Friday, May 09, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim refuses to turun padang to Cheras

Sadly, Khalid Ibrahim as the first non-BN MB of Selangor has failed the people of Cheras who had supported and voted him in as Federal MB for Bandar Tun Razak.

Malaysiakini tells us in its article Barricade row: Pakatan state gov't 'weak' that the Bandar Mahkota Cheras (BMC) residents have slammed Khalid Ibrahim for refusing to order the Kajang Municipal Council into taking legal action against Grand Saga for erecting the illegal structure.

The Kajang Municipal Council has jurisdiction over the road on which the toll company has built a barrier to prevent Cheras residents from accessing the highway.

To add insult to injury, Khalid Ibrahim had turned down their invitation to visit the barricaded area. This is in contrast to the people's oriented action by Ronnie Liu, the DAP ADUN who is also a Selango exco member. Ronnie had turun padang almost immediately to look into the Cheras residents' grievances.

Alamak, is Khalid's old red and white stripes showing though?

An emotional Tan Boon Hwa, who was assaulted by the police, cited Section 46 of the Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974, which states that anyone who erects an illegal structure in a public place can be arrested without warrant by any police officer or officer of the local authority.

Instead the residents became the victims of the action of Grand Saga, an action taking place in a public place on Selangor State land, and were battered and tear gas-ed by the police who arrived on the scene to support the actions of the road toll company.

And Khalid Ibrahim has not only avoided taking remedial action over the illegal structure, when he possesses the power to do so, but has also refused to visit the site where the illegal structure is victimising the Cheras residents. He snubbed the residents' invitation.

What a lousy MB - is he any better than Khir Toyo for his apathy to the rakyat's genuine grievances as a consequence of a big company's illegal action?

As I said, his stripes …….. or spots ........ may be showing through (looks like he's indicating to us that those can never be changed).

Incidentally the Bandar Tun Razak parliamentary constituency has the second largest number of voters (72,628) in Kuala Lumpur after Seputeh. It embraces 19 housing estates: Taman Mulia, Taman Bukit Anggerik, ..... Batu 3-4 Jalan Cheras, ...... Taman Connaught, ........ Taman Len Sen and Taman Bukit Cheras.

Its residents comprises 52% Malays, 39% Chinese, and 8% Indians.

Police tear gas-ed Cheras residents - enabled barriers to be erected by toll company


  1. If you know Khalid ibrahim's email please post it on your blog. Also that of Anwar Ibrahim, Wan Azizah, Lim Kit Siang, Sivarasa, Teresa Kok etc

    Ask 1 million Selangor residents to email KI & all these other MP's we votedto take action personally.

    Then, we'll see if they are still sitiing on their arses!!

  2. Resident standoff with police.
    DAP Lip got dragged and beaten.
    And who started the first blow?

    See it here.

  3. I was there & the FRUs treat us like we murdered their mothers!

    Please view the truth :

    All the mainstream media was ordered to report it so differently! Who is behind Grand Saga that can get the FRU to go there & watch them erecting an illegal barrier there??!!

    If you kena tear gassed without harbouring any evil intent upon those FRUs, how would you feel?

    Khalid, if you do not make a tough stand, please do not blame us for shifting support. You're not in UMNO anymore.

  4. Cakap pandai. If you're the MB you would turun padang and fight Grand Saga, the police and the might of the UMNO goment, right?

    Loyar buruk lu. See what they are going to do to Karpal Singh?


  5. Thats why, hor. Anwah want to get kataks to form Federal Gahmen, u dont want. How then to solve toll concession issues, all under federal jurisdiction wan. Den complain somemore !!! U and jedyong should combine your blogs together2, no different mindsets

  6. anon of 11:07, now you know why i don't support froggies for AI. Just look at Khalid ta'mahu selesai masalah dgn segera for those who elected him - it's affecting their meagre non-Guthries-CEO-type pockets. Even if he doesn't want to spoil his Beluti shoes with the mud of Cheras, at least instruct the Kajang Municipal Council to order the toll company from erecting illegal barriers on Selangor State Land - itu pun ta'mahu - what a heartless hopeless MB, as if he doesn't dare or care. He's allowing the toll company to do what it wants on Selangor State land.

    And you expect me to support PKR into Federal power when at State level, a PKR MB doesn't care for the Cheras rakyat? Aiyah, sakit hati for those Cheras residents who had voted for him.

