Wednesday, May 21, 2008

3 M's - Mukhriz, Mahathir and Munirah

Yesterday I posted UMNO - the 'calm' before the storm, where I observed that the most vogue word currently for the movers and shakers in UMNO is ‘calm’ ;-).

As if hearing me (or perhaps he did ke ke ke), Hishamuddin has since uttered that word too. Hmmm, maybe he thought he had better registered himself as an UMNO mover and shaker.

In Malaysiakini, I read of him saying: "I urge members to remain calm and to stay strong. In the context of Umno Youth, we are one team. Mukhriz either understands this principle or pretends to not understand."

He was admonishing Mukhriz for demanding that AAB steps down as a condition for his (Mukhriz’s) continuing membership of UMNO.

In Hishammuddin 'stunned' by Mukhriz demand Malaysiakini reported Mukhriz saying: "My preference is that action will be taken (against president AAB) before the beginning of our branch meetings which is in July. Then I reserve the right to make a different stance on the matter."

Mukhriz’s dad, mum and brother Mokhzani have already resigned from UMNO.

Meanwhile we learn in Malaysiakini that Mukhriz attacks gov't in Parliament for allowing Halliburton, a top American oil and gas services company and defence contractor, to open a factory in Johor. He queried the AAB government for this political incongruity when it had professed to be against the war in Iraq.

Mukhriz said: "This corporation is involved in the murder of more than one million innocent Iraqi civilians and I want to know why our government has allowed it to open a factory in Johor."

Attacking AAB from another front, Mukhriz’s dad warned: "We have heard a lot about the possibility of BN members hopping into opposition parties. If 35 members join the opposition, BN will fall. The opposition will win and form the next government."

"What will happen to all the BN party hoppers? They won’t become PM because surely the Pakatan leader will become PM. Other Pakatan members will also become ministers and deputy ministers."

"How many of these posts remain available for BN hoppers? Surely not all of them will get a post. They will continue to be Pakatan followers ..."

Good tactic, Doc, ‘cause nothing motivates like greed. But yet at the same time he wanted BN MPs to leave BN … oh, I see ... only to pressure AAB to resign ... but this tactic doesn’t seem to work as AAB continues to enjoy the confidence of (whatever are left of) the BN people. Maybe they remember a bloke by the name of Ku Li?

But then no worries Doc, 'cause Nallakaruppan today claimed in Malaysiakini Nalla: Anwar lying on crossovers that his old tennis partner, PKR de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim, has not been telling the froggie truth.

Well, we better warn the Princess not to kiss the frog then, as according to Nalla, there won't be any Prince Charming, at least not a de jure one.

Nalla declared: "He is lying. I don't believe him, and I don't trust him."

Really? Now, who would have thought of Nalla not trusting his old tennis partner and (former) good buddy ;-)

Not to be left out of the furor over the vital future of Malay political dominance in Malaysia, National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia vice-president Munirah Bahari chipped in to contribute her perception on what has been the problem. She condemned the white blouse uniform worn by girls at government schools.

"The white blouse is too transparent for girls and it becomes a source of attraction. This could see them getting molested, having pre-marital sex and all sorts of things. It becomes a distraction to men, who are drawn to it, whether or not they like looking at it."

"All this leads to babies born out of wedlock and to an extent, even prostitution."

She not only said that it encouraged rape and pre-marital sex, but that (some of) the girls used the white blouse to lure men. Munirah asserted: "This is the source of the problem, where we can see that schoolgirls themselves are capable of using this to attract men to them."

Really? Oooooh, those Jezebels ;-) Now where is that close-one-eye bloke and his fellow bocor-ite when the occasion calls for their puerile remarks, or alternatively, where's the other bloke who could see all the way up a MAS stewardess skirt?

Wow, if we all adhere to Munirah’s prescription of 'covering up' according to Islamic precepts to fend off social ills including rape, sexual harassment and even premarital sex of teenage schoolgirls, then I reckon 'ketuanan Melayu' terjamin kukuh.


