Saturday, October 27, 2018

Mahathir's 2nd Destruction of UMNO

FMT - Clear message to jump ship during meeting with Dr M, says Zahid (extracts):

KUALA LUMPUR: Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi today admitted that he and other senior party leaders had met with Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Zahid said at the meeting, the message was clear.

The message is very loud and clear that we must jump ship and join PPBM.

“We must dissolve Umno,” he said after delivering the keynote address at the 72nd MIC general assembly at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC).

Zahid said also present at the meeting was his deputy and Umno’s vice-presidents.

He was responding to questions by reporters on whether he had been personally asked by Mahathir to jump ship.

Zahid, however, refused to elaborate further on the meeting with Mahathir.

Previously, it was reported that Mahathir had welcomed Umno members who wanted to join PPBM.

[kaytee note: FMT published PH won’t accept Umno members, says Dr M on 16 may 2018 whilst Bernama published PH will not accept UMNO - Dr Mahathir on 14 September 2018]

[Was that to prevent PKR getting UMNO frogs first?]

[two taxi sapu's in competition? wakakaka]

Zahid also refused to comment on Umno veteran Mustapa Mohamad, better known as Tok Pa, who officially submitted his membership application form to join PPBM to Mahathir, who is the party’s chairman, last night.

“Who is Tok Pa? I don’t know who’s that,” was his response when pressed by the media.

Earlier in his speech, Zahid, who is facing 45 charges related to criminal breach of trust, money laundering and corruption involving more than RM100 million, said he was sure he would not have been charged had he decided to jump ship together with the other Umno leaders who had done so.

He claimed that he was slapped with so many charges because he had refused to jump ship and dissolve Umno and BN.

“I have never seen anyone being slapped with 45 charges. It is a new record in the country and I must congratulate myself.

“I will never jump ship and dissolve Umno and BN. I have to stand firm on this

Not surprised though it makes it more clear why Lim Kit Siang has been constantly harassing UMNO in particular, despite the old Malay party already losing badly in GE14.

And by bizarre stark contrast Lim Kit Siang keeps mum on far more important national issues such as untimely and unnecessary deaths as results of Penang landslides, alcoholic poisoning etc etc etc.

And less than a week ago, Mahathir was reported by the Star of flabbergastingly saying that Zahid:

... must show proof that he has not done anything wrong, says Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad (pic), who insists that the case is not politically-motivated.

“Show proof if he did not do anything wrong, if the 45 charges are made up. If he shows that he did not steal any money and that people were the ones that gave him the money, then show proof and the documents.

I was under the presumption, incorrectly as it seems, that our Malaysian laws work on the principle of a man being innocent until proven guilty.

Also a reminder that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 11, states: "Everyone charged with a penal offence has the right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty according to law in a public trial at which he has had all the guarantees necessary for his defence."

It seems now, under the rule again of the Father of Ops Lalang it shall be the other way, to wit, that Zahid is guilty until he (Zahid) can prove himself to be innocent.

While UMNO leaders haven't been angels since 1981, it makes it clearer and clearer each day that the current persecutions (not just mere prosecutions) of UMNO leaders are beyond mere justice, unless of course like Mustapa Mohamad (Tok Pa) they kuai-kuai jump from UMNO to Pribumi (to be canonised).

I am so grateful to Tun for accepting my application to Pribumi for membership 

Hell hath no fury like a Father scorned.

Yessir, no one fCks around with (or neglect-ignore) Maddy's kids.


  1. I smell a trap laid out by Toonsie. UMNO MPs will have to quit the party and become independents first. Grovel for a while. Burn bridges. Then when they apply to become Bersatu members they will all be rejected. Too late, they can’t go back. UMNO will be dead. Mission accomplished.

    1. Your faith in Mahathir is sooooo adorable! He leads Pribumi. This instantly increases his power in Parliament lah bodoh.

      How long before Pakatoons realize that Pakatan is BN Baru and Pribumi is UMNO Lagi Baru? And we are seeing a rerun of Anwar trying to unseat Mahathir.

    2. Toonsie knows all the UMNO MPs are warlords, their followers are the very reason why UMNO has self-destructed. Accepting the warlords into his party will result in a mass migration of disease and pestilence into Bersatu. Toonsie is a medical doctor. He understands this. Not worth it, even if it is a hundred seats. Hopefully Tok Pa will be the last one accepted.

      Bersatu will only accept members with no political baggage - Marzuki

      Bersatu is ready to accept any individual wishing to join the party if he or she has no issues related to integrity, abuse of power or involvement in any corruption scandal.

      Penang Bersatu chairperson Marzuki Yahya said the party had a special committee to assess and examine each membership application prior to approval.

      "Our struggle is to empower the Malays as well as to make this a dignified party," he told reporters after handing over donations to the Indian community and allocating funds to 29 schools and several NGOs totalling RM140,000 in conjunction with the Deepavali celebration in Butterworth, today.

