Monday, June 18, 2007

Some things may grow back, others won't!

Last week, malaysiakini reported the sad issue of Sharifah Amani Syed Zainal Rashid, an award-winning actress being severely criticised by muftis because she shaved her head for a film role.

The clerics said a woman saving her head bald is forbidden in Islam and sinful, because the act would be considered as part of the prohibited repertoire that could indicate men or women acting or behaving like the opposite gender.

Now, the muftis want authorities to issue guidelines to prevent Malay Muslim artistes, especially actresses, from extreme behaviour or dressing.

Though I don’t normally like to comment on Islamic taboos, I was riled when the seditious Mufti of Disgrace (you know who, don’t you) chipped in to declare that Muslim artistes were becoming increasingly daring. He then warned them against being influenced by the actions of foreign actors, saying:

"As Muslims, we should not sacrifice our religion for the sake of wanting to be popular."

This man has the hide of an elephant and the brazen gall to talk down on people for ‘sacrificing’ the good name of Islam when he, as a Mufti, supposedly representing all the good and holy that are enshrined in Islam, lied, yes, bloody lied about a non-existent Christian conversion of Muslims at a church – an evil act that could have brought about inter-religious inter-ethnic violence, where innocents would have been hurt or even killed.

And then most disgustingly, after he was proven irresponsibly wrong, he didn’t even have the backbone of his religious conviction because when it was a case of accountability's push becoming shove, he blamed a woman, yes, the coward did that, so as to avoid answering for his own evil lie. He lacked the balls to take some responsibility for his own action.

That’s what got my goat – what an utter hypocrite. And that's also unIslamic on both counts, the second being his moral self-castration which undoubtedly would be part of the Islamic prohibited repertoire that could indicate men or women acting or behaving like the opposite gender

Now, some time ago, when the Gerakan Party of FT passed a resolution to petition HRH the Sultan of Perak to sack that seditious rumour-mongerer for inciting religious agitation and hatred, with potential dire consequences, PAS went into high action, demanding the Gerakan Party retract that resolution with an apology.

I blogged on that two months ago in
PAS: Gerakan biadap over at my other blogsite, BolehTalk.

The core message from PAS was about the damn nerve of the non-Muslim Gerakan to touch on Muslim affairs, namely the sacking of a wayward Mufti.

I also remarked in
PAS not seeing wood for the trees? that it was only the UMNO Taikoh telling Gerakan to back down, even with the ‘sorry’ word, because the BN didn’t want PAS to hijack the issue for political gains, that poor Gerakan FT chairperson Dr Tan Kee Kwong had to eat humble pie and apologized, claiming the proposed petition to HRH was only his personal view.

This was what I had blogged:

Now, this is where PAS showed its double standard, [PAS FT acting youth chief] Kamaruzaman, with great irony that he obviously didn’t realise, remarked [in malaysiakini]:

“This is a sensitive issue among Muslims that can stir discord among various groups.”

"... stir discord among various groups ..."?

Yes, but what about that Mufti who nearly caused a racial riot with his irresponsible rumour mongering?

Why shouldn’t he be sacked for seditious agitation? And why hasn't PAS initiate the demand for that to preserve the whole matter within the Muslim community?

In the end, PAS is no better than UMNO, exploiting religion for its own grubby political benefit instead of seeing to the justice that Allah (swt) intends for the Muslims to practice.

If I am kind, I would just say that PAS’ stand is a case of not seeing the wood for the trees. But if I want to be nasty, I would declare it as not unlike the moral in my poem Magic of the 100th name of God, where God is incidental, but Man’s interest reigns supreme.

So, I ask PAS once again – what have you people done about this man who has brought unmitigated disrepute to Islam and HRH? Yes, what!

Anyway, Sharifah Amani was quoted as saying in the New Straits Times:
"I have no regrets. My hair will grow back."

But the reputation of the Mufti of Disgrace as a holy man of Islam won’t!


  1. PAS's position is objectionable but consistent with its political platform.
    The "moderate" UMNO did not lift a finger to to defend the Gerakan division.
    And the objectionable Mufti belongs to a Barisan/ UMNO controlled state. Not a pip squeak from Perak UMNO on his mad ravings.

    In this world there are people who are objectionable, but what you see is what you get.
    There are others who pretend to be moderate, inclusive etc. especially around election time, but really go along with the extremists.

    Who's for real and who's the hypocrite ? Frankly I find the hypocrite much more dangerous.

  2. aaa..betol betol. hate tat guy as well. he thinks Msia is a taliban country, pity..duno which land he stays in..

    Nyway, thank god malaysians are moderate, rational thinking people ( majority that is..) , so extreme views such as his will always be rejected.

  3. Why dont you rile against your UMNO/BN bosses for not sacking the Mufti? Surely they have the power. Come on, bash them hard!

  4. .

    yeah .. kick their asses for a start..... lol


  5. kick your own as anonymous. its all about muslim law nothing concerning us, lol