Monday, October 08, 2018

Thriving on hatred to survive

I have heard-read that (from Malaysia-Today):

The Chinese supporters of Pakatan Harapan have launched a Michelle Yeoh hate-campaign, which they have called ‘Stay Angry with Michelle Yeoh’.

These people are angry with Michelle Yeoh because she supported Barisan Nasional in the recent general election and any Chinese who does not support DAP and/or Pakatan Harapan is considered a traitor to the Chinese race.

And don't tell me RPK is bullshitting because I have seen such anti-Michelle Yeoh's abuses on FB, and they are prolific, to say the least. That's how they have been treating Lee Lam Thye, Tan Seng Giaw, and even Sangeet, daughter of DAP's venerable Karpal Singh.

Those hell-hounds even fabricated nonsensical stories to blacken Lee' wife when the truth has been that Lee left the DAP due to Lim's dictatorship - Lim KS was scared of his deputy sec-gen, Lee Lam Thye's growing popularity.

Francis Paul Siah, one of Malaysiakini's columnists, a pro Pakatan writer, penned the following in 2013 about DAP's internal strife (extracts):

Francis Paul Siah 

In the late 80s, there was this public spat between the then DAP secretary-general Lim Kit Siang and his deputy, Lee Lam Thye.

The popular Bandar Kuala Lumpur MP then, Lam Thye resigned from the party just before the 1990 general election. His quiet withdrawal from politics had earned him public respect and he rightly deserved the dignified “gentleman politician” tag.

29 September 1990, Lee shocked the Malaysian political world, especially the DAP, when he abruptly resigned, saying 'A few leaders have hurt me from behind' and also 'I can't stand it anymore'. But once he left, he has NEVER ever mentioned a word about the DAP.

Following that, Lim KS told DAP leaders to STFU on any matters relating to Lee Lam Thye, invoking suspicions, doubts and criticisms from the Chinese press for his baffling silence on the resignation of his very very popular deputy sec-gen.

Even back in 1990, Lim KS was said to be a dictator and did NOT practise the human rights and democracy he advocated in public. In the party he did not brook any talk-back, protests or contradictions and demanded to be blindly obeyed. He treated Lee Lam Thye like a figurehead without any right or power in the party.

The suspicion was that Lim KS was getting scared of the by far more popular Lee Lam Thye and worried of losing his sec-gen position. If Lee had entertained any thoughts of replacing Lim as party sec-gen he would have made his move when Lim KS was in Kamunting following Ops Lalang. Lee was not only a gentleman but loyal to Lim KS.

That's why Lee Lam Thye left DAP and not because of the bullshit black propaganda against him vicariously through his wife.

Anyway, Paul Francis Siah then went on to mention Kua Kia Soong and Wee Choo Keong, who were, wakakaka, "less" gentlemanly than Lee Lam Thye and made mucho noise .

He also included others who were not satisfied with the Lim's, namely, Malacca DAP chief Goh Leong San, Jenice Lee, Sarawakian Hiew King Cheu and DAP's former veteran Malay vice-chairman Zulkifli Mohd Noor quitting all his party posts and alleging irregularities in the party elections.

Francis Siah believed that the case of Zulkifli was handled rather badly by the central leadership. What triggered a DAP veteran of 26 years to suddenly turn into a rabble-rouser against the party? Was he being sidelined in Penang in favour of some new recruits?

Zul was indeed replaced by the DAP prior to the 2008 tsunami with (relatively) newbie Liew Chin Tong after Zul had fought valiantly and magnificently in 2004 - for more, see my earlier post Spartans no more?.

Lee Lam Thye

invincible in KL, did fantastic sterling work before some Hell-Hounds were born or even grew pubic hair

Tan Seng Giaw

like his mentor Pekemas Tan Chee Khoon (Mr Oppsoition) he's honest, straightforward and a man of honour, totally unlike Lim KS 

Sangeet Kaur Deo

daughter of DAP's venerable Karpal Singh - need we say anything more

Back to Michelle Yeoh, it seems some bloggers have told Michelle "not to become a traitor", whatever they meant by 'traitor'?

They have even questioned her knowledge of everyday life in Malaysia, wakakaka, as if they know lots. Michelle grew up in Ipoh and except for a short spell in UK to obtain her degree, she came back to become Miss Malaysia at 20.

