Saturday, July 13, 2013

The waters of Rantau Panjang

My post title is not about the floods that the citizens of Rantau Panjang experienced seasonally. I'm talking about the water they drink.

Hmmm, is there something in it? Has the budu factory upstream of Rantau Panjang town been leaking its product into the river (wakakaka)? Please read my 2006 post Has Aphrodisiac Budu Been Responsible?

Or is Rantau Panjang the licentious capital of Malaysia?

I asked because a woman MP from PAS had very recently suggested that the government enact laws to prevent women from wearing 'indecent' clothing, in order to curb sexual crimes.

Alamak, the young sweeties could be in trouble for not wearing hijab
in KB Muslim women not wearing hijab have been fined

By now it's common knowledge that one of PAS 'moral police' MPs had made the usual rant against women affairs but this time I can't label this person as a misogynist because the person is a woman.

I am of course referring to sweetie Siti Zailah Mohd Yusoff, our dear PAS MP from Rantau Panjang, who made the 'indecent clothing' statement in the Dewan Rakyat during the motion of thanks to HM for his royal address.

Sweetie alleged that the wearing by other sweeties of short pants and short dresses were among the factors for sexual crimes. Hasn't she been absolutely brilliant in her analysis of sexual crimes, coming from a part of Malaysia (and not just Kelantan) where, based on news reports, incest happens more often than in the rest of Malaysia?

The laws she wanted, preventing women wearing ‘indecent’ clothing must be her fantastic contribution to crime fighting which I have to admit our police seem to have lost control of.

Sweetie said: "This culture of women wearing short pants ... it is indecent. Take for example the dressing of stewardess."

Oh oh oh, sweetie was obviously referring to Air Asia’s uniform for the airline’s cabin crew sweethearts, and looking at the photo below, can you blame her, wakakaka.

the one in centre is really slutty but kinda cute

Siti Zailah, who is also the PAS Muslimat chief, said "Maybe this (trend) [of women wearing indecent clothing] is because BN leaders (are) bringing in artistes from (South) Korea."

Wow, she shifted her rifle scope from Air Asia girls to Psy and his team. Me personally, I prefer Korean sweeties like Oh In-Hye or Jo Yeo Jeong.

Oh In-Hye

Jo Yeo Jeong

About Air Asia girls I read in an Aussie online site ( that Aussie traveler Jamie enthused about those sweeties, saying: "Call me crazy, but every time I have flown Air Asia their flight attendants have been super-hot, totally made-up (sometimes borderline drag queen, but usually tasteful) and have nice figures. Strange because with a budget airline you would think they would be hags!"

Cheeky bloke. We Malaysians don’t have hags, and please don't frighten our dear esteemed Ibrahim Ali who also hails from the same part of the world as sweetie Siti Zailah, and a bloke who has declared he prefers sub-50 sweethearts because he, the defender of Islam and Malaydom, Ibrahim Ali, said 50-year old women are no longer fun.

Obviously, the remit of Perkasa extends far beyond issues of mere Malaydom, wakakaka.

Incidentally, for Aussie Jamie, we in Malaysia only have mature women. Hags once existed in Brave Scotland but only for a bloke like Macbeth, wakakaka.

anyone 50 years old or above?

Now why do I blame the waters of Rantau Panjang for sweetie Siti Zailah's anti-indecent laws? Well, seven years ago, her parliamentary predecessor, Abdul Fatah Harun, the honourable PAS member for Rantau Panjang told parliament “If we see women who don’t have husbands and are divorced not because their husbands are dead, (it must be because) they are ‘gatal sikit’” - for more please see my 2006 post Gatal versus miang.

Wakakaka, see what I mean about the waters of Rantau Panjang!

Two PAS MPs from there obviously have sex and sweet bodies on their minds.

And that bloke Abdul Fatah Harun believed (maybe still does) that a divorcee would be licentious, lewd and lascivious when the probability of the poor divorcee being what she is could be due more to lamentable marriage relationship, like having an abusive husband and/or in-laws, financial problems worsening the marriage relationship, being discarded by ex hubby for a newer 'model', or maybe 50 years old or above a la Ibrahim Ali's mindset, etc, rather than being gatal.

Nonetheless, I am sure the voters of Rantau Panjang know what they were doing when they sent such anti-gatal anti-indecent dressing champions to federal parliament as their representatives (voice).

