Sunday, May 04, 2008

Quo Vadis MCA?

On Friday Malaysiakini published MCA president finds his voice a little too late.

Malaysiakini quoted former MCA VP Chua Jui Meng’s sarcastic remark that Ong Ka Ting has been locking the stable door only after the horses have bolted, in reference to Ong’s recent pontificating reflections on several so-called sensitive issues which he had previously remained mum on, but which controversies had piled a heap of foul smelling poo on the MCA, showcasing the Chinese party’s helplessness or uselessness in looking after the interests of Chinese Malaysians prior to the 8 March elections.

When those UMNO-instigated or initiated controversies were raging to the anger/fears of non-Malays, the MCA had remained like a mute stung by a hornet. After these series of humiliations suffered under UMNO’s arrogant taikoh-ish hands, it's little wonder that many MCA erstwhile supporters abandoned the Chinese party.

Chua said: “If he was as vocal from 2004 onwards before the general election ... MCA wouldn’t have suffered so many losses."

It's always easy to be wise after the fact. But I wonder whether Chua would have been better than Ong in this respect?

However, Chua was gracious and said 'tis better late than never for Ong to pontificate loudly – thus Ong should be commended and encouraged.

But what caught my attention was Chua’s statement: "We are moving towards a new two-party system. I believe that MCA is still relevant to the Chinese community but not in its current form. MCA must be reformed with a credible lineup of leaders."

Political analysts focussed on the possible change of MCA leadership after the party’s calamitous showing in the March 8 polls as a consequence of its ‘mati ta’mahu, hidup pun segan’ conduct, especially when there is increasing internal party pressure on Ong to quit as president.

But I wonder whether there may be more in Chua's statement "... MCA is still relevant to the Chinese community but not in its current form."

Yes, certainly Chua has been touted as one possible future leader but what is the point of MCA continuing with just a change of guards. The party needs a new lease of life by thinking outside the box.

Personally, to give UMNO a run for its money in the BN, I would like to see the MCA amalgamate with Gerakan, PPP, MIC, SUPP as a second mega party in the BN to counter the gross imbalance of UMNO's hold on BN party power.

Coincidentally a sweetie told me that Bernama reported Ong Tee Keat saying the MCA needs to change by adopting a more multiracial outlook and approach, or face the risk of extinction in the national political landscape. Ong admitted it may be some way to go before the MCA could bring itself to transform into a multi-ethnic party.

But perhaps a merger among the non-UMNO component parties may be a quicker approach to the required change.

I believe PPP would be more than eager to join - after all not too long ago Kayveas was desperately trying to merge with Gerakan, but the poor bloke was rejected by Lim KY. SUPP should be OK, as it’s a party not unlike MCA.

But I reckon the difficulties will lie with the Gerakan-MCA gi-normous egos and conceits. UMNO has effectively made MCA and Gerakan hate each other through a structured engagement along the lines of the old British ‘divide and rule’ policy.

Additionally, with a publicly known history of treachery and backstabbing between the two Chinese parties, there is less likelihood of any accommodating give and take.

The irony is that, despite its so-claimed multi-ethnic characteristic and a couple of Indian senators as frill decorations, the Gerakan is no different to the MCA, a Chinese based party. The greater irony is that the DAP, much as it has been demonized by UMNO, is the real multi-racial party, unlike Gerakan.

If the MCA and Gerakan can accommodate each other, especially with the retirement of Lim KY (an ex MCA bloke who left the original Chinese party with a huff and puff), there may be a slim possibility of the two Chinese parties coming together.

;-) If they do, I would recommend a name for their new identity, PWOJ or Parti Warisan Oon Jaafar, or just PWO.

