Tuesday, July 09, 2013

A Malay country

Dina Zaman's article Something to think about in the Malay Mail Online (drawn to my attention by RPK's Malaysia Today) provides irrefutable statistics on the Malay voting dominance. The statistics is quite logical when it's common knowledge that bumiputeras constitute 65% of Malaysia's population.

However, UMNO's hardliners might not have liked two facts from above:

(1) disregarding the Malays who voted for non-Malay candidates, most of them voted not just for UMNO but also PAS and (the Malay candidates in) PKR, which has been why there were umpteen overtures to PAS on 'Malay Unity'.

It's also interesting to note that when DAP emerged from GE-13 with 38 seats, some in UMNO (perhaps with their leaders' approval or even prompting) 'tested the waters with their toes' in slyly hinting to DAP to join BN. Karpal Singh cheekily suggested that UMNO join Pakatan instead.

But it's a succinct demonstration that in politics there is no permanent friend or foe, where one day UMNO may propose Malay Unity and the next, Malaysian Unity.

Also see my pre GE-13 post Will DAP become another MCA?

(2) not all 65% bumiputeras are Malays (only 50% are).

Nonetheless, the point we can gather is that Malays will continue to dominate the politics of Malaysia and a Malay was, is and will be the Prime Minister of our country, not that we ever need statistics to inform us of the political reality, nor we worry about this issue, since many Chinese supported Anwar as the alternative PM during GE-13.

Thus, political scientist Wahabuddin Ra’ees, who wrote Malays must dominate political leadership in Malaysiakini doesn't ever have to worry about Chinese usurping political powers in Malaysia.

Bugis, Indian and Chinese?

Truly Malaysian, wakakaka

But will Bapak Wanandi Siang ever have a chance?

To find out who is Bapak Wanandi Siang, 
read my post Should Chinese Malaysians adopt indigenous surnames? 

The second point I want to re-emphasize (note I mention 're-emphasize' and not 'emphasize') is the applicability of a Mao saying for Malaysia, namely that 'Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun'.

[from Mao's 'Problems of War and Strategy' (November 6, 1938), Selected Works, Vol. II, p. 224]

And UMNO holds the military and police guns, which appreciation did make me wonder at times what would have happened if BN-UMNO lost GE-13. Would we have witnessed a de-Morsi-lization?

Additionally, UMNO has a powerful tool in the mainstream media (msm), with which it influences the thinking and fears of the Malay heartland. Even Steven Gan, editor of online news portal Malaysiakini, has acknowledged that the msm continues to be important, especially for the Heartland though they're not much believed by urbanites and the younger Malays.

Please bear in mind that Dina Zaman is a moderate and I hate to see her being 'Michelle-Yeoh-rized' but my personal take is that her article has not only effectively buried Dr Mahathir's so-called Bangsa Malaysia but also cremated it kau kau.

We should also note that Dr Mahathir had much earlier disowned the aspect of his Vision 2020 which embraced (past tense) the Malaysian-Utopian race, much in the same way as he has disowned many of his records. unless of course they're of glowering and commendable status.

Didn't I tell you Melayu mudah lupa?


What does this sad realization hold for the 'nons'?

Someone, a Malay, once wrote on how terrible it is to describe many Malaysians as 'nons' but what difference does it now make.

Well, in kaytee's simplistic terms, the Indians appear to be split into 4 groups though I wonder whether there are also 4 respective sets of thinking?

There's the ikut-saja MIC and PPP, ikut-juga Waythamoorthy group including many BN-friendly mosquito parties, in-your-face Uthayakumar group and finally the DAP's Malaysian First.

The Chinese mindset is far more simple (though not in simplistic fashion) to pinpoint. It's virtually (though not completely) pro-Pakatan.

MCA and Gerakan are walking political zombies, at the beck and call of their Voodoo-UMNO masters. Mind you, MCA is fairly asset rich so there seems to be still a spark of life, a will to plod on, presumably at least until the assets are disposed of or from the party.

But the complexity of the pro-Pakatan Chinese mindset exists in its generational divide, where the older echelon prefers the pragmatic survival tradition of overseas Chinese, that is, to lie low, minimize oneself as a target to jealous natives and quietly plod on with whatever business it can conduct and where possible, quietly prosper or failing which, to quietly lose and quietly fade away into silence, all of which influence them to quietly vote in accordance with their community's interests.

OTOH, the new younger Chinese Malaysians, much evolved from and thus having values different to their migrant forefathers, want to assert their rights as citizens of this country, refuse to recognize political-social-cultural (and lamentably at times, even religious) taboos and flex their political muscles ostentatiously.

The second is a 'Chinese' that older Malays are not used to, seeing the young upstart as unacceptably biadap. These young Chinese Malaysians provide UMNO with gnam gnam ammo to machine-gun the Chinese community as arrogant, ferocious and power crazy, not unlike the way that UMNO projected there was a Chinese communist bogeyman behind every Malaysian hibiscus bush during the earlier days of Malaya. Old formula works best!

It's a depressing picture not because racial harmony is impossible but because UMNO leaders see the continuation of racial divide as essential to those leaders' personal political survival. And from time to time, yes, even some PAS and PKR leaders join in the anti-Chinese bashing for the same political survival. The whole lamentable mish-mash is then given a creamier chocolatey topping of sensitive religious and royal issues to make the planned anti-Chinese diatribe more lemak.

Now, unless the anti-Chinese bashing stops, and it should in the face of such statistical reality that Malays dominate and will dominate the Malaysian political landscape forevermore, where's the escape pod for the 'nons' from an imploding Mothership?