      Marzuki, who is also Deputy Foreign Minister, also commented on the inclusion of several new members including former top BN leader and Jeli MP Mustapa Mohamed, yesterday, describing it as a form of positive migration.

      "We welcome the matter (Mustapa's membership), and I am confident that he joined on the basis of supporting the party's struggle," he said.

      He added that the party would never accept former deputy prime minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi into the party as he was embroiled in various issues that tarnished his own party's dignity and that of the previous government.

      "We will not accept him (Zahid); in fact, Umno is now considered irrelevant... becoming even worse after losing power," he said.

    3. If he can even bodek Anwar to win power, what is letting former comrades into his new party to stay in power? Nothing is more entertaining than watching true believers bending over ... sorry I mean bending believe in the virtue of their heroes...

  2. I don't think its about the destruction of Umno. My guess, the Dr. is reminding PKR/DAP to behave and be good boys. That is to say PBBM has the numbers.Maybe its about the weakening of PKR? The way PKR party election is going, it looks as if its a split right down the middle. The Dr. making hay while the sun shines, while pm in waiting sweats?

  3. Actually Toonsie doesn't have to do anything to destroy UMNO. Jibby in his plane crash Al Jazeera interview is doing a damn good job, pulling UMNO down with him with his feeble excuses. Because UMNO received hundreds of millions of ringgit from Jibby.

  4. The only thing missing now is the Pakatan Samy Vellu.

    Malaysian politics is going back to its natural state. From Alliance to BN to Pakatan. From UNMO to UMNO Baru to Pribumi.

    And the new Kapitan Cina can actually win votes on its own compared to it predecessor.

    All is well with Malaysia! Syabas!

    And corruption gets a healthy infusion of new blood!

  5. In the first episode of the first season of SF anthology series "Metal Hurlant Chronicles", a King is dying and his successor is chosen by a duel between rivals to the throne.

    The twist at the end of the plot?

    The winner is beheaded and the dying King's head is transplanted to the body of the beheaded victor.


    Long Live Authoritarianism!!!!

  6. Persecution if UMNO leaders ?
    What a lot of Bullshit.

    These UMNO leaders stole billions from the people of Malaysia. We have been saying thus for decades. Finally they are getting to face justice.

    I'm wondering how many Dedak paid in cold-hard Australian Dollars the writer has received to be spewing such crap.

    1. cheap accusation from a dedak makan-er himself

    2. The prince of the dedak makan-er himself ( Ah Moc ) still going on with this tactic basi ? aiyoyo.'s that king of dedak makan-er in his fugitive hiding hole of Manchester, hehehehe? Heard that he now acquired a brand new BMW for himself, out with the old, in with the new eh ?...heck, he could have a fleet of these new spanking babes if he's so inclined, being the King of Dedak ! So prince, what model is your preference ? Surely not Proton Boyeou...boyeou means takde minyak la, tak boleh jalan !

    3. A majority of Malaysians would consider bringing to justice UMNO plutocrats and kleptocrats as a long overdue and richly deserved action.

      It is a hilarious sign of how far the author has gone over to De Dak side that he considers this - in the author's own words - as "persecution" of the UMNO leaders quote unquote

    4. "UMNO plutocrats and kleptocrats"

      You mean like Mahathir, Anwar, Muhyiddin and Daim?

    5. You are welcome to make police reports against Mahathir, Anwar, Muhyiddin and Daim, as well as Lim Guan Eng, if you have concrete information on their criminal misdeeds.

      Not just idle allegations mind you...

    6. [Stifled guffaws]...a live one...someone who thinks Daim's wealth is clean...all politicians should have true believers like you ...wakakakaka..

  7. 'A majority of Malaysians would consider bringing to justice UMNO plutocrats and kleptocrats'

    Stop kong chiao weh..Monsterball.

    1. Of course lah - minus the ketuanan freaks, the zombies & the blur-sotongs!

      Is that encompassed 60+% of the populace?

      What an arithmetic projection linking all the above mentioned as diehard jibby ass-lickers!

      If that's the case,

      1) the current implosion of umno IS a FRAUD!

      2) the pus/pas/pis extra voting count IS a FRAUD!

      Wakakakakaka… goyang kaki dekat sungai nile

  8. when we shout about freedom of association do we really mean it? parties that chooses to associate with thieves and dubious tainted characters risk being rejected by voters, it is their call, simple as that, I would like to think voters are more informed and discerning now and they are more concerned about policies and governance and the chapatis they are promised

  9. Replies
    1. Piang eh! All bend down and tong keng for whoever..wakakaka.

    2. Just like u, to yr fake god!

    3. Go on squeezing your testicles CK..wakakaka

    4. Tell that to that teloq buster lah!

      He will appreciate how yr failed zombieic effort manifested as a mindless devotion to a fake God!