Wikipedia tells us: She represented Malaysia at the Queen of the Pacific 1983 beauty pageant which was held in Australia and won the crown. She was also Malaysia's representative at the Miss World 1983 pageant in London. From there, she appeared in a television commercial with Jackie Chan which caught the attention of a fledgling Hong Kong film production company, D&B Films.

A Buddhist, she visited Vietnam in 2008 to film a documentary for the Asian Injury Prevention Foundation (AIPF). Michelle is also a patron of the Save China's Tigers project committed to protect the endangered South China tiger.

Wikipedia also tells us:

Michelle Yeoh's handprints on the "Avenue of Stars" in Hong Kong

In 1999, she was a member of the jury at the 49th Berlin International Film Festival.[30]

On 19 April 2001, Yeoh was awarded the Darjah Datuk Paduka Mahkota Perak (DPMP), which carries the title Dato', by Sultan Azlan Shah, the Sultan of Perak, her home state, in recognition of the fame she brought to the state.

On 25 November 2002, she was honoured as The Outstanding Young Persons of the World (TOYP) (Cultural Achievement) by JCI (Junior Chamber International).

On 23 April 2007, French President Jacques Chirac awarded Yeoh as Knight of the Legion of Honour (Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur). The decoration was presented to her in a ceremony in Kuala Lumpur on 3 October 2007.[33] She was promoted to Officer of the same French Order (Officier de la Légion d'honneur) by French President Nicolas Sarkozy on 14 March 2012. The decoration was presented to her at a ceremony held at the president's official residence, the Elysee Palace on that day.

In 2011, she received a special award for her contribution to Malaysian cinema at Malaysian Film Festival (FFM 24).

On 22 May 2012, she was awarded the Darjah Seri Paduka Mahkota Perak (SPMP) which carries the title Dato' Seri during the investiture ceremony in conjunction with the Sultan of Perak Sultan Azlan Shah's birthday.

Michelle Yeoh received the Excellence in Asian Cinema award during the seventh annual Asian Film Awards on March 2013 in Hong Kong.

On 1 June 2013, she was awarded the Panglima Setia Mahkota (PSM) which carries the title Tan Sri during the investiture ceremony in conjunction with the birthday of Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Abdul Halim Mu'adzam Shah.

On 30 November 2013, she presided as the Chief Guest at the International Film Festival of India.

Michelle Yeoh is a Malaysian we should all be proud of. Besides her talent, she has worked very hard to achieve her international status.

And we have a bunch of Malaysian morons who instead abuse her for her different political beliefs-allegiance. Who the fuck is a 'traitor' if not those Hell-Hounds who don't appreciate outstanding Malaysians.

And who says Chinese must support the DAP? The irony is these political buffoons are now sucking the personal tongkat of a former UMNO man who left UMNO to form ANOTHER racist party because his son couldn't make it, not because he loves Chinese and Indians.

But those idiotic guppies just thrive on their hatred to survive. Thus they always need "someone", anyone to hate, abuse and demonise.


  1. I am confused, who is the " Chinese Pukimak " in all of these?

    1. Cheebye motherfucker kaytee

    2. proof of my statement that some thrive on hatred to survive

      BTW, I did NOT fCk your mum

  2. There is nothing wrong if one changes allegiances, everyone has a right to change their mind as the situation changes. But what Michelle Yeoh is doing is betrayal to a fallen friend (BN/Najib) and making profit from it. If you want to change party go ahead, true friends will understand, but don’t betray fallen friends or worse still profit from them when they fall. That I can’t stand.

    1. Michelle Yeoh has LONG been excoriated, in fact since AAB days. So it has nothing to do with her proposed film on that Whale Book - that film has become the NEW excuse to/for abusing her, as if those who abuse her cares two hoots about Najib or the BN, or even understand what is loyalty.

      Politically she supports BBN

      Professionally, the Whale Book could make an interesting film, and she is after all an actor and producer.

    2. An upright person WON'T betray a friend when that friend is down & out. More so profit from that betrayal!

      MY is an actor & producer, so she is allowed to make a movie targeting rosmajib's kleptomaniac acts. Wakakaka… if only she has not friended so closely with that opulent couple!

      What kind of person she is - going all out to promote rosmajib when jibby's in power. When jibby's out in the cold, then trying to profit from making a movie spilling all the rosmajib's 'beans' in the open!

      What kind of the buddhist is her? U tell me!

      Just based on THAT character she is one m'sian ALL bolihlander shoud have despised kau2¡

    3. "Politically .......Professionally,"

      Ktemoc talking cock....