Now that may put the cat among the UMNO pigeons ;-)


  1. ‘mati ta’mahu, hidup pun segan’

    It malay, the saying goes "hidup segan, mati ta' mahu"

    Just to reciprocate what you generously do to others in English

  2. thanks ;-) any difference in meaning? I am always ready to learn to improve my Bahasa

  3. There is already a Parti Warisan Onn Jaafar.

    Its a real rainbow party - Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kadazans, dan Lain-Lain. Its up and running, has 31 MPs in Parliament, leads the State Government in 1 state and a coalition partner in another 3 states.

    Its called Parti Keadilan Rakyat, and I am proud to be a member.

  4. Naughty KT, you know that Onn Jaafar are Hishamuddin Hussein grandfather and UMNO founder.

  5. OKT and SAMY are "like fish out of water" or "a drowning man clutching to a straw". They are like poker players calling their last bluff to stay in the game, pathetic!!!

    OKT should have more honour by resigning as MP and let Anwar contest his "SAFE" seat in a by-election. Then OKT can talk all he wants like Dr. M or get a TUNship and jus keep quiet and enjoy his family holidays quietly like his predecessor.

    MCA MIC GERAKAN cannot recover unless a new set of new untainted leaders takeover. Rakyat can read through their bluff, how to rebrand? Talk cock only!

  6. If BN were to survive. They need to merge into one. So is everyone will to give up what they have and be equal! Most likely not, but why not? =)

  7. Ong Tee Keat and Chua Jui Meng are indulging in their own fantasies. What if the MCA were to adopt a more multiracial outlook and approach? What if the MCA were to change its leaders? What difference would it make to MCA’s fate? There are 2 possible outcomes that can be discerned if this change is adopted:
     MCA can change its outlook and its approach, but if the nature of its association to UMNO remains unchanged, then in the minds of the Chinese, the status quo remains. If this is the perception, then it would make any difference to the fate of the MCA. Why would this be so? It is because the Chinese would not be convinced that MCA has been accepted as an equal partner in the BN. The old stigma of it being subservient to UMNO and not being able to advance the interests of the Chinese would remain
     MCA can change its leaders but it is, to the Chinese, a matter of changing the drivers not the wagons. Even showing more determination and using stronger language, the Chinese would still see the MCA would not be able to make a dent in the status quo. They know that as long as UMNO is still the big brother and its will still determine the path of the BN, MCA will not be able to make the necessary impact.
    MCA does not need a crystal ball to tell itself what the end result would be. So, are these real solutions for the MCA, or are these just wishful thinking on the part of Ong Tee Keat and Chua Jui Meng?

  8. DAP is a true multiracial party? Aduh.. bro get real lah...

  9. Parti Komunis Malaya dulu pun multi-racial juga.

  10. Aiya, OKT mana mahu. Dia mahu abangnya OKC ambil aleh sebagai presiden, and seterusnya menjadikan mca 'ong brothers sdn bhd'.Kalau tidak, kenapa okt melantik abangnya okc sebagai setiausaha agung parti dan menteri?

  11. If the members of MCA has any sense of honour or maruah, and if they really care and desire to look after the welfare of Malaysians, then they ought to resign from that party and perhaps join up with DAP or PKR. Many in the Chinese community look upon the MCA with disdain and even with contempt for what they perceive as MCA meekly allowing itself to be pushed around by that big bully UMNO.

    Stray thought: Is it true that when the MCA was first formed it's main aim and thrust is to be left alone to pursue commercial activities, ie, to make money. That any political aspirations was merely an after-thought?

    Your suggestion that MCA join forces with the other parties makes a lot of sense to me, too. Let's hope the top leadership of MCA reads your blog and sees what you suggest.

  12. Where UMNO, MCA, MIC Are Going (Quo Vadia), is the road to perdition.

    In an age of increasing mixed marriages, influences of cheap travel and globalisation exposure, parties plying race-based poltics are heading for the scrap heap, fast!

    The best thing MCA & MIC could do save and re-invent themselves would be to go their own ways, remove the 'Chinese' & 'Indian' from their monicker and open their doors to all races.

    In abandoning MIC and embracing PKR, the Indians may have lost the battle; but they certainly won the war. Today they have more MP's in Parliament to look after their interests as well as that of others.

