Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lots of maybe's

Yesterday, 04 June malaysiakini reported the world’s greatest de facto leader firmed up his views on the Lina Joy case a bit more after a wishy washy tap dancing statement 2 days earlier.

Maybe he read my post De facto dancing (around)? ;-) which incidentally I based on a malaysiakini report that was published on 02 June.

Or, maybe he had a change of mind - yes I know, in a mere 2 days?

Maybe he thinks it might be wiser to come out with a stronger support of the Syariah Court, because in the end, his core supporters and his hope-for constituency would be the Muslims.

Maybe he is reminded that his PKR Indians have, are and will be deserting his temporary flagship SS PKR in droves. Maybe that might also send a signal to the Chinese in PKR, who were grossing underrepresented in the recent party polls.

Maybe the Muslim Malays will be all he would have.

Maybe the DAP will be less accommodating to him after, according to Lim Guan Eng, his about-turn on their agreed formula for seat allocations between PKR and DAP.

Maybe he has realized that Permatang Pauh (regardless of whether he will be eligible to stand as its candidate come the next general election, or not) will be lost.

Maybe the DAP, despite Lim Kit Siang’s wish for him to be de facto ;-) leader of the combined opposition, may not afterall sacrifice a safe Chinese-dominated seat for him to enter parliament – as I had earlier predicted (in this case, am happy to be proved wrong).

Maybe he realized that PKR is a sinking ship, and PAS may be the only platform left for him to enter parliament and make sufficient noise for UMNO to sit up and take notice of him.

Maybe he realized that the Chinese saying of a man with each foot on a different boat may be perilous as the boats move apart in different directions, as political boats are wont to do.

But I like an Anwar Ibrahim ;-) (see, I am not biased) with firm commitment better, though he kind of spoilt it by these two conflicting statements, as reported by malaysiakini in the same news report:

(1) He pointed out that the situation has been further aggravated by government’s decision to stop any form of discourse on interfaith issues.

(2) Anwar urged the public to exercise restraint in speech and action in matters relating to these issues as well as other matters that have the potential to stir up communal tension.

What can you say – vintage Anwar is vintage Anwar!

BTW, would de facto leader of a party that had a supposedly democratically elected leader mean that his current assumed leadership role is akin to that of a Dictator? If so, add this new ‘D’ to the list of The 8 D's of DSAI.


  1. Hah...asyik-asyik hentam DSAI aje.

    Dollah, Sami, Najib semua banyak lakukan hal tak senonoh....KTEMOC sekarang macam senyap saja.....

  2. KT,

    i think he thought that the journalists would automatically report (1) to the non-muslims ONLY, while (2) to the muslims ONLY??

    but he forgot that he doesn't have the power to dictate selective reporting ANYMORE.

    "can i answer, it depends who's listening to this interview??"

    (god -- i was SOOOOO right!!)


  3. I think he meant to speak openly about the issues but not in a way that incites violence or hatred. Basically just act like mature human beings and treat each other respectfully. i think this is the obvious interpretation of that english translation and not the hair splitting that you are doing