Hah sex, it makes the PAS world go round and round.

gorgeous Honey Lee Han-Nui, 30 years old, 5' 9"
model, classical musician, actress, singer
graduate of Seoul National University
(bachelor degree and a masters)


  1. I may be wrong but the impression I have of some Malays is that they are obsessed with sex. There used to be a column in Utusan Malaysia where good Malays discussed their obligations about sex (mostly). My Malay friends on the other hand never made a fuss about a woman's clothing, etc. I still think that a woman in a Baju Kurung is more sexy than one in a bikini but then I may be a pervert(!) in that respect.

    But rape has nothing to do with a woman's is a sheer exercise in power. That's why some armies use it as a weapon of war. Put simply the problem is largely what is in a man's mind. If you can educate people that every woman is somebody's daughter, sister, partner, etc and it could be theirs, the problem will be largely remedied.

  2. Oooo.....korean hotties any time to our local bertudung hitam manis. Ibrahim Ali, eat your heart out......if this meeejit were to stand next to drop-dead gorgeous Honey Lee, he could only smell her armpits...'sweetie' indeed graduated from the prestigious top korean uni (SNU) and she was Miss Korea for 2006 and the 3rd runner-up for Miss Universe in 2007 at Mexico City. Anyone having the hots for her can catch her in the current kdrama "Shark" although her part in the drama is that of a secondary supporting role. Btw...South Korean gals are very fond of going about in v v short skirts, even in the winter months but their country's record of incest and rapes and 'buang bayi' lose out to our tanah air by a long shot. This blogger might be could all be due to the waters causing all these gatal-ness, heheheh

  3. Some men regard scantily clad women as more than for "the eyes only". Upbringing and repeatedly being told that those women are inviting trouble may be the cause. Women who ignore the risk posed by these men may be targetted for sexual assault.

    1. Mmmm....there might be something there about scantily clad women being more than for the eyes. Not everything is about 'wielding power' when women are abused/raped.

      Was at a shopping mall the other day and chanced upon a security guard oogling at a mannequin modelling inner wear ( read : dressed in just the bra and panties )....what was striking is not the mannequin which is a dime a dozen in shop windows dressed in bras and panties or sometimes are even nude, but what caught my attention was the security guard standing there oblivious to all, eyes glued fast to the scanty-clad plastic female form while his one of his HANDS was furtively stroking his bulging manhood ! Was he trying to show his power and angst against women ?

  4. There are muslims out there who are shooting young muslim girls for wanting to go to school and get an education and istead of helping to highlight the obscenities against these children, she is more concerned about propriety in ladies dressing lest it overwhelm some chauvinistic pig's libido

    1. There are 1.6 Billion Muslims in the world. Please don't condemn all of them just because of the actions of some idiotic individuals.

      Just a few months ago, some idiotic Chinese soldiers machine-gunned Tibetan youths who protested against being forced to learn only Chinese language , no Tibetan allowed in their schools.

      Does that mean all Chinese are chauvinistic pigs ?

      Some times I wonder....

    2. My English must be going into the drain, I read and read and still can't pin-point which part of what you wrote described what the other guy condemned you of describing!!1 ;-<, I'm also wondering .......

  5. Alahai KT... she is a people representative. She has got the right to say what she wants lah.. irrespective whether we like/agree or not lah. It is freedom of expression kan? Apa tah lagi if you are an MP?

    I know a picture paints a thousand words.... tetapi di dalam bulan ini kalau boleh jangan lah yang revealing sangat.. maklum sahaja lah because some of your visitors are Muslims and walau pun you are jauh di mata... you are still a Malaysian kan.. :)

    1. I have quite a number of malay friends....real friends, not the fakey type that just got together for convenience' sake or those that just 'tolerate' each other. And this Anon9:36 am reminds me so much of all my dear malay friends....when he courteously pleaded..."I know a picture paints a thousand words.... tetapi di dalam bulan ini kalau boleh jangan lah yang revealing sangat.. maklum sahaja lah because some of your visitors are Muslims and walau pun you are jauh di mata... you are still a Malaysian kan.. :)".....this is the sopan santun true malays that thankfully are still around, so unlike the obnoxious loud-mouth threatening so-called-muslim barbarians that crowded the MSM almost on a daily basis now.