  1. Dear Puan Munirah

    I went to school in the '60's &
    70's. My Malay friends and I never raped any of our female class and school mates who wore white blouses and knee-lenght skirts.

    In fact, there were no known cases of rape of or enticement by, schoolgirls in any school.

    Now that we have become more Islamic in the last 40 years , why should the same white blouse and skirt cause boys and men to go berserk? Commit rape?

    I am very puzzled! Have you thought perhaps too much repression can be a major vause?

  2. A suggestion was made to the Education Ministry today by the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Malaysia (PKPIM) that the white blouse school uniform for schoolgirls be changed. According to the report published in Malaysiakini quoting Munirah Bahari of PKPIM, the white uniform worn by schoolgirls attract men's lustful attention. She went on to add that the uniform disturbs the mind of the menfolk whether they want to look at the girls or not.

    She 'brilliantly' deduces that this 'fatal attraction' caused by the schoolgirl's white blouse attracts men to commit rape, adultery and so forth on schoolgirls. Munirah also goes on to add that pre-marital sex and teenage sex are caused by the color of the school uniform!

    Someone please tell me if I'm living in Malaysia in the 21st Century or I'm living in 10th century Arabia! I think the PKPIM should instead find ways to improve the standard of English among Malay students instead of wasting time talking crap like this. The scary thing here is that the Education Ministry might just buy PKPIM's crap and implement it as policy.

  3. Then.. why don't you guys propose to the G that school students be allowed to wear bikinis????

    Not all males are "Mat skema" like us...

    BTW.. before improving English... we as Malaysians should improve our "Bahasa Malaysia" first....

    Many among us Malaysians and calling themselves Malaysian still cannot speak Bahasa Malaysia properly... Let alone English.... Think about it....

  4. If Haliburton is to be banned from Malaysia, then so should Petronas be banned from Malaysia also. Petronas operates in Sudan. Aren't those the guys who are killing people in Dafur.
    For once I agree with the investmnet head in Iskander.

  5. dear puan munirah,

    firstly , not all men r perverts and not all females are angels. your statement insults the integrity of men on the whole or rather i should say a typical male chavanist.u ought go back to the basics,r u trying to say the all male malaysians r irresponsible. rape case or sexual harrasment is cause by mental disorder, unable to control ones self, and not by just looking thru transparent white blouse.have more respect to what u have to say. we can actually find girls who looks, acts and behave like angels but morally they are the opposite. dont make remarks or statement, its a national mockery. honestly i feel sorry for you.

  6. anon 1.10 am

    dont get upset. she's just upset coz nobody even bother to look at her when she was wearing her ankle length blue blouse. we fucking man are just purely good in fucking and we get easily aroused when someone wears something skimpy.
    thanks for insulting a male like me. and for people like you, munirah, you can be naked but i dont even bother to have a second look at you.

  7. It needs to be mentioned that Nalla made his statement in the context of a grovelling visit to Parliament house to kiss Badawi's hand.
    (I would use another body orifice, but I'm respecting Ktemoc's request to raise standards here).

    I could almost feel pity seeing how far he has fallen, if he weren't such a snake.

  8. If Munirah can support her claim with statistics which show that no women who were covered up were ever raped as they couldnt arouse the male animals out there, then we should seriously consider this proposal.

    I suggest all women be dressed it card board boxes so that we males cannot see their body shapes, or else we may get aroused too.

    Munirah is brilliant, she must be from MARA

  9. ;-) c'mon kk46, it's not as if he was just in grovelling mode when he said those words (that's a given), but he was expressing his intense dislike for AI because he had also felt, as he alleged, AI's discrimination against or marginalisation of him, eg. by instructing him not to contest the PKR's VP post when he had prior to that last party election commanded the highest party support as a VP. To tell a man who was a shoo in for a VP not to contest (so as to enable Anwar's favourite to win?) was a classic betrayal, in his eyes.

