Friday, June 22, 2007

Members abandoning PKR ship

Today’s malaysiakini news article tells us that Abdul Rahman Othman, a former PKR treasurer and a presidential candidate for the recent party election has abandoned the PKR boat.

He was nominated to contest for the president’s post in the party national congress last month but pulled out at the eleventh hour when Anwar Ibrahim announced he couldn’t stand in the contest because of a warning from the Registrar of Societies.

Abdul Rahman’s inexplicable withdrawal automatically allowed the de facto leader’s wife, Dr Wan Azizah to become de jure leader. I wonder whether Abdul Rahman had received a ‘quiet word’ like Nallakaruppan did, to withdraw?

Abdul Rahman has applied to join PAS last night. This is a man who had joined Keadilan (PKR’s predecessor) since its inception in 1999 following the sacking of Anwar Ibrahim from UMNO and his DPM post.

You would wonder, wouldn’t you, why he left, especially in the sudden wake of his strange last minute withdrawal from the party's presidential election, after Anwar was barred by law (with a dire warning) from contesting.

Abdul Rahman maintained a tight lip when pressed for reasons why he has left a party he had helped found.

Meanwhile, another bloke has abandoned boat too. Former Kedah PKR chief Akashah Ismail has also quit the party and will join PAS soon. Hmmm, looks like there are a number of 'former' PKR this-and-that.

He said: “I have sent a letter to the party headquarters and Kedah PKR two weeks ago informing them of my decision. PKR is no longer a party for the ordinary people.

my underlining above

malaysiakini added that there have been complaints Anwar was allegedly favouring corporate figures over grassroots leaders in the party. Well, we heard too from Nallakaruppan he (Nalla) was told by Anwar to not contest in the VP election, and he (Anwar) had allegedly meddled with party polls.

The PKR meltdown because of the Anwar Ibrahim factor, that I had previously blogged on, continues.


  1. That's the way to go brother...expose more of PKR's lies and hypocracy.
    PKR will be destroyed in the next elections, along with its super-duper de-facto leader

  2. With you KTemoc continuing to run Anwar and PKR down, are you trying to outdo UMNO/BN and the mainstream media? Have you been paid by UMNO to do so in their desperation to run down Anwar, who, despite all his faults, is doing his best to fight the evils of UMNO/BN, and not doing too badly. I think you are unnecessarily being unfair to Anwar and PKR. Your energies should have been better directed at UMNO/BN who are the cause of all the problems we are facing, but you clearly chose to undermine Anwar who is trying his best to fight them.

  3. UMNO/BN are doing what they do best, all those who quit are fomerly UMNO/BN members. Let see what PAS action would be on this RO bugger.