Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Who was in charge when Apcet II was attacked by thugs?

Last week malaysiakini carried a news article on a former UMNO Youth thug, now PKR member, who boasted he was even treated by the police to a nasi kandar lunch when he was ‘held in custody’ for his thuggery at the Aptet II conference that was held in a KL hotel.

If you refer to this
malaysiakini news item, you will read Dr Syed Husin Ali telling the court how the 300-strong BN angry mob broke down the doors and invaded the conference hall carrying sticks and chairs in their hands.

He revealed:
“One of them who had in his hand a food-container half-filled with water, emptied the contents all over me. He shouted at me saying, ‘Get out! Get out!’. It was mayhem.”

“I was personally assaulted by three persons. They used force and pulled my hands and body. They kept insisting that I should leave the hall.”

I had previously blog about the Aptet II disgrace last year in
Apcet II Disgrace - He who cannot be named! where I wrote:

“… Saifuddin, who was then No 3 in the UMNO Youth leadership hierarchy but now a PKR member, it was all an UMNO orchestrated attack on the conference. And he puts the blame on (1) Megat Junid, at that time deputy Home minister, (2) Zahid Hamidi, UMNO Youth Chief, and of course the bete noire of PKR, Dr Mahathir.”

Pity Saifuddin didn’t reveal that Dr Mahathir was out of the country on a visit to Ghana in Africa when the thugs, under instructions, went rampaging to disrupt the conference on East Timor.

So, if the PM was out of the country, who then was in charge?

Remember this was in 1996!

In that posting I said:
Strange [or should it be] that Saifuddin didn’t mention his name.

Yes, let me ask again - if the Grand Olde Man was in Ghana, who was left at home in charge of the country when the mob raided and disrupted the conference?

I posted:

This has been what Saifuddin said of the people in authority responsible for the disgraceful mob affair:

"I called up Zahid (about the plan) and he consulted Dr Mahathir who gave his support. Hishammuddin also supported the action. I then organised a 1,000-strong team with the order to stop the conference."

Guilty, so according to Saifuddin were thus Megat Junid, Hishammuddin, Zahid Hamidi and of course Dr Mahathir.

Then, when Dr Mahathir arrived home from Ghana, Megat Junid and Saifuddin met him, where Saifuddin related
"Megat told Mahathir that it was all orchestrated."

Now, isn’t it just strange that, according to Saifuddin, Dr Mahathir who gave the approval for the disruption of Aptet was informed by Megat Junid that, again according to Saifuddin, “it was all orchestrated.”

Why would Mahathir who gave his approval in the first place needed to be so informed?

And who was in charge at home when Mahathir was away in Ghana? Was it possible for this person not to be aware of affairs that Zahid Hamidi and Saifuddin were up to? Aren’t we also aware that Megat Junid had been accused as the architect of one person’s fall from UMNO's grace?

This was what that bloke, the one who was then in charge of the nation, said of the UMNO thuggish disruption of Apcet II:

“Our mission was to stop the conference and we did just that.”




He said that as acting Prime Minister. So you think he wasn't aware at all, or had no part in condoning, if not approving that shameful thuggery? In case you missed it, read this again "
OUR MISSON ...", not 'their' or 'his' but "OUR MISSION".

And why was that allowed to happen where Malaysia’s good name was dragged down into the gutter, all for a foreign nation?

Was it because of someone’s solidarity with the ICMI?

But the lack of honour and lack of backbone had/have led to a convenient blaming of Dr Mahathir.


  1. All these beating around the bush. Just say Anwar instructed them lah, isn't that what you want to say? After all nothing untoward ever happened when Mahathir was overseas that he knew or responsible for. Megat Junid and the other UMNO leaders could never think or act on their own and always have to get permission from the big boss, except in this case big boss was overseas and they were not intelligent enough to use the telephone. So naturally the Acting boss, i.e Anwar, was the evil one who gave the instructions. There, easy isn't it? Now go make payment claim to UMNO.

  2. ""Now go make payment claim to UMNO.""

    In this case, UMNO will stand for the 'Uber Mahathirist National Organization'. If you read his past articles, you'll see a pattern...

    Hence the vendetta against Anwar.

  3. Hi KT,
    Anwar Ibrahim is a loser with a imploding party and a Zero threat to Malaysia's future. After the next GE, AI and his supporters will be left with Zero Parliamentary and State seats.
    Didn't your blog and all of the Mainstream media proclaim it ad infinitum before ?

    So I still wonder about all the attention on Anwar.

  4. Anwar and his PKR will become a has-been before the end of the year. Now it is better to move onto the infamous son-in-law who is usurping the power of the country's most useless pm who is still overseas enjoying his belated honeymoon

  5. Cannotlah, how can bite the hand that feeds you..

  6. Agree with the first fella. Just say it lah, otherwise you'll lose your 10% commission.

    But you're wrong about Anwar here (I'm sure you know that but this is after all a spin for you) - if you really want to know what really transpired - talk to any of the plaintiffs. They'll tell you the story behind it, and the meetings they had with Megat and co, and who actually wanted to kill the conference off.

    If you can't be bothered, at least do something honest for once. Get the conference acronym right!

  7. KTemoc,

    Your prejudice against Anwar knows no bounds and it appears you are being paid by Pak Lah or Khairy to continue your anti-Anwar spins. Everyone knows Anwar was Acting PM then, but I think a notorious guy like Megat was behind it, with the connivance of Mahathir of course. What could you expect of Anwar, who was Mahathir's successor then, to say? That he opposed the thuggery? This spin would have been more credible if you blame ALL the UMNO leaders mentioned EQUALLY instead of only Anwar.....and trying to give it more impact by your insinuations.....

  8. I sometimes frequent pro-Umno blogs, to understand their thinking and also for entertainment value to see some of their incredibly narrow world-view.

    With regard to Anwar, there's a very interesting psychology on display. Umno-types both loathe and fear him, even while daily repeating the mantra "Anwar Ibrahim is sinking fast" or "Anwar Ibrahim is irrelevant".

    What I've observed with politicians over the years is - if they are truly irrelevant or sinking fast, they will suffer the ultimate shame for a political operative - being ignored.

    So all the barbs and missiles being thrown at Anwar Ibrahim just shows me he is definitely not irrelevant or drowning fast.

    In a way, its the sincerest form of compliment from his opponents, and I think Anwar realises that.

  9. Also consider that Dr.M didn't ever condemn the hooliganism that happened at Apcet II. He's quite buddy-buddy with Soeharto, so he definetly wouldn't approve of anything that affects the relationship with Abang Besar.

    "Nice" spin attempt to absolve Dr.M of responsibility. 5 Washing Machines out of 5 Washing Machines.