Friday, May 09, 2008

Police tear gas-ed Cheras residents - enabled barriers to be erected by toll company

Malaysiakini reported in its article Police fire tear gas at Cheras residents that 500 of those infuriated Cheras residents attempted to dismantle with their own hands a new concrete barrier which the toll company, Grand Saga, has once again erected across a toll-free road near their township.

First brilliantly using water cannons to hose down the residents before escalating their tactics to the equally brilliant employment of tear gas, the police valiantly dispersed the angry rakyat, achieving this courageous task victoriously by about midnight. I was so impressed by the police actions that I was moved to tears. No doubt their intrepid effort has been highly appreciated by the grateful toll company, Grand Saga.

The victory over the rakyat then enabled Grand Saga workers to return under magnificent heavy police presence to build a far more permanent barrier than the earlier concrete blocks which were removed by residents.

No sirree, nothing must stand between the toll company and toll fees, thus the Grand Saga barrier erected on State land must stand between the rakyat and free legal access to the road. Ini Malaysia Boleh!

Malaysiakini reported that the fantastic men in blue, dragged away from their terrific jobs of fighting crimes to fight the rakyat, kept outraged residents at bay as the Grand Saga company workers dug trenches across the toll-free road to frustrate the rakyats' access.

This may f* explain why the f* crime rates have f* shot through the f* ceiling - yes, those bloody Cheras rakyat have to be responsible for denying the entire nation of what could have been otherwise a totally crime free country.

The Grand Saga's erection of the barrier happened despite the Pakatan Rakyat State government confirming with the Department of Survey and Mapping Malaysia (Jupem) that the land where the barrier is being built is the property of the State government who thus has complete jurisdiction over the road. In other words, the Grand Saga company has no business to be erecting barricades there to force the residents to not only use the toll road but to travel at extra 6 kilometres to have the privilege of paying up the fees, adding a travelling insult to the injury of toll fees.

Yes, enjoy the scenic views of Cheras more!

But the barriers are up again, it's done, phew for their toll cash registers, and thanks to the wonderful men in blue.

... which is ample demonstration of their new slogan 'Integriti Amalan Kita' (Integrity is our practice).

And it also upholds the RMP's new motto of 'Mesra, Cepat dan Betul' (Friendly, Quick and Correct), unlike its previous 'Bersih, Cekap dan Amanah' (Clean, Proficient and Trustworthy).

Hey, if you don't believe the Police lives up to 'Mesra, Cepat dan Betul', just ask Grand Saga!

DAP state executive councillor Ronnie Liu was aghast not so much at Grand Saga, but more at the police for not taking a neutral stand. Mana boleh, he might have asked. Ronnie, ini Malaysia Boleh mah!

Liu said the RMP should not be seen as acting on behalf of Grand Saga and the federal government. Aiyah Liu, why not? It's nothing new.

But he did advise the residents not to go feral in response to the Grand Saga ..... hmmm, good advice for the reasons as just demonstrated, the toll company is likely to have police support with their water cannons and tear gas and even ... oooooo ... guns and jails.

He also wonder why (and I can tell him why) Jupem hasn’t yet released the survey report which was supposed to be released last week, Liu is upset with Jupem, who kaytee believes, if contacted will not make any comment or that its director, if at all possible to contact, will be making any comment either.

I wonder Jupem is managed by which Ministry? Maybe we could ask the Grand Yang BerSa..hormat?


  1. The curious would want to know: who owns Grand Saga?

    Is it someone closely linked to the UMNO-led BN coalition?

  2. How many times must the rakyat be told that it's "Polis Raja Di Malaysia", not "Polis Di Raja Malaysia"? If Raja says can rob, steal and rape, you go ahead lah. If Raja says crime has been legalised, then do more crime lah.

    Everytime my son (4 years old) sees a policeman, he will me if police are good guys who catch bad guys, I do not know how to answer. Can someone save Malaysia?

  3. All the signs of a police state are there.

    Instead of protecting innocent citizens, they are protecting big biz companies who are illegally putting up barriers, where they should legally have been forced to provide alternative toll-free access.

    Cheras reisdent, get the new MB to go over and lay the law down!!


  4. Who are the real culprits?
    The police or the people who misused the police?

    The ordinary police officers may
    have considered what they were
    ordered to do distasteful too!

  5. hahaha....

    you said ERECTION


  6. You see ktemoc this is why the government of the day must be toppled as soon as possible. Kataks may not make the best MPs nor will using kataks be the best way to topple the present government. what about the sufferings of those Cheras' residents and countless other injustices like this one. Justice delayed IS justice denied. Let whoever has the means to topple the government within the rule of a parliamentary democracy. Katak justice is still lawful justice.

  7. Aku tinggal di BMC ni...Semalam Grand Saga dah letak balik konkrik tu...Kerja siap pukul 12 malam dan Polis Raja Di Malaysia beredar pukul 1 pagi....dan kami pecahkan konkrik tu pukul 3 pagi...Pagi ni, kenderaan dari BMC boleh keluar melalui jalan tu seperti biasa...HIDUP RAKYAT!!!

    Pada aku, penduduk BMC harus terus lawan ketidakadilan ini. Jangan berhenti. Kalau berhenti bermakna mereka menang dan rakyat kalah.

  8. What do we need ?
    A regime change.
    When do we need it ?
    NOW !

  9. Watch the standoff here.

  10. The order to put up the barricade was issued by the HOME MINISTRY to the police to asssist (and ensure] Grand Saga in putting up the barricade.

    And the police instead of guarding for peace started the riot when they threw the first blood and beat up the residents and MP.

    See the beatings and fiasco here.

  11. Yes, this is not the place to be talking about Karpal. If anyone wants to talk about him, I suggest you go to the article/blog on him. There are plenty everywhere.

    Ahem, I think there are 5 parties here - Grand Saga, Federal govt, state govt, BMC developer and the most important of all, THE RESIDENTS. For, without the residents, there would be no issue and there would be no case.

    Why is this happening at all???

    Since the court hearing is coming up, and the survey report has been delayed for OBVIOUS REASONS,

    - why not everyone hold off all actions until the reports are out and the hearing has been done?

    -Why did the federal govt jumped the gun before anything else?
    -Why create havoc and anger among all parties?
    -Why is MCA and Gerakan silent on this?
    -And where is Samy Vellu?
    -Why is the Federal govt so 100% in pursuing this case in assisting Grand Saga?
    -And why is MB Khalid trying so hard to run away from this matter?

    Honestly, this matter has created more questions than answers.