Tuesday, June 26, 2007

He wins who dares

malaysiakini has a month by month or is it week by week section called 'Headlines' where it samples headlines from other online news portal. But I think it could do to improve the headlines of its own.

For example, a Churlish State of Affairs’ should be the more appropriate malaysiakini headline for the government immature marginalisation of the DAP in a Merdeka funding ceremony, instead of the prosaic ‘DAP: No info, invitation, cheque...’

Opposition MPs, particular those from the DAP were livid with rage when they were not invited to a function last Wednesday where the allocation of RM30,000 per constituency for the Merdeka celebration had been handed over to (only) Barisan Nasional representatives. Basically, the DAP MPs were ignored.

A DAP MP asked:
“Isn’t it true that Merdeka Day celebrations are for all citizens regardless of their race, religion and where they live? Should it matter whether they live in an area that is represented by the BN or the opposition?”

Indeed, and let’s not forget that even in DAP held constituencies, many voters there had actually voted for the BN (and of course vice versa) - food for thoughts.

malaysiakini should employ me as editor – I’ll promise to liven up the news headlines for them. Hmmm, I predict outraged protests from certain quarters ;-) and a short tenure as editor before I am shipped off to Kem Kamunting.

For example, the lamentation of the marginalised Indians as depicted in a malaysiakini letter by Narayasamy is not strong enough - just look at the weak
‘Indian M’sians planned to be forgotten by 9MP’.

Narayasamy wrote (just an extract): The answer given to a query in Parliament recently on allocations to uplift under-privileged Indian Malaysians sums up the position of the community in this country. Apparently, there is no specific allocation made in the Ninth Malaysian Plan - probably because nobody thought that it was a matter of any importance.


More than a decade ago, a foreign journal had mentioned that the Indian Malaysians are 'the forgotten community' of this nation. As far as the Ninth Malaysian Plan, it is indeed the forgotten community. But the disturbing fact seems to be that it is planned to be forgotten.

Why not a more bold headline like ‘Indians Betrayed by Samy Vellu’ or ‘Just rule of Islam Hadhari not for Indians’?

And I mustn’t forget our de facto leader – how aboutKD (Kapal Defacto) PKR sinking in Malaysia, Captain on land in Europe’?

Oh, and on his blue-eyed boy, Azmin Ali, who dismissed Ezam Mohd Nor’s condemnation of Anwar Ibrahim as a dictator because he (Azmin) 'knows Ezam’s game plan' whatever that is, I reckon it would merit ‘We were once secretaries’ or perhaps ‘Once secretaries, now rivals’.

I am now open for calls from Steven Gan or Premesh Chandra.


  1. Who is the real fool? The fool that votes for the party that allows other fools to be allowed to act in such an egregious manner.

  2. Eh, tak kan nak 'infiltrate' malaysiakini pulak? Cukuplah jadi penembak dari luar. Banyak lagi boleh buat duit dari cerita-cerita bang Anwar tu...

  3. you think too highly of yourself, dear sir, and too condescendingly of others, unfortunately.

    you've got zero on character, zero on manner, zero on humility.

    I must agree with one of my friends, reading ktemoc is merely a test of one's patience.

    And I would dare add, an utter waste of it.

  4. dia olang penangke?

  5. Hi KT,
    Crime wave in the country, with police and UMNO and MCA just putting out more spin.
    Well-connected crooks getting off scot-free.
    Controversy surrounding the EU Ambassador's statement on the NEP.

    Would you be interested in blogging on these subjects ?

  6. KK46, have blogged on Penan saga, marginalisation of Indians, churlish behaviour of BN govt towards DAP re Merdeka celebration funding, Palestinian tragedy, etc, aiyah, now you want me to blog on crime too - please see my previous postings on police and my various letters to MKINI on police inlcuding a solution to the IPCMC standoff - oh, hope you'll enjoy my personal perception of a HUGE threat to our future