Sunday, May 11, 2008

Khalid Ibrahim more concerned with Toll Company's revenue than Cheras residents' rights

Malaysiakini reported the case of a DAP MP for Segambut Lim Lip Eng as a 'street style' MP

Lim became a household name when it was reported that he stood in front of a water cannon truck to prevent it from advancing and spraying the residents. He was then walloped by several plainclothes police officers until he had to be

Contrast this with Khalid Ibrahim who …

… now I quote Tony Pua who wrote in his blog (extracts):

… Khalid Ibrahim has acknowledged, as per the Star
report yesterday that “the residents had the right to use the access road without having to pay toll”, it is disappointing that he had not taken a stronger stand on the issue, and in fact had not dealt with it much earlier when the FRU was first deployed, or even before that.

This has resulted in the situation clearly getting out of control, with a fracas between the residents and the FRU units in the wee hours of the morning 2 days ago ...
and a Member of Parliament lying in the hospital at this point of time, having been assaulted by the police.

It is critical that the new state government demonstrate political will and determination to stand for what is right and just, without fear or favour, instead of wavering in uncertainty or adopting a “we will look into it” or “we will have to discuss further” culture which is reminiscent of the previous Barisan Nasional government. It is of great concern that Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim had qualified his statement on the “right of use” by saying that the state government must also take into consideration that the toll is the source of
revenue for the company.

With the state ownership of the land no longer in dispute, the local government, in this case the Kajang Municipal Council (MPKj), must take all necessary actions to prevent illegal structures from being constructed on state land.

If an enforcement officer does not hesitate to compound a car parked temporarily but illegally on a state road, why should MPKj decline to take action, via compounds and summons, against the parties who are erecting a permanent structure in the middle of the road? In fact, any party who persist in constructing illegal barriers, in the face of compounds issued, must be charged in the court of law.

As the old adage that we members of the opposition is so fond of using, “justice must not only be done, but seen to be done”. The rakyat will be understandably discontented if the government enforces the law against the man on the street, while allows room for negotiation and delay when commercial interests are involved.

It is hence critical that the Menteri Besar of Selangor demonstrate much greater urgency in the matter, without letting the situation deteriorate further than it already has via inertia. If the first night's deployment of the FRU against residents who wanted the law upheld has not injected such urgency, then we certainly hope that the second night's deployment would have.

The new state government is being given certain leeway to perform by the people of Selangor. However, it will quickly lose its goodwill if the people's interest are not given priority.

As I said, scratch Khalid Ibrahim or some of those in PKR, and you will likely see red and white stripes.


  1. Unless you are being the same unneeded pawn that Susan Sloone defined you, I will imagine that your argument is not far from the same usual theme of you know who and why!

    The case is in court, so no one can jump the gun. Do you want Khalid to make populist move, then the next day the case comes hard on him just like Mohd Nizar? Or come under barrage of attacks and insinuations and retreat just like Lim Guang when he talked about NEP's corruption? Furthermore, there is a meeting scheduled for all the concerned parties in this week, therefore, does giving everyone an opportunity to table his side of the story and look at the court case makes someone anti-people? And if wasn't a court case that's so simple and cheap, who wouldn't like to do what pleases people? Khalid is neither an illiterate fellow nor an emotional street fighter but a hardened manager and a careful man who knows what's he doing and Ronnie Liu as the man in charge of the Local Council's is aware of it too having been assigned to handle the whole matter and organise the meeting. Intended naivety doesn't sell a poor pawn's worn out rhetoric. Correct, correct and correct!

    Happy Mothers Day

  2. It is democratic for Tan Sri Khalid to take such actions. He is trying to settle things in a win win situation.

  3. Do you want Khalid to make populist move, then the next day the case comes hard on him just like Mohd Nizar? Or come under barrage of attacks and insinuations and retreat just like Lim Guang when he talked about NEP's corruption?

    This is the problem with the so called Malay moderates that PKR claim to represent. They are the source of many problems. They will hinder the dialectic process that will offer a better paradigm or solution. In contrary, people like Mohd Nizar and Lim Guan Eng are the one should be credited for whatever we achieved thus far for by contesting the boundaries.

    A good example is PAS and DAP contestation of racial discrimination boundries (for instance both PAS and DAP are against NEP - the mother of all corruption and racial problem). It is to the credit of people like LGE & MN that today Prof Ungku Aziz conscience been bleeding with guilt and made the remark that no such thing as ‘social contract’ exist. It is just a UMNO created myth. (Hopefully the Malay moderates will not inherit the same evil).

    Likewise in present case, we don’t want Khalid to behave in typical replica of UMNO leader as he does so far. Speak up not only for the capitalist interests but have your conscience clear about the people of Cheras. He should emulate LGE & MN.

  4. A quote by Martin Lurther King on moderates for reflection,

    I must confess that over the past few years I have been gravely disappointed with the white moderate. I have almost reached the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in his stride toward freedom is not the White Citizen's Counciler or the Ku Klux Klanner, but the white moderate, who is more devoted to "order" than to justice; who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice; who constantly says: "I agree with you in the goal you seek, but I cannot agree with your methods of direct action"; who paternalistically believes he can set the timetable for another man's freedom; who lives by a mythical concept of time and who constantly advises the Negro to wait for a "more convenient season." Shallow understanding from people of good will is more frustrating than absolute misunderstanding from people of ill will. Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection

  5. If Khalid went down to the zone and got pepper sprayed, showered, and his songkok smacked into his skull, you'd be saying he's a "wannabe saint activist" or "wanton S&M acolyte".

