Friday, May 16, 2008

Lingamgate Commission on Dr M - AAB's payback?

The Malaysiakini headlines screamed: Commission: Act against Dr M, 5 others.

I am not so much interested in the Commission's recommendations, but this being Malaysia where questioning the actions of a State ruler can be seditious one day but not the next, I have to wonder whether it’s now payback time.

In conjunction with this I quote another Malaysiakini headline which said: Time for Karpal to get pragmatic where the authors warned that criticism of royalty, especially by non-Malays, may invoke negative reaction from Malays, regardless of the validity of Karpal’s legal pedantry.

The Malays don’t like people questioning their chief, full stop. Thanks to Parameswaran and the Sri Vijaya heritage, Malay society is a feudalistic Brahminic one where total blind unquestioning loyalty to a superior or royalty is a must and indeed expected ... which explains why dumbo Tuah murdered Jebat, his best buddy who spoke up for him, a fugitive in hiding from the royal tyrant, when the despotic ruler told him to sic Jebat.

The actions of Tuanku or the Brahmins must never be challenged. I had blogged on this trait of Malay socio-poliitcal-culture in Ijok - where Malays are even more tribal!

So, considering that Dr M was once the (political) High Brahmin of Malaysia, I must say I suspect the AAB government's preparedness in releasing the Commission’s report to the public could be a reflection of Tribe A's manoeuvre against Tribe B?

I am not yet prepared to believe AAB is Bao Gong redux as there are still many non-transparent non-accountable lack of governance that remain unanswered. I am also reminded of AAB's draconian over-the-top and unnecessary persecution of Waythamoorthy and the Hindraf 5.

I have to reduce his OK for the public release the Commission's report, which is undoubtedly adverse to Dr M, as merely payback time for the attacks that Dr M and his son Mukhriz have been conducting against him. After all, AAB isn't exactly a slouch when it comes to intra party intrigues - see The real Abdullah Ahmad Badawi.

Bila gajah berlawan, memang we’ll get venison ;-)


  1. Finally the "enam jahanam" kena.

  2. After 2000, Al Gore goes on to win the Nobel Peace Prize and looks set to become one of America's outstanding statesman. Not bad for a guy whom Dr. M vilified as a busybody and a villain.

    On the other hand, after 2003, our 'poor' Dr. M is busy fighting a rearguard action to salvage his legacy and reputation, and err, his son's political life. And Anwar hasn't even taken over yet!

    Perhaps another 'visit' to IJN may revive his sagging fortunes, yah?

  3. Friend , you have got it all wrong ! Payback is compliments of your buddy Anwar Ibrahim of the great comeback kid fame , nah not your lost pal AAB.


    No, I don't think so. Technically yes, but not in the real sense. AG Ghani would be in charge of the case, the same person who said that the conversation was unclear and he could not indentify the person at the end of the line some months ago.

    They'll go round in circles, looking busy, and months later, he'll declare "NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE" and the case is closed.

    You see, it has always been like that in Malaysia. All big case ended up with "NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO PROSECUTE", with the exception of Anwar's case.

    Even Razak Baginda and gang will get off scott free with the same declaration.