Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bocor business - AAB misses the whole point

malaysiakini carries a news item about AAB lambasting Lim KS and gang for harping on the case of the two Bocor MPs.

He advised ‘irresponsible’ parties (meaning Lim KS and the DAP) against politicising the issue of two MPs uttering sexist remarks in Parliament. The subtext was ‘for heavens sake, shut up, will you, we are already bloody embarrassed so stop harassing me’.

Well, AAB, it's the job of the opposition to make you squirm.

Anyway, though he launched a counter-attack against Lim (best form of defence being an attack) he grudgingly admitted that he wanted the incident to be a lesson for everyone.

He conceded that the government regrets the incident and has reminded everyone, especially MPs and those in high positions, to be more responsible.

Then, PR-ing a wee for himself and party (he’s a politician afterall), he said the Cabinet always takes justice into consideration. And the example of that was his instructions for the two idiots to be referred to Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Women, Family and Community Development Minister.

But where was the justice when those two baboons only apologised to women in general but pointedly refused to extend their regrets to the victim fo their remarks?

Also, AAB misses the point. But before I explain why, let’s remind ourselves of what a malaysiakini reader write in to explain why such clowns like those shameless salacious simians, Cyclops and his terrible twisted twin keep getting elected by their respective constituencies.

As an old visitor ali allah ditta once told me, all those clowns need in order to get re-elect would be just to give out the odd kain pelikat and an angpow of 100 ringgit.

Well, the malaysiakini reader (can’t recall his name) said it less flamboyantly than ali – he explained that those monkey MPs have constituencies who don’t give two stuff about modern values like political correctness. They want the usual ‘3 bowls of rice’ plus their traditional values (basically women should know their places). So the occasional dosage of sexist comments won’t go amiss.

Now, this isn’t a uniquely Malaysian or Malay characteristics. Chinese and Indians have them too except the Chinese are more exposed to new values. Their dragon ladies make sure they do ;-)

Besides, Chinese history is so full of their own Amazons, like Hua Mu Lan and the womenfolk of the Yang (Yeoh) family, so invariably there has been thousands of years of positive brainwashing for Chinese men to accept women as equals.

Even in Australia, there are such sexist MPs – most have to be covert types or they won’t get elected. A former opposition leader of a state (New South Wales) had to resign because he made a ‘pass’ at a reporter (what an idiot) while he was under the influence. Another, a senator in Western Australia, was reported to have told a woman that he would ‘squeeze the hell out of her tits’ – this idiot still survives his political career.

But AAB misses the whole point. It’s about parliamentary conduct. Just channelling those two barbarians (no matter how popular they are in their own constituencies) to a face-saving session with the Woman Minister has not been the correct and necessary prompt action for such parliamentary misconduct.

He should have, at that time, demanded the two apologise straightaway. How good would he have looked in the eyes of the public, well at least those who are more exposed to modern values.

Though he has indicated he’s aware of the wrong, perhaps there’s more to the whole affair than meets the eye. Probably a case of UMNO internal party dynamics – there are vested and sectional/factions’ interests at play, where some MPs mustn’t be touched.

AAB said:
“We hope that this incident will be a good lesson to everyone.”

Yes, we the outsiders learnt that some idiots can get away with stupidity, where narrow political interests cannot be subordinated to human decency. Or, hmmm, maybe stupidity is one of the vital qualifications to be an MP or a politician?


  1. AAB is the biggest hypocrite in local history. Check other blogs what he said about his performance against corruption and the state of affairs in this country to "outsiders" and foreigners. Giving a false impression. At best some accused him of exaggerating, others called him a liar". Also check his credentials against Spore's PM and also ABB's top Cabinet ministers against those in Spore. See, we deserve the leaders we get, and all sanctioned by UMNO Supreme council on ministerial appointments. Will you support UMNO and their Youth candidates next round?

