Sunday, May 25, 2008

Ezam anti Dr M, Jeff Ooi pro Dr M?

Josh Hong, one of the most readable columnists at Malaysiakini wrote a basically anti-Mahathir article in his Jump, 'ubah'

He actually sees light in Ezam Mohd Nor rejoining UMNO. Ezam was once the right hand man and reputed (but erstwhile) protégé of Anwar Ibrahim, and left the party together with his idol when the latter was expelled from UMNO.

Since then, Ezam has split up with his former mentor. He became so disgusted with Anwar that he publicly supported Nallakarupan, another former Anwar supporter and close friend similarly disenchanted with Anwar Ibrahim, when Nalla angrily left PKR. Both have publicly condemned Anwar for his less than democratic conduct in PKR.

Hong remembered how Ezam (like Nalla) was incarcerated for his association an friendship with Anwar Ibrahim, and blamed that not on the home minister then, a bloke by the name of Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, but on “… the calculative and insidious Mahathir who decided that some key instigators behind the frequent street protests be nabbed.”

Hong believed it’s time for Ezam “… to reconcile with the party that he once fought against.” Hong went as far as to speculate that Ezam’s return to UMNO could well be a long standing plan by AAB and Ezam. Hong expects (or rather hopes) Ezam will play a more prominent role in digging up dirt on or attacking the Big ‘M’.

His article reminded us that "In June last year, Ezam, as chairperson of the Movement for Democracy and Anti-Corruption (Gerak), handed a memorandum to the prime minister demanding an investigation into allegations of criminal breach of trust and misappropriation involving a ‘senior cabinet minister’."

"No action has been taken so far, and Ezam, for some reasons only known to Abdullah and himself, has ceased pursuing the case."

"Last month, Ezam echoed the calls for a probe into Mahathir’s alleged interference in the governance system, and blamed the former prime minister for the rot in our judiciary."

Was Hong implying that ‘senior cabinet minister’ alleged by Ezam of criminal breach of trust and misappropriation, meriting investigation, was none other than the Big ‘M’ himself?

Wow and double wows!

Has AAB been squirreling such political titbits for a rainy day … which could be now. But of course we are reading too much between the lines into Hong’s Malaysiakini column.

Anyway, Hong asked: “… will Ezam be assuming some significant role if such process (investigating into …) is initiated by the government?” In fact he would love to see Ezam “…land more blows to Mahathir.”

Hong commented on something which many people, including bloggers, have ignored, that “… by the standards of a mature democracy, winning 140 seats out of 222 in Parliament is already quite an achievement."

Despite this, both (some of) UMNO insiders and (most) PKR members have been piling the pressure on a daily basis on AAB as if he had just lost the election for UMNO.

So AAB is in a pseudo-crisis, as the propaganda tells us daily. Hong believes AAB obviously and badly needs someone with a clean image and integrity (by BN standards – what does Hong mean by this ;-) ?) to prop him up.

Hong dismissed the current leadership UMNO mob, and pinpointed Ezam as a relatively ‘clean, credible and competent’ (some are my words) to be the ideal running mate for KJ when the SIL makes a stab at the top UMNO post in December.

Aiyoyo, so it’s not for the national or party benefit but still for AAB’s family interests?

So, on the basis that Ezam is anti-Mahathir, he has Josh Hong’s ‘vote’ even if he returns to UMNO. On that same perception, Hong has insinuated Jeff Ooi (DAP) is either on Mahathir’s payroll or serving his agenda.

Wow and triple wows!

Hong asserted he hasn’t been kidding in making that allegation, because he has (and so have many thousands of us) read Jeff Ooi declaring his
admiration for Dr M, whom Hong described as the most authoritarian prime minister in Malaysian history!