    With UMNO, nothing will be possible until they take a reality check and abandon 'Ketuanan Melau' and an obsession with regious superiority.

    My personal assessment is that it is too late for MCA & MIC. 50 years of kow-towing to UMNO with the top leadership placing personal (money) gains ahead of the interests of their peoples, has taken its toll. Only fools will allow themselves to be walked all over again!!

  13. As I see it , I find it very amusing when people keep on using the phrase " 50 years of kow towing to UMNO" It amuses me as to date it back 50 years ie to 1968 , nobody seems to be aware of the fact that MCA was kow towing to UMNO .Perhaps times were good , and the voters were still voting MCA then even with the sense that MCA was kow towing . I would rather put the time back to the last twenty odd years or so, when TDM was the Prime Minister . At that period of time , practically the whole country was run by a dictator with a dictatorial rule . Practically there was no opposition . Anyone who opposed knew the fate awaiting them. Even the Raja-Raja and Sultans were not spared . So to put the entire blame on the MCA and for a period of 50 years is a bit far fetched .
    It is only lately that people around the world and also in Malaysia have awaken to the fact that they have been mislead , taken for a ride , short changed , that a lot of things have been overdone that they have resorted to fight back against the establishment , whoever , wherever they may be . This change to overcome negative forces has started and will last until the time when the earth and its people will undergo a major cosmic and physical change and that will be in the year 2012 as foretold in all the major religions in the world . To be followed by the coming of new consciousness and the harmony with the cosmic forces of the universe .

    to novice 101 who said :Ong Tee Keat and Chua Jui Meng are indulging in their own fantasies
    They have reached the top of the pinnacle , have you ?? To be indulging is fantasties and dreams is the first step to take to make and turn your fantasies and dreams into reality . Without which there will be no reality .
    As for the rests of your comments I have this to say , leave it to them , they know what they are saying and in so doing , they cannot reveal to much , not at this moment in time . You will soon know how this dream of theirs will see the betterment of everyone in Malaysia .

  14. chaotokam, I'm just giving my opinion, just like you. I don't ask you to like it. Why should you get so personal?

  15. Now is the Time for MCA to be relevant.Leave the BN now and be one.Reearn your respect and stop beholding to those umnoputeras.Its time MCA be the mover s and shakers for once!zl

  16. novice101 I am just giving my opinion and I am not being personal , it is you who thinks I am personal .
    On the comment about 50 years , its a general statement as alot of people are under that impression and are using that phrase very freely in all their comments . I just want to give my view and set the facts right .
    on the second issue about fantasies and dreams . Everyone has his or hers fantasies and dreams and I believe my statement is fair and not directed at anyone .

  17. KT: "The party needs a new lease of life by thinking outside the box."

    Yuck! It is irrelevant like the Gerakan.

  18. MCA and Gerakan are different arseholes (with apologies to RPK) but they are still led by people full of shit. Time to wake up, that is if they still have live in them. They can start by condemning the heavy handedness of UMNO against RPK.

  19. KT : "The greater irony is that the DAP, much as it has been demonized by UMNO, is the real multi-racial party, unlike Gerakan."

    Once in long while, KT hits bullseye. Gerakan is actually even more irritating and faked than the notorious MCA....although there may be little essential difference between the two. Crummy yuckies!

  20. Wits(), MCA is so GROSS-lah. THe Gerakan ppl dun have slime oozing out of their ears.

  21. The MCA is real gross, yeah Jed, with all its ugly Triad and oppressive tendencies but the Gerakan plays all backsides and has much s**t on its hands while pretending to be noble!

  22. Th slime from every pore of the MCA is self-evident and uncontainable but the Gerakan still pretends to be that much better!

  23. Gerakan tak dapat Gerak lagi. Dah mati dah, sekarang tunggu dikebumikan.
    Tak lama lagi MCA ikut dia. Semua gangster, kaki penipu, hippokrit.