    4. she's just liek Lim Kit Siang - see below:


    5. eventually Monster has to descend to that - but forgive him as he needs to work for his dedak

    6. Wow thank to KTemoc, either he had messaged LKS or LKS has been reading KTemoc's blog. Finally, after so many condemnation articles LKS has been turned around, as in :

      But I digress.

      There is a difference between merely supporting Party A and actively promoting and soliciting support for Party A. One I have no problem with and the other I have the right to criticise, the same way I am ready to be criticised for my idealogy.

    7. monsterball, stop talking cock due to dedak

      Peter, why criticise someone whose family is embedded in MCA politics for supporting MCA-BN? Why don't you criticise Nurul Izzah for supporting Anwar and PKR, and Senator Lim Hui Ying for supporting her father and DAP?

  3. Michelle Yeoh was a silver spoon girl to start with, and has not lived in Malaysia for more than 30 years.

    It was galling to hear her promoting the corrupt Then Ruling Regime.

    It is even more galling to now see her attempting to profit from the story of the Rise and Fall of the Kleptocrat and his co-conspirators.

    I see it as either Crass Opportunism or Nauseating Hypocrisy.

    1. stop bullshitting - you are one of those Pakatan dedak makan-ers

  4. If ever a film on 1MDB is to be made, my recommendations for the actor/actress role will be:

    1. Michele Yeoh as Altantuya.

    2. Adibah Noor as Rosmah.

    3. Wee Ka Siong as Jho Low.

    4. Lokman as Najib.

    5. Zahid Hamidi as Arab Prince donor

    6. Hadi Awang as AG/IGP

    7. Kulasegaran as Kevin Morais.

    8. Sabri, Azeez, Jamal, Tajuddin as hired Indian Thugs or hired killers or MACC.


    1. altantuya have anything to do with 1mdb meh? yeoh can have the role of those bikini party bitch on jho low yacht, or room.

    2. this is getting offensively childish

    3. Cheebye kaytee must be talking about himself being childish in attacking lim and son

      Anything for jibby, eh?

    4. MY at 58 years old too long in the tooth to be bikini or sarong party girl la...if she had children, she would be a grandma by now, hehehe. Dun think fai chai interested in raba raba-ing sweet old gals, lol.

  5. Wakakakakaka……

    "That's why Lee Lam Thye left DAP and not because of the bullshit black propaganda against him vicariously through his wife."

    Can u prove yr take? Or u take what someone else bulled as gospel, just like mom's "Michelle Yeoh hate-campaign, which they have called ‘Stay Angry with Michelle Yeoh’."

    U r NO KLite, thus how could u know what every KLites, who had dealed with llt's favourite past time of dbkl longkang jobsheet, encountered?

    How naughty CAN u be? Or should I say choirboy of the day for yr sifu!


    2. of course lks is a dictator or worst, emperor. but llt to quit dap n makam gaji under bn govt is another matter, he is no diff with yeoh the slut.

    3. under bn govt yesterday, under pakatan today, proving that govt is govt

      civil servants worked under bn govt are still working under pakatan govt

    4. Where got bn gomen or ph gomen, only gomen of malaysia or penang state gomen or pahang state gomen.

    5. U called this proof?


      & what has that got to do with llt's open secret that ALL KLites know?

    6. Ck,
      Li kong simi also useless. Just mitch mcconnell over kavanaugh confirmation......anything also can

    7. that was part of a research paper, unlike your "everyone in KL knows"

      what utter bullshit

    8. "Li kong simi also useless"

      why is a Sing Ah Beng (but born in perak - Ftaher was in MCA sucking you know who) commenting here in Singlish?

    9. Wakakakaka……

      In yr twisted sense of Justice, that piece of toilet paper is worth more than the real life encounters of those KLites who r still around!

      U r acting just like those US morons/sycophants/politikus who support kavanaugh confirmation over the seas of evidence & protests!

      Research papers, there r research paper. It depends on who penned the piece & how rigorously r the background investigations r been conducted.

      Reading the chap4 clearly indicating how one-sided is the writer. Perhaps, he got his personal feeling entangled into his work.

      Keep to yr bulls, u r doing alright to please yr master.

    10. a research paper is miles better than bullshit fabrications and idiotic salacious gossips

      you too Keep to yr bulls, u r doing alright to please yr master.

    11. Well…… sooner or later llt's truth will come out!

      Bullshit fabrications and idiotic salacious gossips? As u tried in whitewashing him?