  1. To stop this anti Chinese, LKS and DAP must stop calling people racist selectively. If Malay does it its racist and if Chinese does it its not. And for goodness sake use BM and not Chinese when conducting meetings involving other races.

    1. Dear Ellese, please write in BM here lah.....for goodness sake ! cakap tak serupa bikin, apa ni ? And do use a Malay nick, boleh tak ?

      Real joker !

    2. Stop bullies with your proposals ? You're naive !

  2. Is there a place in the world where the minority is not bullied at one time or the other ?

    1. Yes malaysia

    2. Can you patent god's name in your country ?

  3. In the run-up to the coming UMNO elections, one can expect more bashing from aspiring candidates.

  4. Minus the bumiputeras the ratio is about 5:4, Malays to Nons. One has the political power and one has the economic power, respectively. Make no mistake about it.

    I suggest if we were to look for a relationship rather than an acknowledgement of one’s superiority or supremacy, then, this will be a beautiful country. It does not matter whether you are Ah Chong, Muthu or Ali, does it??


  5. Our escape is we persevere and we dream on for that one day when a non-umno bumiputra with broad shoulders will emerge and say let's not worry about our ethnic composition and let us enjoy our differences and make our country happy. Malaysia under UMNO has no capacity for unity, no ability to celebrate and no potential for achieving the common good because it cannot identify what is common nor what is good.

  6. Aiyo alamat. All you Chinese in Malaysia are very lucky that we allow you to remain in Malaysia. WHAT we want is for ALL Malaysian Chinese to work hard, and pay their income tax. The Chinese MUST NOT rely, accept or ask for government assistance for their children's education.
    The Chinese MUST NOT display or voice their grievances against the government or Malays.
    We allow you to stay, so all you Chinese just have to put up with whatever injustices that have been dished out to you.
    See how generous we the Malays are. We even permit you to vote in government elections. BUT...BUT, you must vote for MALAYS ONLY. If you vote for Chinese candidate, then you are regarded as UNGRATEFUL.
    We are the majority and hold the political power. You Chinese think that you are smarter than the Malays. Are you blind? WHO is licking the balls of Ultra UMNO members to get left-overs from government contracts? Didn't you realised that the Malays just have to sit back, relax and create a middleman company, and you Chinese have to do all the donkey work and get peanuts for your effort. So which race is smarter? You Chinese are hardworking but have less brains than the Malays.
    NOW you should realise that all Malaysian Chinese and INdians are born to serve the MALAYS in Malaysia.

    1. What kind of past karma Chinese had suddenly becomes crystal clear ! WAKAKAKA

    2. Have the Nons been marginalized? Have the Nons been harassed? Are the Nons really powerless? Have the Nons been excluded from the main stream society?

      If what you want is the secularization of Malay history and Islamic religion now, you are not going to get it unless you want to go through an intense political confrontation and maybe a physical war. It is still a long way to go to make it mutually acceptable that this is not a Malay country. We should let that take its course in a peaceful way.

      Focus on relationship and create an atmosphere of comprehension where we can talk together on what really matters.


    3. Hasan,
      What the heck la! You wanna have "war", so be it. The ouster of Morsi & total annihilation of Azizan in Kedah shows that ALLAH disagreed the mode of government meant for Malaysia.
      Meaning MALAYSIA SHOULD ALWAYS BE SECULAR. In fact, I want Malaysia to be secular nation just like Indonesia or Turkey. Malay my arse la, wait till the indon comes to screw your arse, baru tau. Indon already buay song with you guys. So does the Thai. Guess what! Thai PM is a china lady.
      Seriously, technically Malaysia shouldn't have a state religion at all because of the fact that Sabah & Sarawak don't have a state religion.

      So how Hasan, wanna stir shit right. Lets stir it bigger. Bring in the siam & indonesia. This is going to be extremely fun

    4. Bonne journée mon ami….

      From many of your comments that I read, you seem to be expressing your own personal angst! Someone said that you are a PhD material – pingat hasad dengki. I can feel the embrace of the concentration of your hate especially on anything Malays and Islam.

      By all means you are free to march off into your new sunset of hope. No one is stopping you to have an affair with Siam and Indonesia if they arouse you so much…. wakaka


    5. Hasan,

      I suggest we personally meet Looes and see if the online bravado is for real.


      Wanna meet up?

      I'll go wherever you are and let's sit down and have a discussion. But if you want less talk and more action, I'm also ok with it.

      Name the place and time and I'll be there.

      What say you?


    6. S18... I thought this Looes likes Singapore so much because he studied there, maybe is working there. So, not in this blog, I did suggest to him that we meet up at Clarke Quay for a teh tarik... No response. BTW I have also offered to meet up with Hua Yong... he is not keen I think. I think many of us prefer to be invisible.. I guess. :)

  7. The Government has been fair to all citizens.
    No, more than fair. The Chinese are First Class Citizens in Malaysia, well ahead of all the others.

    For that, you have the privilege of paying more income tax than any other community in Malaysia, more than the majority Malays.

    1. What gem of truths....

      Chinese - first class citizens
      Indians - second class
      Malays - third class
      Non-Malay Bumi and newly-inted Malays -fourth class
      Orang Asli - fifth class
      Lain2 - sixth class

  8. I declare that I am a "non" too! I am a non-praying, non-fasting, non-zakatting, non-going to religious touristing and finally non-believing malaysian. I am also trying so damn hard to be non-smoking! But, alas! I have not been very successful. Let all nons unite!