  7. WTF is this nonsense.

    We had soldiers performing "jaga" service for Brits, now we have police working as bouncers for Highway Robbers ?

    WTF is going on ???

  8. Meanwhile...
    You might want to pay more attention to BN's campaign to prosecute and eventually jail Karpal Singh for sedition.

    I disagreed with Karpal's statement on royalty's powers, but definitely against this BN persecution.
    Sedition ? Bull-S***

  9. Ktemoc - "What a lousy MB" -

    Ya-lah, Kaytee, we know an MB from PKR is automatically lousy in your eyes.
    The rest of the article is just boilerplate.

    End of discussion.

  10. kk46, you haven't touch on Khalid refusing to instruct the Kajang Municipal Council to put a stop to the toll company's high handed action which is affecting the Cheras residents, or refusing to at least accept the Cheras residents' invitation to visit the site of the illegally constructed barrier. Whose side is he on?

    Why raise a distracting issue about Karpal in this post - you're just as red-herring-do as the BN, like most PKR supporters are (from UMNO, born and bred) ;-).

    Khalid Ibrahim has failed his voters miserably, both in form and substance. The MKINI damning report, and not a kaytee view as you love to allege, speaks for itself.

  11. ktemoc why you distracting issue. Itu Grand Saga project is Federal Govt punya project. Khalid tak boleh campur until the survey report report come out.
    Paham? Itu khalid jumpa residen buat apa? Kena belasah juga lah. Kenapa orang susah nak pakai otak? Kalau you sokong BN tak apa, itu hak awak, tapi jangan lah ingat orang lain itu bodoh.

    Lagi apa ini `MKINI damning report` kau merepek sangat. Boleh guna dalam mahkamah ke? Huh.
    Jadi lain kali boleh ikut kaytee punya damning reports pun ke ke ke
    Susahlah kau, memang takde otak. Ini hampir sewel dah.

  12. `MKINI damning report`...konon.
    anon 11:51 AM,
    Didn't I say he is a loyar buruk?


  13. Ktemoc "like most PKR supporters are (from UMNO, born and bred)" spreads misinformation everytime he writes.

    To start with, a lot of PKR supporters are CILLI (Chinese, Indian, Lain-Lain). The last time I checked, UMNO doesn't admit such people.

    A majority of Malay PKR members are previously non-political Malays (never been UMNO members).

    I know a lot more about the history of this sorry issue than Johnny-Come-Lately Ktemoc.

    There are 4 Parties to the Grand Saga dispute. The highway concessionaire, the Federal Government, the State Government, and the Bandar Mahkota developer.
    I support the effort to have the toll-free access to the highway, but it needs to be pursued through legal process.

    The Mkini report was pretty factual and neutral.
    As usual, whenever an issue involves PKR, Kaytee's view is just fill-in-the-blanks boilerplate.

  14. The isues is straight and clear. The MB has failed in a crucial incidient to offer leadership and solution, not to talk about standing on priciple. I am very surprised that he refuses even to come to the sight and offer consolation to the people.This time around, the violent act against the people in very land of the PKR. So are we to trust this people again? Barely months after election.

    And what is stand of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia, Dr Nasir, Sdr Arul and others? This is a matter of principle, and PSM stands for principle above anything else? Is this not the time to show your stand lound and clear? If internal protest and discussion fails, PSM should threat to leave the PKR. So does PAS and DAP.

    Issues are not abt Kaytee or Karpal, do not distract. It is about rakyat been violated by the state in very eyes of the Pakatan Rakyat MB who chose to be silent and docile. Sigh.

  15. I suggest all of you, including ktemoc, vote the BN next time around. Who knows they will treat you guys like human again.

    To that I can only say 'good luck'!

    By the way, how come you people let go of the BN, Grand Saga, police and MSM so lightly?

  16. Yes, this is not the place to be talking about Karpal. If anyone wants to talk about him, I suggest you go to the article/blog on him. There are plenty everywhere.

    Ahem, I think there are 5 parties here - Grand Saga, Federal govt, state govt, BMC developer and the most important of all, THE RESIDENTS. For, without the residents, there would be no issue and there would be no case.

    Why is this happening at all???

    Since the court hearing is coming up, and the survey report has been delayed for OBVIOUS REASONS,

    - why not everyone hold off all actions until the reports are out and the hearing has been done?