      I sincerely hope that u will be around to fart yr apologist twist. (Please lah, no misquoting).

  6. how u know yeoh support bn? i think she support whoever in power, that make her sound like a whore, maybe she is one. however i have to say she is a good actress, but in real life she is perhaps just another slut.

    1. those have been unkind and unfair abuses. Her father is/was? in MCA so why wouldn't she support BN. It's like saying Sangeet Kaur wouldn't support DAP

    2. Wakakakaka

      Michele Yeoh should go PD now n help TDM n DSAI in the ceramah. The whole PD town will then cheer her on to make her next film.

      Then the Hellhounds become film critics instead.


    3. hellhounds are like rabid feral wolves who are today sucking the dick of Maddy, the man who nurtured UMNO into its notorious state

    4. Rubbish!

      Umno was nurtured into its notorious state by jibby's father.

      Mamak, as an opportunist, just took the advantage to fool all those blur-sotongs!

    5. that means you were NOT born until after 2003

    6. Wakakakakaka…

      Age is ONLY a number while wisdom built on the experiences, past & present, of the olds.

      U waste yr education W/O analysing the past incidents with yr supposedly learnt mind! Tsk… tsk… sigh… flushing through the wc le.

      Re-study the historical notes of umno, especially those NOT from the mainstream.

      Razak is a 1st generation crook, thus the small kleptomaniac appetite (not so daring, malu sikit lah). The next generation learns fast & vast, thus the appetites magnified nth power. Remember, fruits falling not far from the tree?

      What an aged fool who believes in political fairy tales!

    7. Wee Choo Keong's father was also a MCA leader but he supported DAP. His later fallout of course is another matter.

      Dyana Sofya Mohd Daud supported and joined DAP even though her mother is an UMNO member, wakakaka .............

    8. what is your point Peter? That MY's father is MCA but nonetheless she must support DAP?

    9. Wakakakaka .......... I didn't say that but you did!

    10. the point is dad from which party is not relevant, yeo bee yin dad is mca, but she is dap.

      tis oso mean a whore is a whore, regardless whos her dad.

    11. Mahathir - Marina
      Anwar - Nurul
      Lim KS - Lim Hui Ying
      (late) Karpal - Sangeet

      maybe you don't have a father?

    12. Just from the above little exchange...we get to see so glaringly the kind of pervert reasoning Ah Moc is labouring under, exactly like his Sifu boss the Botak Liar RPuKi. That's why they get along so famously, besides the dedak thing of course, wakakakaka. Feathers pun same, otak pun sama.

  7. Tan Seng Giaw asked for it when he said Najib is INNOCENT of any 1MDB crime.
    Of course KT also believes that too. Dont you, KT?

    1. TSG based his assessment on documents provided to him in PAC - TSG is proper in that. But do you want him to fabricate and tell stories like some other DAP leaders?

    2. what I believe in has to come from sighting authenticated evidence which alas, I don't have but which many of you could imagine and speculate to your hearts' content, just as you speculate and wish for Najib to be Altantuyaa's murderer, wakakaka

    3. Then, how about yr postulations about llt?

      2x5, bulls & shit altogether to cover yr using!

    4. The altantuya's case: penny wise pound foolish.

    5. The "other DAP leaders" did NOT fabricate stories.
      It was the truth about 1MDB.
      Stop regurgitating Malaysian Official 1's lies.

      In fact there is more to 1MDB than previously stated, as previously deeply buried information has been uncovered after the Kleptocrat lost control of the Government.

    6. Tan Seng Giaw asked for it in continuing to insist Najib is INNOCENT of any 1MDB crime, as recently as August month.

      A more objective person would now say - I made a statement based on information made available to the PAC at the time.

      I regret to say, subsequent information arising from investigations by Malaysian and foreign law enforcement agencies shows that I was WRONG in declaring Najib as innocent.

    7. I sighted a uni research paper

    8. monster, TSG said that but alas, you deny him the truth, tho' I don't blame you for your dedak-driven fabrications

  8. Wakakakakakakaka

    After last night authentic evidence of TDM and DSAI holding hands and praising each other (without Michele Yeoh as props), Habis lah all the deposits of those election contenders to the new "Lion King".

    Just like Michele Yeoh who is a great actress both on and off the film set, do you think all those on stage speaking like TDM, DSAI, LGE, Mat Sabu, Kak Wan, MB N9 were all great actors/actresses or speaking from the hearts what they really feel like ordinary voters?

