice". well, 'send them to hell' can also mean that lah - bringing them to justice... albeit in a angry aggressive tone. (understandable).

    also what if there is a gerakan anti-najib? nothing wrong, when there seems to be gerakan anti/pro mahathir/khairy and so on. oh yes, a gerakan kasih anwar too (which makes you make noises).

    sorry to say this but you are beginning to sound very PC (politically correct) and SR (self righteous).

  7. ;-) correct? I don't know, but righteous? Must be my Methodist upbringing ke ke ke

    Lucia, GAN is not just anti Najib which if it were, I couldn't be bothered about. But it's actually pro you-know-who ;-) to get someone back into UMNO No 2 first, and then No 1

  8. I Raja Polis said last week of a muder in JB,

    'We have 1 of the killers, the gun and the bullets match. But we cannot charge on hearsay. So, the file is closed.'

    Huh? 80% of all muder cases are resolved by circunstantial evidence. Yet, it would appear that our Polis Raja are waiting for the killer's confession instead of painstaking leg-work & forensics.

    When you have peculiar decisions such as these by our glorious Protectors, instinctively, the general public knows that some conspiracy is being played out in the background.

    The Altantuya case has all the ear-marks of a major cover-up!!