      May you have a peaceful and blessed Ramadan, Anon 9:36 am

      From a chinese commentator

      ( far 'knowing' our blogger very sure he had no intention of deliberately provoking....just that he most likely forgot we are just into the Ramadan month and he and the other commentators here are merely responding to the MP's cry for the women folks to cover up ).

  6. Can it be denied that if a woman reveals more of her flesh, she will be catching greater attention from men ? Some will be aroused sufficiently to sexually assault the woman when an opportunity arises.

    We condemn Siti Zailah for her narrow-minded view. But our sisters will pay a huge price if they are oblivion to her advice/warning.

  7. I've wondered a few times since GE13 whether the Chinese, in their determination to "punish" Barisan Nasional are actually inadvertently hastening the slide towards an Islamic state.
    It could happen in two ways, both factors being at work.

    UMNO has written off the Chinese vote bank, and GE13 has proven that they can retain power without any Chinese support. Their focus is now safeguarding the conservative rural Malay vote. It will do that by proving they can protect Islam better than PAS.
    Its really a cynical exercise, because most UMNO leaders are not clean-living, Allah-fearing types. You'll give up trying to count the number of costly luxury cars outside the PWTC during the UMNO General Assembly.
    It is an effective strategy nevertheless, due to UMNO's control of the MSM, print and televised media. The rural folks seldom wonder how UMNO Ketua Bahagian can grow so rich, while the kampung people still eat pucuk-ubi for dinner.

    The other "slippery slope" is, BN/UMNO could well lose GE14, a distinct possibility. A PR Federal Government could well increase the Islamisation of the country, regardless of Chinese concerns. On Islamic religious matters, PAS is dominant in PR.
    PKR is weak in this matter, with the incessant charges of moral turpitude thrown against Anwar Ibrahim , whether true or false.

    DAP could well find itself in a tough "no win" corner.

    1. "A PR Federal Government could well increase the Islamisation of the country..."

      No, according to some pro-BN bloggers and newspapers, a PR win is a plot by Chinese and / or Christians to take over the Govt.

    2. Whatever the scenario, in the near and further future, there really is no permanent role for the non muslims to play in this country. Short term impermanent role will be, as mentioned above, the hastening process by the non muslims, especially the chinese, to push Malayia to become an islamic country. Sabah and Sarawak will also succumb and be overwhelmed to be malay muslim majority one way or another.

      The more well-heeled non muslims have already seen the inevitable fate awaiting them.....thus we see them putting Plan B into place by forbidding their children educated overseas from returning to their homeland and instead advising them to plant new roots in other climes and seek new, safer havens as far away as possible from islamic countries. DAP is fighting the good fight BUT will end up nowhere as the muslims here see them only as stepping stone for Ketuanan.... Ketuanan Melayu as well as Ketuanan Islam. Kesian lah those non muslims who found themselves unable to escape.....

    3. Anon 433, you've hit the bull's eye.

    4. Friend,

      You speak as if sooner or later the Nons are certain to face prosecution and death in this country, similar to what Hitler did to the Jews (The Holocaust) and to how the Whites treated the Blacks or Negroes (Slavery and The Apartheid).

      I think you should know that Islam believes in a multiracial society. Bilal was a big black monstrous black from Africa. He was a slave under the Pagans. Islam freed Bilal from slavery. Bilal decided to become a Muslim. Bilal was given the honour to call the first Azan (the call to prayer) in the world. Bilal held that position for a very long time.

      Please get real my friend. I am a Malay/Muslim. I belief the best thing for this country is secularism. Not a dogmatic western secularism but a balanced secularism which encapsulates the best of the east and the west.

      Feel me?


    5. Hasan,
      So what sort of secularism you prefer? India one? I am very happy since you have demonstrated such thought. Perhaps, this is also the reminder to the majority muslim brothers in Malaysia why such utterances troubled the non muslims.
      You see if we are not assetive enough. We may end up like the muslims in India kenna bullied by certain extremist Hindus in India. When that happens it would be too late? Enjoy the youtube

    6. Yes there is harrowing situation of religious grievances in India. The Indian government has Article 295A of the Indian Penal Code to address any religious fundamentalism. Their laws are very clear. Although the aforesaid law appears to be transgressing the line of freedom of expression, I think it is necessary for the sake of peace and harmony.