    After seeing last night event, Saiful finally shit in his pants, Isa knew Felda scam is coming sooner or later, PAS candidate may decide to be a durian farmer/businessman/ulama instead of an MP and all those critics and speculators of PH conspiracies become tongue tied.

    Now, where was Rafizi and Azmin? Still busy Looting after a great battle in GE14 when their own General is busy fighting another battle?


  9. Next explosive expose ?
    Kevin Morais murder may not be what it seems....

    I don't know what to believe, but it is now part of the court proceedings, as one of the accused has made a statement in court.

  10. Why bother to talk back to DAP supporters? They are full of hate for BN and especially Najib since GE12.

    Since MCA is moribund, I am forced to vote PAS in GE15 to teach those loud, rude, arrogant, unreasonable, moronic DAP supporters a hard lesson. I blame DAP for the lies, slander, fake news which lead to BN/MCA loss.

    It is time for 94% of Chinese Malaysians to suffer for their crimes against Najib and MCA. The 94% Chinese are afraid of PAS. I urge Malays to vote PAS. It is time for them to eat shit under a conservative Islamic Government. I will be dead by them. It won't affect me. I want my nephews to suffer.

    1. The Title above "Thriving on hatred to survive" describes you very aptly.

      It is a clear example of difference between voters of New Malaysia and zombies masquerading as saviours of Race, Religion and Nation.

      Don't like what the majority voted for, you can always Migrate.

    2. Wakakakaka…

      Migrate to where?

      Al Jannah with that 72 virgins along that unending flowing of wine river!

      (Does the good book says anything about their harm nature?)

    3. Thanks to Chinese like you, and based on your kurang ajar-ness and biadap-ness Malays and Muslims love to hate and fCk Chinese Malaysians

    4. Thanks to bleeding hearts(?) like u that the zombies, ketuanan freaks & blur-sotongs WOULD take advantages to blame everything under the bolihland sun onto the Chinese M'sians!

    5. Nostradamus: The DAP promoted hatred to new heights since GE12. All these while Najib had behaved gentlemanly, used reason despite all the hatred spewed by DAP Chinese against him and BN. Najib was attacked by Bersih Chinese remember the altar of death, and how those Chinese stepped onto his face during Bersih. Bersih was 90% Chinese protesters. And many other incidents since of profound hatred against Najib.

      So don't talk hatred to me. DAP started it. DAP Chinese shall suffer for it. It is my turn now to HATE them. If voting PAS to demonstrate my hatred is so hateful to you, so be it.

    6. Nostradamus: I am already overseas. It is because I live overseas that I appreciate the BN government warts and all.

      I flew back to vote BN and MCA in Ampang in GE14. Because I live overseas I did not live in an echo chamber unlike most Chinese Malaysians. They whisper their hatreds against Najib. It echoes back to them/their friends and all started believing and kena reinforced by those malignant echoes, those rubbish lies and slander in Facebook,Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, West MSM, etc that the CIA/DAP/Singaporean Secret Agents promoted to overthrow BN.

      But I blame Chinese Malaysians for the overthrow of BN. I want them to suffer the most. They were the loudest anti-Najib hate-mongerers.

    7. CK - it's the racist vileness of your language

    8. Kiet.. you're a gem. Thank you very much and I hope to meet you one day. God willing.

    9. Wakakakakakaaka

      I really do like this Ktemoc latest Quote "Thriving on Hatred to Survive" which is so apt of losers whether in office or the political sphere of life.

      Another good Quote for those full of hatred for others success should be "While seeking Revenge, dig two graves, one for yourself".


    10. Wakakakakaka…

      "racist vileness of your language"??



      How about direct & straight to the faces of of those concerned? (RD - re-read Nostradamus' post lah!)

      Unlike yr viled breeding hearted diatribes to please those mfers!

    11. U SURE will meet this spurious cinapek m'sian, who claims to live oversea!

      BTW, I too live oversea MOST of the time. I flew back to vote PH in my registered electorate. & I don't get what u have claimed in Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, West MSM, etc that the CIA/DAP/Singaporean Secret Agents promoted to overthrow BN.

      Wakakakakaka…… the CIA/DAP/Singaporean Secret Agents promoted to overthrow BN.

      Maybe in yr hallucinations that induced by those zombieic chants!

