Thursday, July 11, 2013

PKR Selangor 'half pregnant'

In his 2nd term as MB Selangor, Khalid Ibrahim surprised and disappointed his DAP allies by his half hearted approach towards satisfying a Pakatan sacred cow, namely, for exco members to fully declare their assets as part of Pakatan's C.A.T principle.

no need to tell what you have or don't have before you assume office

but then how to tell if someone in public office has "added"
or "not added" to his "assets"

dun wollie lah, I'll know one 

Khalid only requires Selangor exco members to publicly declare only assets acquired or sold that take place during their time in office. But that will make full accountability more difficult to determine unless the assets of exco members prior to assuming public office are also declared. 

It gave rise to DAP's Lim Guan Eng labelling Khalid's 'half pregnant' approach to the Pakatan practice of exco fully declaring their assets as being no different to the policy of BN.

And tell me why I am not surprised with Khalid's policy on this being criticized as akin to UMNO practice when we know the buah langsat doesn't fall far from the langsat tree.

But why has Khalid belakang pusing from his 1st term conduct? Was he 'under pressure', or did he feel that with a successful re-election he can 'relat ler'?

I have suspected PKR of being similar to (or even worse than) UMNO in the ketuanan department - see my post Selangor saga shows PKR's ketuanan mentality? And now PKR has added another issue for me to condemn and sneer at (reformasi my foot!), in Khalid Ibrahim's half-preggie policy on asset declaration by Selangor exco members.

On DAP's instruction the DAP members of the Selangor exco plus the Speaker will be making full declaration of their assets.

Khalid Ibrahim's lamentable decision-policy has changed Pakatan's or rather PKR's Transparency promise into one of Translucency, where soon it may become one of Opaqueness. That's what will happen when you have a half-pregnant policy where soon such a policy becomes 'policies'.

PKR's slide down the slippery slope of non-accountability is confirmed by Khalid Ibrahim's latest policy on asset declaration - Ptui!

But I hear complete silence from former-UMNO PKR leadership - Aanchua ah Anwar Ibrahim?

And what does Islamic PAS has to say? Also half pregnant?


  1. Makes sense what - just account for the changes during time in office. No need to disclose all that was owned before office.

    Kin fact a more efficient way to account for the same thing.

    1. Visualize the following scene -

      A: Mr Exco B, please explain the RM30 million in your account and the 2 mansions in XXX Hills. Why didn't you declare those assets?

      Exco B: I had that before I became an exco, so no nid lah to declare what!

      A: Bullshit

      Exco B: Prove it - nah nah nah.

    2. Don't those 'accounts and mansions' have records on the dates of purchase ?

  2. Heemhh... It is either too clever by half or planting his hands in a cluster of bees... wakaka


  3. Are these politicians simply stupid or just arrogant ? Never thought I would say these words about the so-called lesser evil of the two.

  4. In accounting principle
    There must be a debit and credit entry
    Otherwise it is called a single record
    Into a maze when it is cluttered

    Fighting corruption no half way measures
    It has to be fully understood and implemented
    The Selangor executive councillors should declare
    Before what they have and after they leave office

    They shouldn't follow the MB advice
    Maybe he misses the point of accountability
    In dealing with state wealth and funding
    All exco members must be seen to be clean all day

    If he worries about security
    The exco members shouldn't accept the posts
    Once they do they have to do the public declaration
    Walk the talk no half measures along the way

    1. absolutely right, caravanserai !

      now all the apologists for the MB will some pause and THINK before they leap to his defence.

  5. The declaration must extend to spouse and immediate family. Though its a great move ahead, a half declaration doesn't say much. And this declaration should be made yearly.

    1. So far has BN component parties publicly declared their politicians' assets, and where to find these declarations?

  6. They - DAP and PKR are all equally hypocrites.

    DAP Penang is "half-pregnant" on the Freedom of Information Act.

    This is the 2nd time - 2008 and 2013 I've been conned by these Pakatan idiots.
    If Pakatan doesn't deliver on the promises WHICH ARE WITHIN THEIR STATE function by 2018, a lot of us may regretably go back to "Dacing". At least they have their advantages.