Hong has been annoyed with Jeff Ooi for joining “… the chorus to call on Abdullah to come up with a retirement
plan!” just as my blogging mate Susan Loone has so posted in Jeff Ooi, Umno politics and Penang investors. Susan wrote:

“Now, Jeff joins Mahathir & Co. to ask Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to resign as prime minister, asking the latter to set a date (

“Many economists and financial analysts have predicted a downturn in foreign investments and an economic slump in the long run if the crisis continues unchecked. So Pak Lah must act by announcing his retirement plan. It will restore investors’ confidence in the long run,” the MP said, adding that investors would not want to invest in a politically unstable country. Since all investors come in for the long haul, they would not want to put their money in a country mired in political uncertainties”.

Then Susan went on to show that both a top Japanese investor, manufacturing company Ibiden (through its the company manager Yutaka Torimaru), and the (DAP) CM of Penang, Lim Guan Eng made statements which discredited Jeff Ooi’s take on the effect of UMNO intra party drama on foreign investments.

Susan quoted Ibiden that the invester has been unperturbed by the current political crisis in Malaysia because our country is far more secure and stable than many other countries in the region. Lim GE said the same thing.

… which begs the question as to why Jeff has taken up the cudgel together with the anti AAB camp, namely Dr M.

Hong lambasted Jeff Ooi for failing to recognize that AAB’s untimely departure would only bring about an UMNO government led by the Mahathir clique.

But does Josh Hong’s title for his article imply he advocates froggies?

The answer is indeed a ‘yes’ though Hong puts a caveat on his support, that Anwar and his allies must prove to us that they deserve the fruits of froggies, and are serious about the job.

Hong made several conditions for the Pakatan to achieve this, though he should have directed them to PKR rather than the Pakatan as the DAP has not shown any proclivity for such an undemocratic backdoor to power. I will list three as follows:

(i) Make transparent the entire lobbying of BN lawmakers, including all the new deals with Sabah and Sarawak,

(ii) Ensure that no money changed hands and be proactive in countering such allegation by the BN or other parties,

(iii) Sort out the differences within Pakatan, especially the Islamic state issue and the role of the Malay rulers.

I wonder how Josh Hong will be able to verify (i) and especially the first part of (ii), namely 'ensuring that no money changes hands' in enticing frogs, unless he possesses super-sleuth or supernatural facilities, or is super-naïve.

I have always like Josh Hong for his fine caring articles, but I have to ask whether Hong been so stricken by his dislike for Mahathir that to him, any other devil surely can’t be worse? In fact, that’s what he said, or words to the effect.

I have often remarked that extreme emotions, like those frequently demonstrated by Anwaristas and UMNO-istas (birds of …!), don’t provide stable platforms on which to formulate sound judgements.


  1. Jeff Ooi is certainly a great Mahathir admirer.
    In a February 2007 post in his blog, he described Mahathir as "A Treasured son of Malaysia".

    Since joining the DAP he has been silent on the subject, for obvious political reasons. He would be way out of line with most DAP members.

  2. Dr M might be a devil, no doubt... but we shouldn't overlooked what and how he had done M'sia a strong country that not feared the West.

    Pak Lah might be good guy, if you are fine that all his direct families drain the wealth & power of the country while he still sleeping like a puppet to them. Only time will tell will he drove our country to the hands of others.

    While neither leaders are 60% good, I'll prefer Pak Lah to step down NOW rather than having a weak puppet who don't voice when he should, but speak when he shall not. (ie: he didn't refrain his family & MPs from making arrogant remarks whereas such thing don't happens during Dr M time as he know how and when to tame his pets.)

    And for Jeff Ooi, being a Opposition MP doesn't mean you can't agree or admire something/someone good in the BN. You didn't criticized for the sake of criicizing as you are an Opposition MP, which something every human shall learn from you. Keep it up! ;)

  3. well said. extreme dislikes will cloud one's judgement. cant agree with you more.

  4. Good commentary on Josh Hong's article. Feature writers should not let their emotions get the better of them when they write. Just point out the pros and cons. And that by itself will say there's much more cons than pros in re Mr Mahathir's 22-year misrule.