  2. What is there to prevent the voter from accepting "the odd kain pelikat and an angpow of 100 ringgit" and then voting for the opposition? Does he fear the wrath of his god for breaking his promise of voting for the candidate who offered him the goodies? If so, his god is a corrupted one who also condones corruption. If not, then the voter has sold his soul to syaitan and his god should make the proper arrangements for syaitan to claim that voter

  3. UMNO tunggak bangsa...Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang.

    Undilah Barisan Nasional untuk masa hadapan anda.

  4. C for corrupted; G for Gluttony and T for Thieves

  5. The UMNO MPs will never apologise personally to the DAP or to Batu Gajah MP. Its never been done, never will be.

    A lot of people in this country, of whatever race, still have to worry about their daily rice bowl.
    Nothing wrong with voting for UMNO/ BN based on promises of more development and benefits.

    Only the comfortable middle-class can afford to talk idly about transparency and Constitutional rights.

  6. What developments? What benefits? More concrete buildings, more wastage projects, more crony policies? More "pigeon holes" (s0-called low-rise flats) for the poor? More leakages? More Zakaria-types? Barang-barang Naik (BN)? More apathy? Rice bowls? Next time, even the rice bowls might not be there.

  7. I doubt the middle class are comfortable with petrol hike and the escalating costs of living. It's just a myth. The official statistics on inflation and other spinning figures. They can promise till the cows come home and the rural folks are the real suckers.

  8. A lot of the price hikes over the last year were simply unavoidable, short of the government heavily subsidising everything, which would be tantamount to a socialist state.
    World crude oil prices are still hovering around $ 70 USD per barrel. The world prices of many agricultural commodities - wheat (to make flour), milk powder, imported fruits, sugar have all gone up heavily. Australia, a major exporter of many of these items is facing the worst drought in 200 years, which has heavily cut output.
    A lot of people here could benefit from reading the foreign news a bit more often instead of "bawah tempurung".

  9. anon 12.14: to answer your question, they could be concerned that their vote would be traced back. This is because it is possible to trace each ballot paper to the voter because of a serial number printed on the ballot paper.

    When votes are counted they are done in the presence of observers from the opposition, so the serial numbers and corresponding vote are *NOT* registered during counting - it's simply not possible to do so without arousing suspicion, and anyway school teachers do the counting, technically they may work for the government but they are not BN's bitches.

    However after the count all ballot papers are handed over to SPR. *IN THEORY* it is possible that SPR could produce a registry of how each voter voted, but doing so is a serious logistical undertaking as they would need people to go through each ballot by hand, marking down the vote and the serial number, then checking to find the corresponding voter information.

    Finding the manpower for this will also be tricky - official vote counting is easy because they get school teachers (who are in great abundance), but for this kind of shady business you would need a smaller clique of people who are easier to control. Damn susah, very tedious... possible in theory, but very unlikely. Unfortunately some people have a serious big brother complex (rightly or wrongly), which is why they are so "honest" when they sell their votes.

  10. anon 12:14: another thing I just remembered about how to buy votes, it's a pretty clever tactic... here's how it goes, step by step, for anyone else who wants to buy an election.

    1) get someone you can trust to go and cast his vote (or do it yourself)... so he goes into his classroom, takes the ballot paper, goes into the little voting booth, and PUTS THE BALLOT PAPER IN HIS POCKET. He then pulls out of his pocket a piece of paper that looks a lot like a ballot paper. Walk up to the ballot box, and slip in the fake ballot paper, go back to HQ with the real ballot paper.
    2) mark the ballot paper, voting for whichever side you are working for.
    3) bring in someone who wants to sell his vote... give him this marked ballot paper, send him off to vote, tell him he only gets paid if he brings back an empty ballot. So he goes, picks up his official ballot sheet, stalls for a few seconds in the voting booth, then puts the pre-marked ballot paper into the ballot box, and comes back to you with an empty ballot.
    4) you get a new empty ballot. Pay the fella. Return to step 2.

    Of course there's nothing preventing the bought voter from spoiling his vote, which would be the "honourable" thing to do... but I suppose fear of repercussions as I previously mentioned come into play. It also wouldn't surprise me to learn that it's an idea which just doesn't occur to them.