Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CASSA anti-smoking calls more harmful than smoking?

I am frightened of Dr Jacobs George, the president of the Consumers Association of Subang and Shah Alam, Selangor (Cassa).

He wants the government not only to fine (heavily, it seems) those caught smoking in public places, but to consider whipping the offenders.

malaysiakini has reported his letter to this effect.

Additionally he has appeal to our beloved (his very own words of adulation - ugh, jelak saja) Prime Minister to take the anti-smoking drive to 'new heights' (whatever that means) by only selecting non-smoking candidates for the next general election.

Now, KTemoc has a very strong record of anti-smoking too since my BolehTalk blogging days – in fact I lost my blogging virginity ;-) with an anti-smoking posting at BolehTalk.

But this man is scary (knia see wah lah), far more terrifying than KTemoc at his worst.

Fining or even jailing someone for defiantly smoking in a no-smoking public area is as far as I want to and am prepared to go, but to whip or cane such a naughty person ... ?

Brother, that’s an unmitigated inhumane action and a violation of human rights.

And being against smoking doesn’t mean you have the right to demand that all candidates for parliament or the state assemblies should be non-smokers. Again, that’s a violation of human rights.

So long as those politicians don’t smoke in public non-smoking areas, why demand that they comply with your life style or beliefs.

What next, ... that they be of the Christian or Islamic or ‘X’ faith?

BTW, I am not at all impressed by his addressing the PM as “our beloved PM” – I know it’s bodek-land but for crying out loud, the PM’s a politician elected by us to represent/serve us - no more no less. The PM's not the Yang Di Pertuan Agong.

Surely there must be a limit to such excessive sycophantic expressions. In fact I find this far more important than taking an anti-smoking stand because it has to do with our political atitude and why we have been stuck in a no-win political rut with our collective feudalistic caste-ass-whipped tok ampu mindset.


  1. If smokers are to be whipped, then thieves and robbers have to be hanged and corrupt ministers need to be beheaded. Then only all is fair and square--- but sorry, we live in a country where it is not fair and certainly not square

  2. I remember a couple of years ago when CAP wanted to ban sporty motorcycles to discourage racing.

    We sure like to overreact to things, don't we?

  3. i am very anti smoking too and used to say "i hate those who smoke!". er... i guess more correctly it should be "i hate the person when she/he smokes" as for sure though i'm anti smoking i don't hate smokers... thus of course i disagree with the whipping for smokers.

    if anyone who need to be whipped, it is those corrupted ministers/police!!

  4. LOL, hope he's kidding when he said that.

  5. KTemoc speaks wisely. Smoking is good for you. It gives one a pale ethereal skin tone that one can rarely acquire by any other means. I bet Kate Moss and Noami puffs daily. Anyway, we must remember the words of Sir Appleby when he intelligently observed that it would have cost more to keep old people alive. So those who die of smoking-related diseases are in truth National Benefactors, people who willingly lay down their lives so that money that would have been spent keeping them on life-support can be spent on more important things like roads and schools. I smoke. I think that at the very least the Govt should name a road after me when I finally exhale the last Camel puff and join the cool dead people like Che Guevera, Hemingway and Hendrix.