Friday, June 29, 2007

Now is time for IPCMC

Once again I surfed the malaysiakini roundup of headlines from the mainstream papers.

The one which caught my eyes was the New Straits Times stating that the IGP, Musa Hassan, has provided only a feeble response to allegations in a website concerning links between the Chinese underworld and the police.

It also gave the usual warnings about defamation, slander and libel to bloggers, who according to a minister, are mainly unemployed female liars. Looks like I am fairly safe then,

Wasn’t the IGP honoured recently with the title of Tan Sri?

And I believe the rushing of extra police personnel plus equipment to Johor to deal the appalling epidemic of crimes in Johor has been nothing more than bandaid treatment at best, and cheap publicity in general.

Besides, deploying those extra resources from other states to Johor would be like robbing Peter to pay Paul.

The problem is deeper than lack of resources, though this could be one of the contributing factors.

... which is why we badly need the IPCMC.

But our incompetent IGP (not forgetting his predecessor) had/has been resisting the watchdog organ because of fear of retribution.

My letter to malaysiakini proposing a solution a la ‘half a loaf of bread is better than none’ was published a couple of months ago – maybe it’s time to dig that up again, and revive the call for the IPCMC.

... because I have no confidence the IGP or his senior management will be able to solve our disgraceful state of crimes.

Amnesty for IPCMC - unpalatable but necessary tradeoff


  1. Good medicine is often bitter. We know the root cause of all the ills in the security situation of the the country is due to corruption. Do we have the will to push for such a thing?
    reades, Pls also read my post
    Do we have the will to push for an ICAC (IPCMC)? at

  2. and the IPCMC should be headed by Anwar. what do you think?

  3. YES.
    If AAB does only one positive thing during his watch I willsettle for the IPCMC!

  4. Unfortunately, a really open IPCMC could cause a major paralysis of the police force. The number of senior police officers implicated could be substantial.

    A non-retroactive Commission, like what KTemoc suggested may be a workable solution.

    As an example, South Africa's Truth and Reconciliation commission strictly limited the criminal action which could be brought against ex-apartheid officials, in its effort to unearth the truth about its past.

    Otherwise, either the truth wouldn't have come out, or the whole government machinery would have got into a jam.

  5. kk46,

    You're right. There are lots of crooked ones in the force, and a number of them are quite high up. If exposed by the IPCMC, we may be left with a force thats crippled, as many senior officers would be charged. Although this gap would be temporary.

    However, as long we don't have the IPCMC, abuse of power in the PDRM will continue unchecked.

    A certain large canine would still disagree, though...