Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Pribumi recruiting now

FMT - Is PPBM trying to be Umno? by TK Chua:

Tok Pa became a frog,. expressing his "gratitude" to Mahathir & Pribumi for accepting him

for him to be accepted, presumably he must be a rare "clean" ex-UMNO person

Some pundits cautioned earlier that once Dr Mahathir Mohamad assumed prime-ministership, he might stage a “coup” to entice Umno MPs to join PPBM.

It looks like the process has begun, and I think it is going to be ugly and destabilising.

MM Online - Dr M: ‘No way’ Umno will be welcomed into Pakatan

I have nothing personal against Mustapa Mohamed, but why are they arguing about who is acceptable from Umno and who is not?

Did Mustapa express anything before the election? As far as I know, he was very much an Umno leader and a minister before Umno was defeated.

Why are we accepting and believing whatever he says now, after Umno’s defeat?

I accept that in life we may change positions or even principles. But surely we must also look at all this with circumspection, especially when political circumstances have changed. To me, regardless of who they are, everything must be taken with a heavy pinch of salt.

Do we know what the beauty of Pakatan Harapan (PH) is? It is a four-party coalition that respects each group as equal regardless of size. PKR and DAP have never exerted more than their power permits. I really hope PPBM and Amanah will learn to appreciate this. Everyone is doing the best they can to support the prime minister from PPBM.

So tell me, why is PPBM recruiting Umno MPs? Is it to become “independently” strong? Why is Amanah so quick to support the move? Do its leaders feel more secure riding on PPBM?

Is PPBM pushing to become Umno? Have its leaders not learned that a Barisan Nasional (BN) dominated by Umno ultimately failed?

BN was never a coalition in spirit and intent even during Mahathir’s first tenure as prime minister. BN was essentially Umno in disguise. BN was Umno masquerading as a power-sharing multiracial coalition.

Is PPBM going to behave like Umno in PH, a dominant party getting ready to bulldoze other partners in the coalition?

When a party in a coalition becomes dominant, many things happen. First, accountability and checks and balances are thrown out of the window.

Second, corruption and race-centric policies may set in. Third, minor coalition partners may no longer enjoy support.

The four partners in PH have stayed together through thick and thin to fight for a new Malaysia. At the very least, they must give themselves the opportunity to work through what they believe and promise to the people.

I urge caution. Don’t start a process that will destabilise everything we fought for.

son. just focus on your Sudoku, don't say anything like "you promise not to accept UMNO" or ..... 


  1. [ Ahli Parlimen Gua Musang, Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah menyifatkan lamaran terhadap wakil rakyat Umno untuk menyertai BERSATU umpama ular sawa dijemput masuk ke dalam sarang ular lidi.

    “Ini cerita ular sawa dijemput masuk sarang ular lidi. Tak taulah saya,” katanya ketika diminta mengulas laporan berita yang mendakwa beberapa ahli parlimen Umno sedang membuat pertimbangan dengan teliti untuk menyertai BERSATU.

    Tengku Razaleigh, yang juga adalah pengerusi Jemaah Penasihat Umno, berkata parti Melayu tertua itu tidak akan terkubur jika hanya terdapat beberapa ahli parlimen dan pemimpinnya melompat parti.]

    1. [Tidak Akan Keluar Dari Umno, Saya Ada Maruah Diri- Hishammuddin]

  2. PPBM is a party with shallow grassroots with limited organisation.
    The few seats it won were heavily dependent of existing PKR, Amanah and DAP supporters. PPBM lost the largest portion of the seats it contested.

    There is no way Mahathri can use PPBM to simply supplant UMNO. A party is not just its MPs, it is the grassroots.
    UMNO , for all its woes, still has very a very large support base. It is not going anywhere.

    1. Eeerrr...ever heard of UMNO Baru.. same "hero" pulled it of la...you stupid fucking idiot.

    2. "A party is not just its MPs, it is the grassroots.
      UMNO , for all its woes, still has very a very large support base. It is not going anywhere."

      Exactly as I wrote in my comment to the earlier blog "A Malay War?"

      If UMNO remains after most of its MPs have jumped ship, more than enough of its 3.6 million members will come forward to contest for seats in the next general election or byelection and depending upon the sentiment in the Malay ground in their constituency or constituencies at the time, the seat could likely fall back to UMNO.

      If UMNO is somehow declared illegal and is deregistered, those 3.6 million members could come together to form a new party, provided internal rivalries between factions do not tear them apart.

      If they cannot form a new party or a prevented from doing so by the present government, what some of these 3.6 million members do after that could be unpredictable.

  3. Replies
    1. Yes, Tian Chua - what say y-o-o-o-o-u?

      Tian Chua has been rather low-profile in PKR for some years before GE14 and remains pretty low-profile today.

      I wonder why.

  4. There will be a lawatan sambil belajar to Taiwan this weekend, all UMNO MPs invited. All expenses paid, plus pocket-money.

    1. Halal food and entertainment provided.

    2. Leniency in past undertable indulgences will be considered!


    3. Past undesirable acts get minimised to "misdemeanours" to use the term from the author, dependent on "cooperation".

  5. If events were to unfold as intended, then my prediction would be Muhkriz to beat Khairi to the PM's post ?

    1. Mukhriz must pray his dad lives on

    2. Mamak WOULDN'T have a dynasty like the razak & onn!

      The Machiavellian gene has remained dormant past him - too bad for the offsprings but definitely good for the country.

    3. And what dynasties do those 2 have exactly?

    4. Wakakakakaka…

      The dynasty of 阿斗 - aka a useless 2nd generation of silver-spooned pmship.

      Though onn could fair a better faith through karma!

    5. Razak Dynasty did not last beyond the 2nd Emperor....because of the son's own greed and misteps.

      The Onn Dynasty never took off. The father was a very decent man, the son KerisHisham.......a slimy chameleon... but he might be among those who jump to Pribumi for the sake of survival...

  6. if you think about it, it's not such a bad idea actually, with such overwhelming numbers perhaps pH could stay in power forever wakakaka, pas would become irrelevant and redundant...those umno frogs would bring with them a sizable grassroots malays who would have to eat their words and show the kampung folks that the dap is actually not that evil to work with after all wakakaka again

  7. "I urge caution. Don’t start a process that will destabilise everything we fought for."

    This is what Cina don't understand. You did fight. Just not the fight you thought you were fighting.

    You were foot soldiers in a Greater UMNO internal struggle.

    You helped Mahathir win leadership of Greater UMNO.

    Pribumi, PKR, UMNO Baru, Amanah, these are all branches of Greater UMNO.

    *This* *is* the stable state.

    1. Don't leave out PUS... which has revealed itself no less a Ketuanan feeder.

  8. https://www.msn.com/en-my/news/national/cops-urged-to-take-statements-from-najib-rosmah-in-connection-to-altantuya-case/ar-BBP5gvx?ocid=spartandhp

    Ramkarpal says it.... time to reopen investigation into Rosmah and Najib's involvement in Altantuya murder....

  9. Tok Pa is now a PPBM Frog ....
    Kind of sad...he was actually one of the more decent and capable UMNO leaders.

    One of my buddies was a contemporary of his as an Economics student, many decades ago, at the University of Melbourne, Australia's top University.

    Tok Pa was the brightest student in his class, 1st Class Honours.