    It is boggling to hear anyone non Malay defend Mr Mahathir! Just how base can one;s value systems be to priortise profits or money over human dignity. Judging from the comments from the "admirers" of Mr Mahathir, it is imaginable these "admirers" will sell their wives and mothers for one night if the price offered by Mr Mahathir is right.

    Jeff Ooi in taking the position he has taken, is no intellectual giant; Just an articulate hard working COnservative. By encouraging AAB to step down and MM to take over, he is selling out the interest of to all thinking Malays and non Malays.

    Such kind of position taking is reminiscent of MCA intellectual dwarves and selfish individuals.

  5. "extreme dislikes will cloud one's judgement".

    True, true, true and true...Ktemoc, please learn that lesson well...

  6. Look’s like Mahathir’s plan to play Pipe Piper to get Umno members to leave Umno en masse has backfired! This old fool should have realized that loyalty is not the middle name of Umno/ BN politicians. It is the culture of ‘ball carrying’ in this country that has put politicians in power for a very long time. Even Little Napoleons in the civil service derive their power from their ‘ball carrying’ subordinates. The reason for this ball carrying culture is very simple. You see, as long as you are in the good books of your boss, and as long as he is in power, you’ve got sunshine to make hay.

    The moment your Boss is not in power, your allegiance will be towards his or her successor. Why you think Samy Vellu, Ong Ka Ting, and Lim Keng Yaik held power for so long. They had a lot of ass kissers and ‘ball carriers’ kissing and carrying their balls all the time. Now you see why poor Mamak Mahathir is up the creek without a paddle. Even his slime ball son Mukhriz is not dancing to his tune. Just wait when Badawi steps down, people like Zahid Hamidi, Rafidah Aziz, Nazri Aziz, Zainuddin ‘Mamak’ Maidin, Mohideen Yassin, and Tajol Rosli etc. will be literally spitting on poor old Pak Why MeLah and blaming him for everything that has gone wrong with this country and Umno/BN.

    Right now, everyone including his Cabinet, Umno/BN members, the MSM is singing praises to Badawi. That is why this idiot doesn’t seem to realize how things are screwed up now in this country. This poor excuse for a PM doesn’t even realize how he screwing up the country himself. With his SIL and 4th Floor boys pulling the strings, things can only get worse. Only when the floor gives way will this fool wake up from his slumber. By then, it will be too late.

    This is after all part and parcel of UMNO/BN culture, The conclusion I can come to is that, every single Umno/BN member is nothing more than a leech, parasite and scum that has not got an ounce dignity to their name. All they are interested in is to get favors, get scholarships for their children and get their bank accounts fatter

  7. “… by the standards of a mature democracy, winning 140 seats out of 222 in Parliament is already quite an achievement."

    My immature political sense tells me ours ain't exactly 'mature democracy' as shown by the massive number of alledged ghosts, heavily biased mainstream media and Election Commission. And I think most bloggers are tired of mentioning it, not ignoring it.

  8. The Japanese deal surely did not materialize only in the past 2 months. If anything, knowing how prepared the Japanese people are, possibly it was planned at least a year ago. By the looks of it, they decided to continue with the venture despite the change of leadership in Penang. Maybe they've done their homework?

    So the true effect of the current politico-drama would only be felt from now onwards and be seen next year, depending on how the story ends.

  9. Jeff Ooi,
    You are no longer a blogger. Your job is to help the CM. Who becomes PM in UMNO is none of your bloody business.
    Name me one in UMNO whom you think should be a good PM, Mahatier? This man has done so much damage to our country and you have the audacity to support him. I call on you to resign
    if you do not know how to behave like an opposition MP and go back to your blogging.
    To-date you have not come out with anything that will entice investors and to make the life of Penangites easier. Stop your meddling in other party's politics and just get on with your job.


  11. Ezam return to save his buddy KJ. Ezam, Azmin, Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah and Khairy are bedfellows.

    My take on Ezam's return in Malay ... Hishamuddin: Ura-ura mahu kekal jawatan Ketua Pemuda