Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Sikh commandos to get RPK

from the Star Online 

According to Malaysian anti-RPK Hell-Hounds, the Canadian Sikh Motorcycle Club, commando-like under a fatwa to 'Geli RPK' whatever it takes, will ride their aqua-able motorbikes across the North Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Manchester UK to get RPK. 

For Atlantic Ocean sea state, please see analysis here by the US Ocean Prediction Center.

The riders-commandos are also advised that in the UK, VAT (GST) rate currently stands at 20% - this part of the news is NOT fake, wakakaka.

For more, read the Star Online's Sikh bikers confronting Raja Petra in Manchester? No such thing:


  1. RPuKi needs to remember....its the one you don't see who gets you.

    The Sikhs were one of the most militarised political-religious entities in India.
    They fought the Moghul Empire, and chose martyrdom rather than submit to the Moghuls forced conversion to Islam.

    The British highly appreciated the Sikhs gallantry, loyalty and martial spirit.
    Multiple Sikhs serving the British Army were awarded the Victoria Cross during WWII, at El Alamein, Burma and Italy.

    Don't play-play with a Khalsa warrior by insulting their religion....
    time for RPuKi balls to shrink...

    1. Just curious whether the Afghanistan Talibans also got a similar motorcycle club? If there is perhaps could try to get sponsors to request them to go to Manchester to protect RPK.

  2. Wakakakakaka

    Instead of Canadian bikers paying him a visit from across the Atlantic, it is more like Scotland Yard Anti-terrorism units bringing him in to court soon to face UK Hate Crimes Law.

    It would be better RPK seek sanctuary in a British jail than waiting for some Khalsa warriors paying him a visit.

    The ex-PM of India (Indera Ghandi) with all the Indian Intelligence agencies at their disposal also could not detect 2 Khalsa warriors among her bodyguards.

    What does RPK have? MIEO protection?

    Better live to tell another story for another day and enjoy the benefits given by turning mercenary blogger than to continue to be a die-hard Mohican fighting a lost cause.

    His days as a mercenary blogger is dead. Learn to survive in the reservations.