Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No snowflake but lots of pearls .....

I knew I posted DAP - where sex romp is like snowflakes in hell yesterday morning. So when I saw the same title under RPK’s name in the blog corner of malaysiakini last night, where he had in turn placed my posting in the blog corner of his Malaysia-Today I felt a wee strange though not entirely surprised as RPK had published some of my postings before.

Still, it’s a delightful honour he picked my posting for his selection of what bloggers around Malaysia have been writing about.

So I decided to hop across from malaysiakini to RPK’s blog to see what comments my post had elicited as M-Today is known to have free range, fierce and feral visitors. Yes, RPK has a no-holds-barred blog which I admire in many ways.

But mate, let me tell you there weren’t any snowflakes there but plenty of hell for poor KTemoc ;-)

... which reminds me of what one of my pals told me some time ago, that people who visit blogs to comment should have not only an 18-years old age indicated on their MyKad but also the ‘can read’ and ‘can comprehend’ status, perhaps in the place where their MyKad currently state they belong to the Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, etc religion.

Some, nay, most of the comments cannot be reproduced here as they would be too ferocious or even indelicate for sweeties who may visit my blog (I am eternally hopeful).

BUT BUt But but ..... yes but I have to partly accept the blame as my buddies had warned me before that some people just don’t understand satire. Once I even had a bloke who condemned me for 'my views' in one of my
Dodgee Dimsum’s letters ;-) well, what more can I say.

Even the title of my post on the DAP, '... where sex romp is like snowflakes in hell’ has been already a giveaway, yet yeT yET YET ..... hahhahhhahahahahahahaahahahaaaaaaaaaa

I don’t suppose those rather feral visitors to M-Today would understand what a ‘back handed compliment’ (to the DAP) means if they couldn’t a satire?

Let’s recapture what I had written in my last few paragraphs to see what had driven them over the wall. I had posted:

I heard one special guest to the DAP strategic planning workshop in Cameron highlands had entreated the DAP leaders to 'lighten up' a wee bit, to smile a little, even to take up some sports, like say, tennis or horse-riding, or maybe read Shakespeare because there's lots of humour in Shakespeare - stuff like 'Brutus, Brutus, wherefore art thou' ;-) and 'Et tu, Romeo' - imagine the Grand Ole Man saying that, or would he be saying instead: "Out, damn'd spot! out, I say"?

Then there is of course that famous Shakespearean advice in his Henry VI: 'Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all.'

Yes, I think the DAP leaders should take up his advice, though not on the last quotation of 'Forbear to judge, for we are sinners all'. That's reserved for a special someone.

Now, if those angry comments were made by PKR devotees I can understand that, but disappointingly, I suspect some were by DAP members or supporters.

But truly the prize for the day (or was it night) goes to one person who commented in response to my concluding paragraph of “And I suppose Lim KS or Lim GE would refuse the suggestion to travel in a chauffeured Mercedes, apart from the likelihood they won't have the money to buy such an expensive limousine.”

Well, obviously he didn’t understand my double entendre, because he wrote:

“KTemoc, I did not know u had such small brains. Yeah Lim KS and son do not have the money to buy expensive cars and u know why?

Because they did not steal the nation's money and opportunity and enrich their children - until Forbes takes notice.

You must be a pariah or at least born for one”

As to what i would say about his social demotion of me to being a Harijan or Dalit for the double entendre is that, he has proven my point about a DAP member (or perhaps an ardent supporter) being serious and without humour - hahahhahahhaahhaaaahhahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa what did I tell you hahahahahahhahaaaaaaaa

All I can do is to is to implore upon RPK to explain to his visitors what a satire, back handed compliment and double entendre mean, but I seriously (hahaha that 'serious' word again) doubt he would oblige hahhahahahahaahahaaaahahahahahhaaaa - well, at least please please, to save me from being all in stitches hahahahahahahahhaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Maybe I may have to lean on Lim KS and Lim GE to help – but, would it have to be submitted in triplicates without any typos? hhahahahahahhahahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Hmmm, I suppose having their MyKad indicate ‘can read’ and ‘can comprehend’ would be far more difficult than poor Lina Joy changing her religious status from Muslim to Christian.


  1. Many, sadly did not 'get' your writing. I found it to be quiet funny. Its too bad that many of those participating in RPK's blog wouldn't recognise Satire if it crept behind them, knock them senseless with a wooden club and dragged them back to the cave for some rumpy-pumpy.

    Oh wait, or do I mean Political Satyr...?

  2. Aiyah, KTeMoc, these days its really too much to expect readers to be able to understand satire.
    The standard of English in the population younger than, say 50, drops as you move backwards in age.

    The level of English comprehension even among University graduates is at best Plain, Simple English.

    They couldn't understand irony or satire even if their life depended on it.

  3. satyr ... taufiq, you're a genius with words hahahhahahahahaaaaa

  4. My deepest condolence. Perhaps now you'll understand why Malaysians deserve crappy leaders.

    I think the first few comments sort of set the precedence and reinforced the misunderstanding. Maybe next time you'll consider having your peeps make the first few comments to set the right tone.

  5. ;-) Zeus thanks for the suggestions but I dont hv nor want to hv "my" ppl to do such stuff - doesn't matter really - once in a while you get a gem like "satyr" from a bloke like taufiq, and it's suddenly and certainly worth the blogging - the brilliant pun sure sets me going for a while hahahhahahaahaaahahahhahahahaaa thanks once again taufiq

  6. back handed compliment -- I just used IT wlongly as under-handed this moUrning,
    TQ for your satire, sext time use DuaSen's definition so RPJ's commenters don't "jump thee", sorry if it recalls any DSAI connotations. I iused DSAI citation Cos I deem thee as not among his fans; neither was I until Reformasi evolved and I morph...Minta maaf if I digress.

    I visit MT for sourcing info and entertainment -- taking part in CONversation is very minimal cos most others are so animalistic...Sorry you had such harsh treatment but that's a small hol'y price/ze to pay for RPK doing you the honours yes? I eny thee Cos he hasn't picked up any of Desi's...then it may sperr Die, dei!:)

    PS: I often abuse a Blogger's privilege of Digressing...today I extend this bad habit to my esteemed Host's -- will a tehtraik in Seremban be doin' sweet enuf justice? Or you prefer kurang-kurang manis?

  7. hello, uncle chong, teh tarik in Seremban is great, thanks, tho' with my bread & butter perambulation, it would have to be on opportunity basis ;-) easier for me to contact u than u me

    I wonder whether the venerable Dr Chen Man Hin(?) is still there?