Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Mahathir & Singapore

FMT - Johor MB hopes Mahathir will revive crooked bridge project:

Wakakaka, we can guess where Osman Sapian obtained his "bright idea" from, considering he is a Pribumi Party member.

Back in April 2015, Today reported:

Malaysia’s Prime Minister Najib Razak broke his promise to construct the “Crooked Bridge” linking Johor to Singapore’s side of the Causeway, Dr Mahathir Mohamad has claimed.

The former prime minister told blogger Din Turtle in an interview, which was uploaded on the blog yesterday (April 11), that Mr Najib had said to the media at one time that Malaysia would build the bridge, with or without Singapore’s agreement.

“I was a little bit unhappy that he didn’t do it; he’d promised,” Dr Mahathir said. “It’s not like I wanted to get the contract (for the bridge). I didn’t want to get the contract.

“But my attitude is, I don’t want to ‘kow tow’ to Singapore,” he added, using a colloquial term that means “submit”.

Dr Mahathir also criticised Mr Najib for asking for Singapore’s agreement in the planned Kuala Lumpur-Singapore high-speed rail link project.

“Are we independent or are we colonials of Singapore? I’m a little proud lah; I have my national pride. I don’t want to bow down to anyone,” said Dr Mahathir.

He also claimed that Mr Najib had told him once at dinner that there is an agreement on the Causeway connecting Johor Baru and Singapore that prohibits projects involving the road link unless both Malaysia and Singapore agree on them.

“There’s no such agreement. We can do things on our side and it’s up to them to do whatever they want on their side,” said Dr Mahathir.

Mr Najib told TV3 in a televised interview on Thursday that Dr Mahathir had wanted the BR1M policy scrapped and the “Crooked Bridge” to be revived, two issues which he said could have been part of the reason why the former PM increased his criticisms towards him

at least Maddy beat LKY in the longevity race

And Malaysia cancelled several big projects because the Finance Minister said we are broke, yet our PM talks about National Car No 3, a man-made island at Middle Rocks (to kacau Sing?) and who knows, we may possibly see the resurrection of the Crooked Bridge.

As Mahathir said back in 2015: “But my attitude is, I don’t want to ‘kow tow’ to Singapore.”

“Are we independent or are we colonials of Singapore? I’m a little proud lah; I have my national pride. I don’t want to bow down to anyone.” 

There have been rumours about his relationship with Sing, wakakaka, which stemmed back to his young university days.


  1. This is why it was important for AI to win PD. PKR and DAP just got stronger in Harapan. Bersatu was the loser in the by-election. The clock is ticking for TDM, and will tick faster if the national car and crooked bridge projects are revived.

    Bersatu with it's weak cabinet ministers (Rina "Who?" Harun, Maszlee "Black and White" Malek, Syed "He-Man Bro" Saddiq) and weak MBs like the Johor one will soon be dust, with a 93-year old leader and a deputy who is undergoing medical treatment / remission.

    The best idea he has come up with after 5 months as MB is to revive the crooked bridge. If built it will be a Monument of Shame, to perpetually display to the world how two neighbouring nations, born of the same mother, simply cannot get along.

  2. TDM back to helping his Mahathirist cronies as payback for funding BERSATU or PH coalition during the last GE14?

    Or is it because of the demands by the Johor Sultanate?

    An open passage thru the Johor Straits with the Crooked bridge will allow ships to bypass Singapore Port and make other ports in Port Klang, Johore or even Melaka prosper and grab more shipping business.

    It is not just a simple case of TDM's pride as it is made out to be.

    It may lead to War when Singapore thinks it's survival is at stake or the Americans might interfere by helping it's ally by building a canal across the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand via a tripatite JV agreement between them.

    Singapore must be praying everyday TDM kick the bucket soon so that his idea of a crooked bridge remains suspended and not jeopadised their port business and economy.

    1. This is so laughable:

      " the Americans might interfere by helping it's ally by building a canal across the Isthmus of Kra in Thailand via a tripatite JV agreement between "

      Hahaha utter rubbish. Americans wants to help Singapore by blocking construction of Kra Canal!!


      Those traitors in Pakatan especially DAP wants to stop ECRL to help Singapore (DAP=PAP traitors) which doubles as land-base "Kra Canal" via Port Klang to Pekan. Let some DAP politicians tell us how much in their bank accounts in Singapore.

      ECRL will help China bypass Singapore, a staunchly unashamedly anti-China country peopled by ex-Chinese banana descendants of China. Why do you think China invested heavily in Malaysia during Najib era? And ignored Singapore completely eg confiscated the Terrax tanks in HK, Xi skipped Singapore during Indonesia/Malaysia/Thailand summits.

      Yes SG is not trusted by China but Malaysia trusted. But of course those 94% traitors voted SG-backed DAP into power so ECRL can be cancelled.....

    2. https://www.firstpost.com/india/thailands-kra-canal-project-is-chinas-masterplan-to-secure-beijings-interests-assert-influence-in-asean-indian-ocean-region-4420647.html

      sorry this is correct link

    3. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malaccamax


      Malaccamax ships cannot use Straits of Johor which has a maximum depth of only 12 m

      The crooked bridge is never a threat to Singapore. But ECRL is. 53 million tons of cargo is expected to bypass Singapore ports by 2030 once ERCL is finished....


      Yes those DAP traitors are doing their best to cancel ECRL because they answer to Singapore and not Malaysian voters. And 94% Chinese Malaysians voted to allow Singapore to dominate shipping at Malaysians expense.

  3. Singapore over the years has no interest in and has vetoed any upgrade or improvement to the current link.

    It is an exercise in selfishness because they see the Causeway link as benefiting Malaysia more, all the Malaysian workers crossing daily.

    What Singapore really want is the HSR, which would free up valuable capacity in Changi Airport for long haul and other international flights.
    That's why all the loud protests and threats over the cancellation of the HSR.
    Supported by Blur Sotong Malaysians who simply swallow the Singapore propaganda line.