    Just like how you labelled Tian Chua a year ago, who didn't disappear into obscurity, but is now in Batu:

    And now LE Lim does a similar "Tian Chua" in front of the FRU trucks, but instead of a "wannabe", according to KT... he did something that is admirable.

    Double standards from KT? I think we all know the answer.

    Meanwhile, Khalid has mentioned that the residents have a right to use the road to access the highway unhindered. So just sit back, and see how this issue is settled in the legal theater. The DAPs "CHARGE!" style of direct action is useful, but sometimes has its limits.

    And it can even backfire, as in the case of Guan Eng & Thamby Chik. Although Guan Eng was correct, he basically charged into an UMNO-laid legal trap.

    Its always best to look before you leap.

  6. Its always best to look before you leap

    But the problem with this Khalid is he is very decadent. Even among his corporate circles he is known as a weak decision maker and docile person, unmotivated.

    Why it is so diffcicult for him to meet the people after the incident and offer a few words of comfort?

    Can he get come down from this new found high horse? Imagine the same happened in Kelantan or Penang!

  7. Where is Parti Sosialis malaysia? Is PSM has sink in oblivion deep in PKR's belly?

    Dr Nasir, Dr Jeyakumar and others from PSM, this is time to speak aloud! Your very MB is defending the capitalist interest that you deemed as your immortal enemy. The enemy is not at the gate, they are at your bed.

  8. Why it is so diffcicult for him to meet the people after the incident and offer a few words of comfort?

    Hello brudder, dia dah jumpa dia orang lah. Kau ini bising buat apa.
    U mau Khalid take them home with him also ah ?

  9. Get rid of
    Bring back Khir Toyo and BN.

  10. Alamak!!! Khir Toyo itu KT lah. Nanti habis semua.

  11. You people loves weeds = BN = fast growing and some are pretty but useless better than a durian tree or a useful plants. As I see it you kill a blooming bud with poison rather than letting it grow.

    I have to feel sorry for you guys having been under BN for so long you are use to weeds. Brain wash for quick and short solution.

  12. kk46, don't be childishly silly and merajuk like you and your mates have - the issue is not about bringing back the BN - no one except BN die-hards and some 'hopefuls' want them. The issue is about what DAP Tony Pua has just raised - namely, we have been flummoxed by Khalid Ibrahim qualifying his statement on the “right of use” by saying that the state government must also take into consideration the toll is the source of revenue for the company.

    ... even when the toll company has erected a barrier on Selangor State land?

    Who is Khalid Ibrahim supporting? The company and its revenue (to be obtained via that barrier on Selangor State land) or the people of Cheras and their rights?

    Khalid Ibrahim has to answer that question!

    I am disappointed with you in particular kk46 when I have always placed you above the normal rants of the typical anwaristas cybertroopers.

    Criticism of our side of politics isn't necessarily a bad thing, nor is blind defence of the politicans a religious obligation. If you cannot see this, you PKR people are no different from UMNO

  13. I support Tony Pua's statement.

    I think Khalid has quite a number of battles going on right now, and he's really not on top of the Bandar Mahkota issue.

    All the Selangor local government councils are still on Auto Pilot right now...between PKR/DAP/PAS they still can't settle the appointments. By the way, this is not a red-herring, because it has bearing on why the Kajang Municipal Council is totally static on this issue...

    What is the Selangor State Legal advisor's stand on this ? Did the previous Selangor state government make some legally binding commitments to Grand Saga ?I don't know...maybe Khalid doesn't know either.

    Time for Khalid to learn fast..lets see what comes out of this week's multi-party meeting.

    Yeah, otherwise it might be a good idea to bring back Khir Toyo...

  14. PDRM dan FRU dibawa Badawi, bukan Kerajaan Selangor. Dia ikut perintah Home Ministry, Khalid tak berkuasa mereka.

    Baru2 ini kat Melaka dah 3 orang DAP ditahan polis kerana cuba menghalang polis. Ini Tony Pua mahu Khalid ditahan polis jadi DAP berkuasa Negeri S`gor melalui Teng ke.

  15. " Tiga wakil rakyat DAP Melaka, termasuk seorang ahli parlimen, ditangkap polis hari ini selepas membantah projek pembinaan menara telekomunikasi yang tergendala di sebuah kampung pagi ini.

  16. Just to get some facts right, I suppose this might be construed as another red herring.

    For all the concern with Khalid Ibrahim regressing into Red and White stripes, actually I don't think Khalid was ever a member of UMNO.

    He was part of the "establishment" but he's not a career politician, and that's part of the reason he never quite realised this was becoming an explosive political issue.

    Anwar brought him in from the corporate sector to help strengthen PKR's organisation and financial administration. He's got lots of management experience, pretty weak political background.

    Anyway, I'm always throwing in red-herrings....

  17. Give him a break

    Maybe he is doing soeting behind!

  18. Read Malaysikini's today headline to see what's the 1st blogger is talking about. The case is a court case and Khalid is trying to settle outside the court if he can, what else can he do?

  19. Khalid is weak? Ha ha ha! He wouldn't have survived in a tough corporate land if he were such. Today, he sits in a record 21 Boards for your information comprising 11 countries.

  20. He wouldn't have survived in a tough corporate land if he were such

    He was employed in positions that requires to be "politically correct". if not of the quota, he wont be able to compete among the best in the league.

    And ask around to those familiar with his performance, he indeed known as weak and indecisive leader.

    BTW, I bet Khir Toyol is in more boards than Khalid.