    Why Anwar allegedly issued that undemocratic instruction would be something for you as a PKR person to reveal to us (not that I'll be holding my breath waiting for that), but if I were Nalla, I too would be pretty pissed off if I believe AI was favouring someone else over me when I had a pretty good chance of winning that party's VP post. The only outsider conclusion we can surmise is that AI had earmarked someone for that high post which leads to the presidency at some future stage, and Nalla didn't figure in AI's plan and mustn't be allowed to derail that plan by standing for, and worse, being elected to that VP post (high probability as there were then lots of Indian members in PKR).

    Whatever, it would not be incorrect to say Nalla has a "bad blood" deep resentment of AI's "betrayal" of him when he (Nalla) was, by association/friendship with AI, also subjected to brutal interrogation and incarceration.

    Like you I am just putting Nalla's action in context, in his case, a historical context, which may explain the venom Nalla has for him.

  10. After Samy vellu lost the apartment with a bank loan under Nalla name, Samy also don`t trust Nalla.
    The loan was from a Bank in Jln. Masjid India where samy vellu used to have his account.
    Anwar very lucky to get rid of Nalla. Now Badawi`s baby.

  11. will the champion of Indian rights in the country resign from MIC too......

    Samy Vellu, your call !!

  12. My secondary class was at the late 60's and early 70's. Those days girls used to wear skirts and white shorts for pj's.As aong as i can remeber there weren't any rape or molest cases been reported.
    We boys dont even think of such misbehavior. I doubt if the present uniform is the main cause which lead to such action.

    The more u close the more we men like to see! ha!ha!

  13. The world is full of tennis partners turned enemies...LOL...

  14. There's a whole sub-industry in Japan of photographs, videos etc. of adult (and maybe not so adult) female models dressed in school girl uniforms, in very un-school girlish poses.

    Maybe Munirah has a point somewhere...LOL..

  15. Aiyoh, all kerana Visit Malaysia, sekarang orang jepun going after uniform girls in kl.
    Itu Azalina buat apa?

  16. Hei Munirah, whatever you want Muslims to do is your business. Just keep away from non-Muslims. If you do not confine your Muslim dictates to Muslims only you will just be another F*****ing Muslim bastard kicking around the non-Muslims for personal/political gain. By the way, bastard is too good a word to use on Muslims like you.

  17. yes Munirah,

    please dont trample on non muslim rights...

    your religious believes may not be palatable for others who may view things differently !!

  18. M & M & M

    good title...

    but doesnt seems like Mr.Madir is such infol now!

  19. Just stand aside and watch the show unfolding. See the endless shadow play of the directionless characters.

    mahathir is laughing in his heart at the gutless, spineless AAB. When they meet in Japan he will be wearing the despicable smile. After the meeting he will be pouring scorn at malleable AAB.

    Did any earth shaterring event occur after he resigned? It is already 2 days - it must disappoint him to no end. He thought there will be an exodus, so the majority of the people is right, mahathirism is dead.

    He knew that he and AAB will be going to Japan. He made the move because he knows the spineless lot will ask to meet him there. Now, he will have even more scorn and disrespect for this lot.

    As to najid, what else can you expect from him. Isn’t this his normal behavior. Hadn’t he stood with Ku Li and Musa Hitan till the last minute and then switched to mahathir’s side. Remember? Remember?

    Chandra is not the only despicable person in the present political scenario. Today we have 2 new persons to add to the list and also 2 organisations.

    PAS and PKR are the organisations and Nik Aziz and Azizah are the new individuals!

    The people who voted PRakyat have been sold out by PAS, Nik Aziz and also by PKR and Azizah. Now PAS is talking about “malay interest’ and Nik Aziz and Azizah are offering mahathir to join them. ‘The door is wide open to him’ …..ha!

  20. Ah, now I get it! That's why babies wearing WHITE diapers were raped! Must change to black diapers!

  21. Check out Ms Munirah Bahari here:

    No wonder she's such a close minded b**ch. Plain as the brown paper used to wrap nothings.

  22. i think it must be because of the universal sexual fantasies that humans have with uniforms. men love women in uniforms ( ei. schoolgirls, maid, police) and vice versa ( army, firemen, navy ). maybe we should ban these uniforms too. hehehe... Munirah, if u have something to say, well.. don't! first change your mindset first, educate yourselve, please.