      Get REAL for once in yr miserable life of enemies everywhere to get u! A typical siege mentality of the delusional bn melayu.

    12. keat may get 1 thing right, chinese will suffer if under pas, so to chinese, anything but pas? wakaka

  11. Aah, KT, Kiet hit the nail.

    The zombie brigade is just regurgitating echo chamber chatter.

    They are mindless and cannot think.

    To attack Michelle Yeoh as a traitor speaks for these totally stupid people.

    Look at the state of Malaysia now.

    These folks in M'sia will be the ones to suffer....

    Not Michelle. She has a choice to stay anywhere she likes in the world!!!

    1. we attack a whore, not many care if she a traitor that use to kiss najib ass, but we care when a actress that suppose symbolise asian value is actually a whore. ask her to stay in carzy rich spore n dun come back, loose know how to make a whore happy.

  12. The zombie brigade was not even in existence when Michelle Yeoh and her generation worked very hard to be where they are. They depended on themselves, not the government.

    As for dear Mr Lee Lam Thye; history would have taken a different turn had he helmed DAP together with Karpal and the rest. LKS was so afraid Lee would replace him that he planted false news about Lee's wife (a housewife at that). Lee could not stand that his family as being maligned for nothing and decided to step down to avoid fighting and wasting time with folks like LKS.

    All the good men were driven away by the Lim Dynasty.

  13. I flew back to vote PAS, Kiet.

    That was the only choice left. They might be Muslim; but I don't care since they happen to be the most respectable of the lot.

    What has it got to do with my race!!!

    1. I salute you. Even though I am Chinese I am with PAS now for GE15.

      You are right. PAS is the most respectable and least corrupt.

      I think it is time to consider PAS as a serious contender to rule Malaysia. The Chinese must accept the reality that Islamic Rule will descend on Malaysia eventually.

      It is best that the Chinese engage PAS now to ensure a more benign treatment. I believe that PAS is a benign party that the Kelantanese Chinese had learned to live peacefully with for generations. Without hatreds.

      Therefore I consider the MCA tirade against PAS as ill-advised. MCA should just try to work with PAS.

    2. pas under hadi is more racial than umno, hence i believe mca shd have no problem to work with pas, they get used to racist party.

  14. The year is not out and Pakatan is reneging on almost ALL its promises while Najib et al is being pilloried to distract the masses.

    Not to mention its plan to sell off the Crown Jewels, mainly Petronas citing debt woes as a reason.

    Taxes will be going up, the ringgit and KLSE are in a freefall, visitor numbers are down 33 percent and the list continues.

    Not to mention the continued use of the Sedition Act, and countless other "promises" now in cold storage.

    The worse is the utter disregard for the rule of law. By letting LGE off bungalowgate despite overwhelming, prima facie evidence.

    So, let those who voted them suffer.....when they wake up some day, it will be too late.

    Then, these racist Chinese will realise their place.

  15. I see the likes of ck and nostra trying to stifle and shoot any opinion different from theirs.

    This is the pakatan democracy they are preaching.

  16. Actually, I am waiting for Monsterball to wind up 1MDB. But instead he is still servicing/paying the 1MDB's debt.

  17. I just got a feeling that after the slow and quiet disappearance of anonymous BN and UMNO cybertroopers, PAS has ramped up it's cybertroopers engagement with bloggers and commenters in mainstream English news media and blogs in preparation for GE 15.

    I must say they are generally more civil than UMNO cybertroopers , swear less and definitely their English proficiency is much better.

    However most of them camouflage themselves as other races to sway opinions on politics and most always will end up exposing themselves by finally asking to vote no other party except PAS.

    I kinda like all these psychological political game plays and others should not behave like Hellhounds unto them but be more civil when engaging such sleuths.

    After all, both opposing sides in political blogs like Ktemoc will always try to justify their political masters and parties are right in everything whether in Heaven or on Earth.

    Ada Fulus ke? Berapa banyak dapat Pak Haji?

  18. RD moronic Anon (,


    Have u ever realised whatsoever u said CAN be easily reflected onto u & yr kawan sekerusi by interchanging the keyword - bn/ph?

    Guess not. & that's the common trace of all these rd bottom feeders!

    BTW, I like this:

    "The zombie brigade is just regurgitating echo chamber chatter."

    Simply bcoz I have identified the real zombie brigade for yrs! Johny cones lately, like u feeding on the seed money of the Nons at oversea, SHOULDN'T be excluded. In fact they r the worst of the worst.