Monday, June 04, 2007

The Anwar style of campaigning

Last year in May I blogged on the world’s most famous de facto leader campaigning in Sarawak. He was then only party advisor.

There in the land of the hornbills, he
warned his former BN colleagues not to think they can get away with personal attacks on him. He said at a party fund-raising dinner that he has the ammo to launch a counter-attack.

He then gave one of his world’s famous (or infamous) juicy examples of naughty and confidential gossip, alleging that someone in PBB had once told him, when he was the DPM, that he (that ‘someone’) was eager to see Anwar replaced Dr Mahathir as PM.

... blah blah blah ...

But as with his gossip of the confidential to attract the crowd into listening eagerly for more, he teased them as only he could, asking whether they would like to know the identity of that person, and then when they naturally said they would, alas, he would back off.

Anyway, as a good (and loyal) DPM then, what did he do?

Yes, what did he do about a Sarawakian minister making those treacherous remarks about a PM who was also his party leader and mentor?

Shouldn’t Anwar have straightaway reprimanded that person for talking unethically behind his top leader’s back, and having done so, shouldn't he have consigned that matter to the scrap heap as a closed file. It's too low level to even remember it, let alone bring it up again.

Alternatively Anwar should have informed the PM and the Sarawak CM about the display of treacherous disloyalty.

Well, tell me, what did Anwar do then? Nothing!

Instead he threatened to dip into the cesspool of Machiavellian history for a handful of sh*t to hurl at a political opponent

Then in the Ijok by-election he thrilled the Chinese crowd with another of his teasers, that time about an alleged Najib Razak’s involvement with the Altantunya case.

He resorted to his leitmotiv of “do you want to know more”, and when the crowd (of course) answered in the affirmative, he evaded the completing of the salacious story by his ‘man man’ (slowly slowly) all knowing phase.

Well, I dare him to complete it, that is if he knows.

Then a few days ago in Kelantan, what did he do?

Well, according to malaysiakini, he blessed us with sexy information that 40,000 Thais will be moving into Kelantan to pose as phantom voters. He claimed he was told by an UMNO insider.


Now it would seem the pattern or tactics of de de-facto leader appears to be gossipy stuff, but with no proof whatsoever.

An irate PKR acolyte has just shown his ire at me for criticizing de world’s greatest political reformer in my previous posting De-factor Dancing (around)? – well, I have news for him/her - I am not a devoted Anwar Ibrahim acolyte in blind adoration of Malaysia’s so-acclaimed political messiah. I do have a few problems with Anwar Ibrahim’s style of campaigning (examples above) that’s so devoid of meaningful policy.


  1. Wah..KTEMOC dah jadi macam blog pro-UMNO kot...

  2. being anti-anwar does not equate to being pro-umno

  3. At least we know where the new blogger group stands. Definately not behind Anwar.

  4. You said " I am not a devoted Anwar Ibrahim acolyte in blind adoration of Malaysia’s so-acclaimed political messiah. I do have a few problems with Anwar Ibrahim’s style of campaigning (examples above) that’s so devoid of meaningful policy."

    Good for you for being SO objective. Yes, no one should blindly adore any politician, Anwar Ibrahim or whoever. But unless you are hopelessly idealistic and forever waiting for your perfect messiah, I think we should look around and at least support someone can offer us a glimpse of chance to save the country of the current incompetence and potential further deterioration by the crop of leaders-in-waiting. If you think it's not Anwar, then tell us who and state your stand. I'll put my money on DSAI. Are saying that in all his years in power and now outside he NEVER had or mentioned any 'meaningful policies'? Would you have gone through what he had gone through? At the very least give the guy credit for standing up to the corrupt leaders when he could have caved in and enjoyed his retirement (and come back to politics one day). I'm not sure you have that much guts.

  5. Just imagine,
    Living under a dodgy constitution in a country run by a half-past-six prime minister and the oppostion is represented by a de-facto leader.

    Mom. It must be a living hell.

  6. This leaves a real meaning to the term "the enemy of our enemy is the ally".

    To be fair, there aren't many strong opposition leaders around anymore besides Kit Siang(who is getting old) and Anwar. Any leader from PAS are not dependable enough(does the "lost souls" comment come to mind).

    Yet, We must not forget that Anwar is still the same person he was before-now he is without power. With power, all the best mate.

    The country's political scene is so sad... Perhaps id Dr M were to join the opposition(wishes...).

    Yet, do not blindly believe whatever Anwar says. He is still a politician. The country needs strong opposition to buck up but it doesnt mean that the opposition has to win..

    competition benefits the consumers..

  7. I believe that Anwar Ibrahim is at best a politician that represents another aspect of the status quo.

    He is certainly not a political messiah.

    Just to think of it: Lim Kit Siang is also part of the established status quo. After all he has been the opposition leader for such a long time.