      OTH, the Muslims must get rid of the stigma and the Nons’ prejudices/phobias that Muslims are hell bent on revolution a’ la Iran. In the first place Iran is not the centre of Islam. There was no such revolution or coup during the era of Muhammad. The Qur’an has asked the believers to follow the example of Muhammad.

      Therefore, the many powerful clerics/ulamaks should please come out with fatwas to stop the religiously inclined from rebelling or blowing themselves up in the name of Islam.

  8. 1. the local taliban/talibanita can't even differentiate between a sin and a crime. women not 'properly attired' is a sin but rape is a crime and the rapist is subjected to the hudud law. alcohol drinking is a sin but the drinker will be fined rm3,000 in the syariah court and make sure the receipt is kept for the judgement day. what they only good at is to blame, blame & blame & hukum, hukum & hukum.
    2. nevertheless, there are some of 'them' including the ones sitting in the central committee are different...they are called 'bad boys'.

  9. [Please get real my friend. I am a Malay/Muslim. I belief the best thing for this country is secularism. Not a dogmatic western secularism but a balanced secularism which encapsulates the best of the east and the west.
    Feel me? -hasan ]

    We warmly welcome sane voices like those from encik hasan but...but alas, encik hasan, yours is a 'minority' voice, EXTREMELY in the minority in fact, completely drowned out. The non Muslims will heed your optimism to their own perils.

    1. The silent Malays/Muslims are not so blind as those who do not want to see. Get my drift?

      I would wish you all the best and happiness to you in your new country. What else can I say?


    2. Hasan said "...wish you all the best and happiness to you in your new country."

      New country? Emigrate?

    3. Anon 1230... I think if you read all that I have written carefully, I am demonstrating my desire for every Malaysian to stay and play our part in creating a true plural/multiracial society.


  10. Kaytee,
    Time to summon Bill warner's lecture on Islam. Enjoy!

  11. 3C's sweetie Teresa Kok looks really good in a baju kurung.....wakaakaka...

    Too bad she seems to be such a committed Christian...

  12. Hasan,
    Your view wins my applause.
    Please let me know, how to make more Malays think like you ?

    1. The vast majority of Malays/Muslims wish Nons no physical harm. They know that their tomorrows will be increasingly interconnected with Nons and the future lies in mutual co-operation. They are not interested in power and are more concerned with their personal relationship with God.


    2. It's a pity your 'majority' rarely or never come forward to defend the nons when their basic rights are trampled. The nons are often short-changed because of their small numbers. The nons cannot get justice without the help from your 'majority' !

    3. It could signify human corruption. We all have to examine and must confront it.


  13. Oh In Hye wins dress of the year award... do you have more pics of this type. Wow what a turn on!!!

    Do we need reason to appreciate beauty displayed so blatantly tantalising? It sure is a pleasure to admire.

    1. hye....she who causes an uproar in South KOrea....she had to ward off castigations from all around..." a slutty nobody starlet looking for short-cut way to be included in the Korean Wave....with barely covered silicon-filled meatloaves looking dangerously about to fall off her chest" (quoted from one of their infamous online chatlines). Unfortunately for her.....that's about all the 3 minute of fame she managed to garner when she ventured out in that itsy bitsy red gown. She just faded away from media attention after the initial fuss and so far, no directors offer her any mainstream acting role. Poor starlet girl....but at least, nobody in Korea asked her to be stoned to death nor any taliban-wannabe seeking their brand of 'justice' on her via cutting off her nose or streaking her face with acid. Good thing she lives in the mainly Confucian state of good old Korea.

  14. All things considered, I still prefer BN-UMNO to Pakatan-PAS.
    The issues raised above are just one more reason why.