    -Why did the federal govt jumped the gun before anything else?
    -Why create havoc and anger among all parties?
    -Why is MCA and Gerakan silent on this?
    -And where is Samy Vellu?
    -Why is the Federal govt so 100% in pursuing this case in assisting Grand Saga?
    -And why is MB Khalid trying so hard to run away from this matter?

    Honestly, this matter has created more questions than answers.

  17. “We are concerned as the toll-free access road has yet to be gazetted. If there is an accident, we will not be able to investigate and motorists will have to file a civil suit for compensation,” he said.

    “To me, all parties concerned should sit down and find an amicable solution without resorting to mob rule. They should go to the courts and fight for their rights, instead of damaging property and inconveniencing other motorists and residents.”

  18. Saturday May 10, 2008
    Folks have the right to use access road without paying toll, says Khalid

    SELANGOR Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the state government will be holding a meeting with Cheras-Kajang Highway concessionaire Grand Saga Sdn Bhd and the Federal Government next week.

    He said the meeting was to find a solution for the tussle between the concessionaire and Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents over the barricade erected by the former on the toll-free access road belonging to the Selangor government.

    “We understand the problem as well as the plight of the people and will seek a quick solution,’’ said Khalid when met by Bandar Mahkota Cheras residents at the state secretariat building yesterday.

    He said the residents had the right to use the access road without having to pay toll but added that the problem could only be settled when all relevant parties had discussed the matter.

    The residents arrived at the secretariat building yesterday at about 11am in a chartered bus and five cars to hand over a memorandum to Khalid. It was received by the his special duties assistant Mohd Yahya Sahri.

  19. WTF makes the matters so so complicated???? ....kapal la..... 4 parties la......


    ---used otak kononnya??

    ada bola ke takdak???

  20. FYI...

    Seems the MB has supported the right of users to use the road. Lets hope his "quick solution" will be quick as well.

  21. This Khalid seems to be more like the tired and lethargic Ahmad Badawi. Every words he uttered resembles Pak Lah style of replying to critical issues.If he cant make the decision, the people of Cheras will. They have made that very clear.

    I think next we will be hearing him sleeping in meetings. Is this the reason why we don't hear much about Selangor administration reform unlike the energetic and robust Penang state government?

  22. khalid need a kick in his arse to wake him from his slumber and start to work. He is complacent and dont understand the pulse of rakyat.

    Don't PKR have a better candidate? If he is the best among the lot, than we are not going to see much difference from the ruling federal government. PKR do something before the rot spreads.

  23. "unlike the energetic and robust Penang state government"

    I'm a Penangite, I live in Penang.

    So far I've seen very little evidence of that on the ground, though they do make the right noises.

    But I'm being fair to the DAP-led Penang State Government. I'm giving them a reasonable time frame to get their act together.

  24. Typical Malaysian mentality - the lack of patience to wait for their investments to mature.

    Perhaps the masses would have been appeased if KI showed up in full support on site? The easier option, is it not? But the wisest? I highly doubt it.

    This is an issue that will not simply boil over by a mere show of physical discontent. Having just assumed office, I believe KI and his team deserve time to collaborate all the information to make the appropriate legal stand on the matter.

    Rushing the matter head on will only benefit Grand Saga, who in anticipation of a reaction from a legal stand point, would have presumably have had more than ample time to prepare the arguments for their case.

    Assuming the worst case scenario, and under-prepared state government takes Grand Saga to court and loses. It will be rakyat who will ultimately pay the price if the state governments fails.

    So allow the state government sufficient time to make a calculated move instead of falling into pit-hole that is already gaping at them if they tackle this head on straightaway.

  25. "This is an issue that will not simply boil over by a mere show of physical discontent"

    This is not the first time such problem with toll collection arised in Cheras. And this is not the first time the people fought the injustice by the toll operator in resolute manner. The last time as it is now, it is the people who are going to solve the problem in favour of the rakyat, with or without Khalid's interference.

    Khalid, and with his bloody capitalist mentality have to succumb to the "masses", as the masses are the "rakyat".

    And its a shame on PSM to be in cohourt with the capitalist interest against the people by remaining silent in the interest of the ruling elite, be it in federal or state.So much for principle and people's interest first.