  23. Munirah is from mlaysia? Is Munirah a Malaysian or illegal talibanist that managed to buy a malaysian passport and infiltrated the National Islamic Students Association of Malaysia?

  24. Dear Munirah , I agree with you since from my research , teens nowadays have more access to sexual factors (internet/video phone/other medium) that arouse their libido but lack of wisdom and maturity . These factors push the age boundaries down further usually reached at late teen to early teen.White color uniforms is indeed a perfect contrast color to our skin , and any differences between the two(bra string/under garment) give the illusion and attraction to male students and this can lead to adultry or rape . Since our teenager today is different from us (60' or 70' boys/girls) and have more obscene influence , we should open our mind and consider other opinion as well.

  25. what she said is all cannot see this because your brain are black.try wash your brain with the help of muslims scholars. you all will be surprise

  26. as you have shrewdly anticipated , this will become an excitable well read and interactive bestseller post where all the purer than white boredophiles are getting excited about what an old hag said about some white blouse.
    You now have a clearer idea of what really motivates normal Malaysians and why the old smart hag et al said what they say all the time without fail ! The blockbuster responses are simply immaculate !

    matured old bored man

  27. To Munirah:

    Wow..If that white uniform can cause rape to happen..How come in Saudi Arabia Women fully cover up also still get raped??
    I propose everyone wears a box instead!

  28. Why make so much fuss about this Mahathir s/o Iskandar Kutty leaving UMNO Baru ? He never really belonged there.

  29. p9bachok..

    what religion teaches you that rape is ok? A girl can be naked and you have no blardy right to even touch her.

    Rapist are animals..even if you are fully clothed..they will rape you.

  30. This her, Munirah Bahari of the Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar Islam Melaysia [PKPIM], of the white blouse fame. What's this she is promoting ? Check that out in one of her photos.


  31. Nalla's patent unsuitability to be an Opposition leader is on full display these days.

    Anwar may have been quite brusque with him, circa Ijok, something like "No Way, Jose", but it looks like AI judged his lack of credibility correctly.

    Someone with more character may have simply quit PKR if he couldn't stand the leadership, but Nalla's subsequent actions have shown he lacks the stomach and fire to be in the Opposition.

    Being in the Opposition in Malaysia isn't pretty. Certainly prior to March 8, there were no material benefits, no glory, just sweat, toil and tears, with BN constantly looking to cause trouble. It takes someone made from sterner stuff to be an Opposition leader.

    Seeing Nalla prostrate himself before Badawi, licking his...umm..hands is so pitiful.
    Even Samy Vellu Ver.2 doesn't do that any more.

  32. i read about this matter, as for myself,i do find that the white blouse is quite transparent(dont u think so?),she(sr. munirah) was suggesting that the blouse color SHOULD BE CHANGE...which i totally agreed,she is not suggesting that we should wear hijab...we cannot compared the world we living now, and the past?
    i mean,we need so adjustment/modification/upgrade in order to keep up with current world

    there were news everywhere on school kids involved in such cases,which we merely heard in the past...

    at the end, we are the one going to decide whats best for us,huh?

  33. Wonder whether we are giving too much attention and space to the pea-brained comments made regarding our school uniforms for the schoolgirls?

    Are we lured into giving theses pea-brained individuals the publicity they yearn for? This may be their motive. They may be trying to catch the attention of the UMNOputerasso that they may be parachuted straight into positions of power.

    On second thought we should pour more space and attention upon them, so they will be picked by UMNO thus help bring on the demise of UMNO sooner.

  34. Religious strictures over the way a woman dresses has nothing to do with modesty or combating crime. Telling a woman how to dress based on some 'godly' rules is just another way to control the body of the woman. This way a woman can be made into a reproductive machine to further the cause of a racial agenda which is hidden by the cloak of religion.

    The Muslims are at the moment the worst proponents of this racialist agenda. If not why are the Malays trying to be more Arab than the Arabs