    1. Yes, the BN-UMNO so rightly described by Bung Moktar in Parliament yesterday : (extract from Hansard DR-15072013)
      Datuk Bung Moktar bin Radin [Kinabatangan, responding to Azmin Ali's complaint about the lack of transparency in the Implementation Coordination Unit (ICU)]: Terima kasih. Saya rasa Yang Berhormat sudah lama meninggalkan UMNO sebab itu dia tidak tahu apa perkembangan... [Tepuk] Sebetulnya, kita pun Ahli-ahli UMNO, ketua-ketua bahagian pun marah dengan pucuk pimpinan sebab kita minta projek tidak dapat. Semua open tender. Jadi, menampakkan bagaimana ketelusan kerajaan itu menjurus ke arah open tender. Sebab itu saya rasa Yang Berhormat Gombak tidak mengikuti perkembangan, perubahan yang telah berlaku. Itu yang berlaku. Tidak ada, semua sudah open tender. Tiada apa lagi.
      Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: Terima kasih Yang Berhormat Kinabatangan kerana membantu saya mengesahkan bahawa Ketua-ketua UMNO Bahagian memang minta kontrak, minta kontrak... [Dewan riuh]
      Datuk Bung Moktar bin Radin [Kinabatangan]: Saya rasa dalam PKR pun minta juga. Tiada yang tidak minta.
      Tuan Mohamed Azmin bin Ali [Gombak]: Oh tidak, tidak. Tidak ada.
      Datuk Bung Moktar bin Radin [Kinabatangan]: Kalau tidak minta itu dayus nama dia.

    2. I never claim any party is perfect. There are idiots in BN and idiots in Pakatan.
      As I said, all things considered, Pakatan Rakyat, especially PAS and PKR, is the greater evil.


    Wah, Kah Pal Seng to be Malaysia's 1st President ?

    DAP better nip this in the bud, otherwise the damage can be real.
    There are still people who believe anything the newspapers and TV print or reads out that comes from the Government, especially Ministers and Deputy Ministeres.

  16. Hasan,
    Most Malays are suspicious of DAP. Chinese don't have faith in UMNO.

    Some Chinese who have the means have emigrated. Those left behind very often feel they're not accorded full rights as guaranteed by the Constituition. On the other hand, Indonesians, Filipinos, Bangladeshis and others who are illiterates and without any skills form the bulk of recent immigrants.

    Perhaps it's beneficial for people like you and me to get organized to promote interracial trust. Politicians and others who incite enthnic hatred are censured and thrown out of our Parlement.

    1. I think the bloghost is more capable than me. I will support and contribute in whatever way I can. Do not accept what I write in toto. Please check, double check and cross check from your own sources.


    2. As a "Lain-Lain" I'm suspicious of both Malays/UMNO and DAP/Chinese.

      Both are pursuing selfish agendas while cynically manipulating their core support base.

    3. Correction
      ..... Parliament

    4. Lain-lain,
      Walk with me if you're one of the minorities like me.


    Wah ...wishing Muslims Selamat Berbuka Puasa while eating Bah Kut Teh is a serious offence....

    I won't pretend its anything in good taste or praiseworthy, but come on.....charged under Sedition Act ?....Fuck...

    Far more serious crimes in the counry just go by without any serious investigation or effort to apprehend the culprits.

    Selamat Berbuka Puasa , from a Halal (Chicken) Bah Kut Teh enthusiast.

    1. agreed, it was in pathetic poor taste but to charge those two clowns under the Sedition Act is nonsense and a gross abuse of the law, but alas, the political climate is just gnam gnam for such nonsensical political posturing

    2. The majority is always right !

    3. These 2 pathetic idiots just got themselves into a sh*t hole.....wonder where are their brains, if they have any in the first place. You don't thumb your nose at the Muslims in a predominantly Muslim majority population...especially one with a mantra of Untuk Agama,Bangsa dan Negeri.

      THEY could thumb their nose, raise their kris and drag a cow head at the the Non Muslims....but heaven helps those NONs who tried to copy THEIR actions, or even remotely copying them. These 2 have taken leave of their senses....stripping off their clothes, performing sex acts online, reportedly trying to be SEX GURUs in an 'islamic' country .......and now, mocking the Muslims in their holy month of Ramadan....all the "Sorrys" in the world aren't doing them one bit of good. The Umno Malays are already hysterically sore at the Chinese after GE13, and with the by election round the corner....these two fame-addicted idiots have truly stepped onto the proverbial mother-of-all cow dung shit. Our PM will keep his elegant silence, as usual lah....only the King is able to stop all the rot in this instance.

    4. FUCK THE CHINESE7:07 pm, July 18, 2013

      Yup...FUCK THE CHINESE...its the flavour of this HOLY RAMADAN MONTH.

      UMNO is doing it
      PAS is doing it
      PKR is doing it
      DAP is very low profile these days.