  26. But I'm being fair to the DAP-led Penang State Government. I'm giving them a reasonable time frame to get their act together.

    What is the reasonable time frame? Pak Lah is saying the same even after the recent general election. There are many issues that does not need 'that much time of time' to decide or plan.

    To date Khalid have not showed any leadership quality that are woth mentioning or admiring. Right from the time he took over the the office, he opinions and decision are contestable, the water agreement controversy, foreign workers levy, non Malay deputy MB issues and the most recent, Cheras toll issue?

    And PSM who was confronting Khalid in support of the plantation workers, now becomes PKR's comprador? What PSM say on Cheras people's plight?

  27. ravi, PSM is more concerned about rubber tappers (their principal constituency), most of whom so happened to be Indian Malaysians. The toll issue at Cheras is an urban problem involving mainly Chinese Malaysians.

    The Selangor state exco has already confirmed that it's State land where Grand Saga has erected the barrier. We are not talking about the dismantling of the toll system but only that Khalid Ibrahim as the MB of Selangor should be able to direct the Kajang Municipal Council to tell anyone (including Grand Saga, if KI has the will) that it cannot build barriers on State property as it wishes. Just get that removed!

    That's all we ask of the MB of Selangor ... but alas, he doesn't want to do it, nor does he want to soil his shiny beautiful shoes to even turun padang to visit and lend his ears to the rakyat there.

    Even when the Cheras people went to hand in a letter of complaint/appeal at his office, he didn't bother to receive them but sent one of his staff to take their letter.

    And trust his supporters to throw in all sorts of red herrings like Karpal Singh, 4 or 40 parties involved (were we ever talking about dismantling the entire toll system?), the Penang DAP government, and soon I bet ... even the cyclonic victims of Myanmar, but more probably their favourite, the Altantuyaa murder.

    Khalid Ibrahim is so sombong and ber-siapa-raja now that he has been voted by the rakyat into office - ampun tuanku, daulat tuanku, mohon maaf tuanku.

  28. Just get that removed - KTemoc

    When the police come under the Federal Govt. are you seriously suggesting that Khalid should now set up a vigilante corps to fight the police who are defending the barrier?

    That is stoking rebellion which is what you are telling Khalid to do. Lucky you are not his advisor - nor of Anwar.

    Better you just continue making your funny donations to darfur or myanmar or those pally friends you got.

  29. Anoy. 9.45
    That is stoking rebellion which is what you are telling Khalid to do.

    Rebellion? And vigilante corps?

    Hello this asshole Khalid is a MB. There is a state machinery under his command. The Kajang Municiple is under him and the disputed illegal barrier is under the jurisdiction of kajang Municiple. He have to make a DECISION on the issue and not just bury his head in the sand like a ostrich.

    And what have he done to date. Have he discussed the matter with federal gov, the police or the people concern? He have not not don't done anything that can pave way for any kind of solution.

    If he think the people are wrong, he should move his fat arse to Cheras and talk to the people who elected him. Its a shame on PKR when other MPs are willing to be beaten and manhandled by the police, PKR elected MP is sitting in his cosy MB seat and other PKR MPs nowhere to be seen.

    And its amusing, to see the argument on 'going against the police'. If that is valid argument, that it should been observed during the 40 over weeks of reformasi street protest in 1998,BERSIH and HINDRAF rally.

    If PKR can't solve the matter, DAP should do something. In 1991 (or 1992), it was DAP that solved the toll problem that closely resembles the present one.And to date, it is the DAP who is in forefront of the issue. But this is not enough DAP, you you are part of ruling state government. Do something!!! We want to see action!!

  30. We want to see some action. Cheras ppl are suffering here. for the 100th time, we are NOT asking MB to fight w police, just use his jurisdiction to help the ppl against a greedy toll company!

  31. It is critical that the new state government demonstrate political will and determination to stand for what is right and just, without fear or favour, instead of wavering in uncertainty or adopting a “we will look into it” or “we will have to discuss further” culture which is reminiscent of the previous Barisan Nasional government. It is of great concern that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had qualified his statement on the “right of use” by saying that the state government must also take into consideration that the toll is the source of revenue for the company.

  32. If my memory serves me, the MB promised us a report card, or something like that, every 100 days. Well there's less than a month to go. We shall see.

  33. just a question!

    Who own GRAND SAGA?